Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fit Body Boot Camp Adventures: My Personal Exercise Experience, Results & MORE

Hi! Have you guessed where I'm going with today's post? Yes, to the gym! Welcome to my latest adventure filled with pushups, burpees, squats, row machines, assault bikes and dare I say, FUN? Now before I lose you, let me explain my overall lack of motivation for anything that's akin to true physical exertion - aka, running, biking, muscles burning and shaking, etc. With the exception of hiking, I don't enjoy cardio at all!

In fact, it's been over 5 years since I've consistently exercised. Of course when Mondays come I fully intend to start...something...go walk, work on some pilates poses, pull out the exercise dvd or youtube video, but one Monday would come and go, followed by another with no exercise whatsoever. How did this happen? I used to at least enjoy weight training and certain group classes! 

Well, it doesn't actually matter at this point. The important question is, how did I go from nothing, to 4-5 days a week of exercise, with an extra walk thrown in on the weekends if time permits??

Ok. Hold on!! This story may be a touch longer than I typically write, BUT, before I delve into the adventures, let me explain how I'm going to break up this post. That way you can read all (which of course I hope you will), or if time doesn't permit you can hop on over to the section that interests you most! ALSO, you will find some blurry photos throughout this post. Some of my workouts left me with shaky hands. This is as real as it gets my friends! IN ADDITION, locals, be sure to look for a special offer at the end of this post!

Now, without further ado...
  • What/Who is it Summary?
  • How I Got Here & Workout Highlights
  • Evan & Caden Come Along
  • Meet Some of the Coaches
  • Making New Friends
  • My Personal Results
  • A Fabulous Offer!!

***Fit Body Boot Camp - What and Who?***

"Fit Body Boot Camp is home of the Afterburn workouts - a group personal training program where you'll get high energy, fun, and challenging workouts designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body in only 30 minutes." 

Taken from the FBBC website. Click HERE to learn more.

Meet Teresa and Michelle, co-owners of the DACULA FBBC, along with their spouses. I'm sorry to say that I didn't grab pics with their hubbies but I've had the pleasure of meeting them both.

Michelle (on the left) has been in fitness for 30 years! She's funny and has more muscles in her back than I knew existed. Her and her husband began working out at FBBC together and fell in love with the format. We all know how life can send us surprises...I wonder if they would have imagined being partners in this franchise when they first started working out there??

Michelle says,

"Once we were partners in the franchise my passion came back to life for helping others achieve their fitness/health goals. I just love it! Impacting people in a positive way is my FAVORITE part of owning a Fitbody. It's a true privilege when I see a person accomplish their goals.What a blessing!"

Teresa is a fun, but no-nonsense personality that I liked immediately. I got the sense that when I came in there handing over my fitness woes, she truly cared and took my goals seriously. I was surprised to learn that Teresa started as a member but did not have a history in fitness! You wouldn't know it by looking at her!

Teresa says,

"I was once a 'true skinny fat' that was short of breath, carrying baseball stuff to all my kiddos games. Fitbody helped me be in the best shape of my life. It's all about being fit and healthy."

*How I Got Here & Workout Highlights*

I've heard about boot camps over the years, but I never felt drawn to try one out. However, I  kept hearing good things about this particular gym so when my friend, Andrea, told me about their 5 week special, an idea formed. What if I documented my adventures via Instagram Stories and wrote about my experience on the blog?

The very next day I reached out to the gym about my thoughts to partner with them and they agreed! I was both elated and nervous. What was I thinking?? Now I was committed! But, that's exactly what I needed.

I did no further investigating beyond this point. I showed up for a body analysis and my first class!

Nervously I walked in and looked around. Everything was unfamiliar to me. I've only worked out in large gyms where you go pick your poison or go for a class. Would I even physically make it through the first session?

Wait! The coach was talking. I looked around and was comforted to see that there were quite a few newbies taking advantage of the special. Several members greeted me with smiles and I observed a wide variety of ages; both male and female.

Okay, back to what the coach was saying. We were directed to look at the monitor where a motivating exercise quote flashed on the screen, followed by the featured charity of the month.

That's cool. I nod and smile. 

Quickly the coaches demonstrated and explained each exercise.

Oh my goodness! How would I remember them all??

A whistle hung from their neck. They were fit - no surprise there - they had the perfect amount of pep and they made me laugh when they demonstrated the wrong way to do the exercises. Why did I laugh? Cuz I knew it would be me and I thought the 3 Stooges were funny when I was a kid. Enough said.

Anyway, I started to relax a bit, especially when I noticed every exercise had a modification.  Then one of the coaches walked by, pointed at me, told me a number and what station I would begin at.

Uh-oh, it's getting real!

Then the whistle blew, the music began and the gym exploded in a hive of activity. I mimicked what my group was doing, intentionally holding back a bit, as I was instructed to give it about 50% on the first few workouts.

You don't have to tell me twice!!

I honesty don't remember what happened from there, but I made it through! However, I must have been in a daze because I stopped at Publix on the way home and locked my keys in the car. Thank you hubby for bailing me out!

When I returned the following day I did a double take.  The gym looked completely different - assault bikes appeared and the exercises were changed up!

Once again I made it all the way through the workout, but somehow I misplaced my keys. Thank you hubby for bailing me out once again.

On the next visit there were  row machines! I felt like there was a fun surprise each day (I guess I don't get out much!).  Already, I was spoiled by the lack of brain work required of me for this exercise program.  All the workouts were planned for me! My job was to show up and do the work. And finally, I kept my keys safe. You're welcome hubby.

My friend, Erika, signed up to do the special with me so I started out trying the 6:00 am classes with her and her invite, Melissa...

Gradually, my body began to adjust. The workouts are not easy, but they shouldn't be easy.

I can hear one of the coaches right now...

"We don't quit! When you feel like quitting that's when the exercise begins!"

Bring On The Boys

When I realized that you can bring your children to hang in the "kid watch" area, I switched up to the 8:30 and 9:30 sessions. Evan and Caden became my little motivators and enjoyed the adventures as much as I did!

During one of the sessions, I wanted to rest for moment but when I looked up, I saw Evan looking over at me. He was smiling and when our eyes made contact, he waved and it was all I needed. There was no way I was going to quit at that moment. I should at least wait until he looks away, right??? I'm kidding. It's 30 minutes. PUSH through it!

***Meet Some Coaches***

I can honestly say, that I've enjoyed working out with EVERY coach at this FitBody and I wish I had opportunity to "pester" them all for quick post-workout snaps and the sharing of info, but for now I give you...

Nicole M.

I know. I look ridiculous. I'm telling you. My post workout pics are fabulous. But let's talk about Nicole. For Nicole, fitness started at childhood with the simple art of playing outside.  From there she played basketball and ran track in HS, which led to a track scholarship to Georgia Southern University. This idea of "play" continues for Nicole.   In fact, She makes me laugh at every session. She pushes, but seems to know when you're giving 100%. When she demonstrates the wrong way to do an exercise I can't take it. More than once she's helped me produce some hilarious Insta Stories. (Thank you Nicole!) My boys love her and look forward to seeing her at workouts.

Nicole says,

"DACULA Fit Body has something special that not all places have - the COMMUNITY! It is really a breath of fresh air. There is really nothing like it. I like who I do life with at Dacula FB - fitness just happens to be the medium through which we all meet and vibe together. We allow humanity there; mistakes, attempts, trial and error, laughter, correction, relationship - the works! And that makes all the difference. Coaching allows me to connect with people that I may never have experienced otherwise - that is my purpose fulfilled."

Natalie S.

Sweet, friendly and so driven. Well, they all are. You would have to be? They each challenge but I love how the coaches represent with their own unique style. Natalie's fitness began in childhood as well with softball and basketball. She is the type that anticipates those endorphins that come from a good workout. Natalie's workouts are fun, creative and HARD. She too knows how to give the right amount of pressure for the members to give MORE.

Natalie says,

"It's not just a saying when we say, 'It's the best 30 minutes you will get', because that's the truth! HIIT training style workouts that we do in the group atmosphere are truly unmatched! You can come in every time knowing that you are going to get a killer workout and the best part is, you don't have to think! The workout is designed for you and you have awesome coaches and people around you pushing you to do your very best with every rep and every second! It's a realistic time frame for working out and works for every lifestyle and stage of life!

Kelley P.

Ah, Kelley! Hard working, adrenaline loving, former PE teacher with fitness coursing through her blood. I mean, I saw her pushing a 50lb weighted sled with the added weight of a human being. Meanwhile, I was struggling with my 25lb sled. ;) Kelley really cares about the individuals moving through out that gym and is gentle in her approach, but she expects you to rise to the challenges.

"You're not a newbie anymore, Chrissy. You can do that."

Kelley says,

"I tried Fit Body on a whim when I was so tired of trying to figure out my own workouts to burn the most energy and tone up. I like the environment first. I like that the trainer saw I could do MORE and pushed me to achieve my personal best.

I love being a coach because I love people. I love seeing the "WHY" everyone is there and using it to motivate them. It's so cool to see a physical change but even cooler to see a mental or personal break through. I also love to see people enjoy working out and laughing. So rewarding!"

*Catching Up With Friends from The Past & Making New Ones*

I've known sweet Angie for years, but I never knew she could BUST it out like she does. I'm so impressed. She's been at Fit Body for almost a year and a half. #mygoals Angie, thank you for being such an encourager - every time I worked out!! Big hugs my friend!

I've briefly met Elizabeth, on the left, at a vendor event. She makes her own soaps, bath bombs, shower fizzles etc. I was a customer and never knew that she was such a work horse! Her, Meredith and I were assigned together for partner workouts. A fun workout that pushes you in a whole new way. This was my first time meeting sweet Meredith!

On the 5th week I made it back to 6:00 because I missed working out with Erika and Melissa, but look at their smiles! And look at my crazed look. ;)

Y'all! What am I wearing?? I'm laughing at myself, but I can honestly say I felt comfortable enough to not worry about the way I dressed. This is proof. However, these gals are adorable! I met Lea and Audrey for the first time at Fit Body and immediately felt at ease with them. They have encouraged, shared healthy eating tips, etc!

I'm still getting to know all these fabulous ladies and meeting more. I can see why so many have mentioned the word "community". #beautyincommunity

*My Results!!*

As a Fit Body member, they take you to the back and put you on the "In Body" analysis machine. It's far more than a scale, as it not only weighs you, but also analyzes your fat body content, your lean body mass content, etc. It's so fascinating!

You enter your phone number and then it saves your information. However, each time you "weigh in", you get a print out to take home with you.  I did this before my first work out, after 2 1/2 weeks and after 5 weeks. I couldn't help myself.

Now, I'm not going to share exact numbers because I know that each body is different, but I will share my overall results! Starting with the fact that I have more energy. I noticed that after my first week!  I'm sleeping better at night and my clothes are beginning to fit better. This is a big win for me!!

Weight Lost: 3.3 pounds
Lean Mass gained: 2.2 pounds
Percentage of Body fat decrease: 3.6%

I am so happy with those numbers!! What would I be able to do in 3 months, 6 months or even a year?? Now I would expect numbers to slow down, but I'd be stronger and doing less modifications on those exercises!

I've never worked out this consistently before. I LOVE that the workouts are 30 minutes and you're done. If you show up and give all you have; or for that matter if you give a LOT (that's me...not sure that I'm to the point that I give everything I have -  #goals.), you will see results. Also, keep in mind that I have a relatively healthy way of eating. (They say that weight loss is 80% food and 20% exercise.)

Friends, my workout experiences have varied over the years but this is by far my favorite, producing the results that I need and desire!

*A Fabulous Offer!!*

If you haven't found a gym home, I would recommend checking out a Fit Body near you! ***Locals*** Mention this post and receive 2 FREE weeks. Go! Adventures and results wait for you!! And I would love it, if you would kindly follow them on Facebook.  Click HERE!

Much love,



  1. Well congratulations! What an awesome program! I would love to do that here, I don't believe we have that franchise yet. I am all about a 30 minute or less workout that is fun and strenuous. You got great results, especially since you looked great before starting. Awesome job on this collaboration - you're a pro!!!

    1. Thank you Kellyann! I hope that Fit Body moves down to Florida soon - its a great program. I can honestly say that I've loved my adventures there, even when a small part of me dreads the workout - I keep going back. lol! :)

  2. I am so proud of you!! I have always been good about working out, but not what I eat. Also, I think some workouts work better for you than others. I used to be really into long distance running, but I started to have burnout. Now, I'm doing something else. I love workouts that are only 30 minutes, because they're a lot easier to fit in, especially if you have to spend time driving to a gym. You did amazing! I love following your journey on IG Stories, too!


    1. Thank you Carrie! That means alot. And I loved seeing your before and after pictures on IG of all your hard work. That's so satisfying, I'm sure! I agree about the 30 minute workouts. I'm hooked on that in this crazy season of life. It's intense but I just keep telling myself, "it's 30 minutes Chrissy. You can do!". Thanks for commenting Carrie. I appreciate you mucho!

  3. Everything you said Chrissy! Love being a part of this community.

    1. Scarlett, I was so happy to see you there! Now I know how you stay so trim!! ;) You bust it out in there!

  4. I think that having this kind of structure makes it so much better for most of us!! My hubby & I thought we'd work out at our gym in our community---yah right! It's happened maybe twice. But now that we joined the rec center and go to a class (with my mom, no less), we have accountability!! Which is a great thing!!
    Yahoo for you, Chrissy!! Although do you need more energy?? LOL!!

    1. Yes! I need accountability and structure. And I'm happy to hear that you joined the rec center with your mom! She is fabulous. :)

  5. I love your blog! I am doing a boot camp now too. Week five just completed. I wanted to let you know that I will be featuring you on our Style Wise link up this Friday! Thanks so much for joining us last week!

    1. Thank you Cheryl! And how cool that you just completed week five as well. You look great and I now I know one of your secrets!! :) And I'm pleased as punch to be featured on your blog, which I've always admired as well! Have a wonderful week Cheryl.

  6. Well I read this very long and thorough post and I love that I have followed up with you and your workouts for fit body boot camp, via your Insta stories. I did crack up when you misplaced your keys 2 days in a row. That has happened to me before but a long time ago (knock on wood lol). I just started going back to the gym and I am doing it with a friend, only went twice so far but still. You have so many great motivators and teachers there through all those coaches. But then again I know you love to stay healthy and fit and I can totally work a 30-minute workout program into my schedule too, like every other day. =)

    1. Oh, I can't wait to hear more about your workout adventures with your friend. And you're right...going twice is a place to start!! The teachers here are great motivators for sure and the 30 minutes works great for my crazy schedule. If you were local I'd drag you with me! Well, my friend I hope your week is off to a good start. Thank you for taking the time to read my "novel" of a post. lol. Because who has time to read long posts these days???

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