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Snap It Up Buttercup...Cardigans, Dressing Room Drama & A Graphic Tee Giveaway

Hi! Today I'm featuring this lovely cardigan, sharing my latest dressing room "drama" or should I say "trauma", AND revealing my latest graphic tee "giveaway! I won't keep you in suspense for long, so let's go ahead and start with my new baby buttercup - this blush pink snap up cardigan!

I shopped my closet for everything except the cardigan. This pink delight recently came from Corrie LeeAnn's Online boutique. I know. I'm always picking up goodies from her! It's featured in several colors, but what drew me in was those cute snaps, as well as the soft and lightweight texture she kept raving about!

Hubby, I had to!

Bracelets: Premier Designs (Color WheelBFF Set)

Bag is Old from Clarks, Shoes are OLD from Nine West

Outfit Breakdown
Top: LOFT (old)
Jeans: Now in the Goodwill pile!
Shoes: Ninewest
Bag: Clarks USA
Bracelets: Premier Designs (Color WheelBFF Set)
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The ruffle top is an oldie from the LOFT and the jeans are even older! I was so proud of myself for cutting off and fraying the hem, that I added the accomplishment to my Instagram stories with a mini-tutorial. Well, said jeans are now residing in a bag headed for GoodWill. Now before you think it's because of my challenged crafting skills, let me explain my recent mall visit with my 9 year old twins.

The Dressing Room "Drama - Trauma"

It all began with the good idea to run into the mall for a quick moment. My intention was to walk through Aerie and check out their joggers/leggings. No big deal.

"Mom, can we go to the Disney Store?"
"Oh, and mom can we check out Game Stop?"

Sure, okay, but we need to be quick.

We walk by Aerie first, so I suggest we go there.

The room is bright and there are clothes aplenty. The boys begin to assist me.

"Mom. How about this shirt?"
"Mom, Mom. You said you need a bathing suit, right?"
"Woah, Mom! There's a lot of underwear in here. Are you going to get new underwear?"

I begin to realize my mistake at this point, but push on towards the back wall where I see athletic clothing. Once there I grab two sizes and head towards the fitting room. Then I look at them and back at the fitting rooms. It's been awhile since I've drug them back with me but we should be good, right?

Oh gosh!

Meanwhile there's another group in there trying on clothes. One young teen comes out in a cute bikini for her friend's approval. Evan and Caden giggle and I feel self-conscious about brining them back.

"Come on guys. Let's go on to that big one."

I set them up with my phone and Snapchat. They love those filters!  I hide in the corner quickly trying on pants. All is going well.

I need to try one more size. One child follows me out while the other one stays.

I move quickly thinking about the one still hanging in the fitting room. After grabbing the size I need, we turn around to go back and my young man rushes ahead of me.

Before I can stop him he enters the wrong fitting room. Yes. The bathing suit fitting room.

He quickly retreats. I died a thousand deaths. Well, it felt like I did.

Quickly, while holding my breath, I usher him into our room and I don't let them breathe until the other room is vacated. Then I put my items back with great poise and decorum and decide to come back another day.

I'm pretty much done now, but the boys want to run to a kid's clothing store across the way. There they both found clothing they liked and we left with those outfits. Outfits for them. Ha!

But what about the jeans, you say? Where do they come in during this fabulous story?? Well, during my stressful time in the fitting room the button popped off. Yes. I'm blaming that all on the stress! And that's how my cool, newly frayed jeans were only worn as such, one time.

The end.

So the moral of the story is, there IS no quick stop in the mall for me if the boys are with me and the consequences to my choice to attempt such an idea may be more than I want to pay. ;)

The Graphic Tee "Giveaway"

You know what helps me get over dressing room trauma? Graphic tees. And this past weekend I found MORE t-shirts in my mailbox from Beats & Breath. Once again she gave me two of each design, only this time there were FOUR designs AND she now packaged them in these adorable drawstring bags with her logo on them! I'm not going to lie. I giggled like a little girl when I saw them.

The whole idea is to enjoy one for myself, and give the other away. Already, she blessed me with two of her adorable designs. (You can take a peek at those HERE and HERE.) So now I have 4 people to pray about giving these to. I laid them out on my bed, smiling as I looked at each design, trying to come up with a face to go with them.

Crazy enough it didn't take long before I was forming a plan. My husband even confirmed one of the names for me when he suggested her and it was the same name I was already thinking about!

Fast forward a couple of days and I receive a go ahead to return to Dacula Fit Body Bootcamp - yes! The same gym where I just wrapped up m five weeks. I'm going back for the month of June and July! Well, it just so happens that the person I wanted to share this next tee with, works out there! Plan in motion...

Meet Angie R.! I first met Angie briefly when I was around 20, but it wasn't until the past few years that I had the privilege to get to know her more. Angie is married with 3 beautiful girls and loves Jesus. She's quiet in a crowd of people, so kind and very driven - she gets after those weights - wowza! In addition, Angie can make a mailbox swell with pride for holding onto the mail. You know what I'm saying? Well, that's how she makes me feel when I work out at the gym. Just so encouraging. :)

Angie, I hope you enjoy your "Girls just wanna have fun & run & jump & lift & lung" tee!

And Thank you Jen at Beats & Breath...these adventures are spoiling me!!

This design and more can be found at Beats & Breath!

So, have you ever had an embarrassing moment in the dressing rooms?? If so, please share. Help me feel better! Wink.



  1. Oh my goodness, that is definitely dressing room trauma! Bless your heart and everyone involved! You handled it like a pro!
    Your friend sounds like such a blessing to you and others, how awesome that you have known her for so long and now get a chance to get even deeper!

    1. Thank you Kellyann! You are such a sweet and steady friend in the blog world. I'm so blessed to have met you!!

  2. Ahhhhh, but it's such a good story---and one that you won't soon forget, I bet!!!
    Just think how boring life would be otherwise!!!

    1. You are so right Jodie. I don't need life to get boring. Wink, wink! :)

  3. Hahaha, hey, they are your photopraphers so you cant do without them!😂😂😂😂 Would have been fun if they made photos in that store!😂😂

    1. Ha! You're so right. I do need them. Perhaps that's I bought their requested outfits and left the mall in silence. lol. :)

  4. Thanks for joining the linkup party. You look great in this outfit!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I love it when last minute throw togethers work for the blog! ;)

  5. Oh Chrissy...thank you, thank you, thank you! You have NO idea how much I needed that laugh! (And I'm still laughing!) Awww, you gotta love motherhood!
    Now, onto the clothes... that pink cardigan looks AMAZING on you. I think I've said this before when you've worn pink, but it is definitely one of your colors and you just glow when you wear it! Good purchase! And it looks so Summer-y sweet with the white ruffle top! How can it be Spring/Summer without pulling out our white tops?! I love them!
    Thanks again for the giggle, my friend!

    1. Well, that makes me so happy to hear Ronnie! Thankfully, whoever was in that fitting room had clothes on. Poor girl. And poor boy. We all had lessons to learn that day! And thank you for the sweet outfit compliments. I hadn't of thought of blush being my color, but your encouragement makes me want to wear it more!! I hope you enjoy the beautiful Sunday!!

  6. Well done you for cutting your jeans, they look great! I really love your cardigan - the buttons are great and I love the colour. Hope you've had a great weekend xx

    1. Thank you! I'm not crafty so I guess that proves that anyone could do it. :) I hope you have a great weekend as well and appreciate you stopping by so much!

  7. First of all your cardigan, ballet flats and backpack are all so cute and sweet and make a lovely outfit altogether. So bad that you couldn't wear those jeans anymore. But oh y your experience shopping with the twins is funny and one not to be forgotten. I cannot remember the last time I shopped with Vivian. It must have been months ago and probably at Loft - the only store I take her, as well as Target lol. Our local Loft carries crayons and drawing papers in a kid area by the fitting room so I am usually good lol.

    1. I need to start shopping at LOFT again, because I'm not taking them to Aerie again! And thank you for the kind words on the outfit! You're the sweetest. And as far as those jeans go...honestly, they weren't all that comfy anyway. I'm so spoiled by the soft, stretchy jeans I'm finding at boutiques that I don't want to go back to those. lol. Have a great week my friend!


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