Friday, May 25, 2018

A Few Good Things to Take to the Zoo & Some Zoo Fashion

So you're going to the zoo, maybe? The zoo is one of the few places that we can go as a family and everyone is on board with the idea. My boys range from 9 to 16 so they tend to have very different ideas of what's fun. Not with the zoo. We ALL think it's fun!  This year we are making good use of our zoo membership by visiting few times, however we can always add more! And thanks to my brother, we did...

My brother, my little nephew, Liam, and a sweet friend, Sandra, headed to the zoo for yet another adventure in the wild! Unfortunately, it was a long night beforehand so I begged to pop into this fabulous coffee shop located across from the Atlanta Zoo, called Grant Park Coffee. So, so good! If you visit the this zoo be sure to add the shop to itinerary! This made the unfortunate lack of sleep almost worth it!

With promises not to hold us up too long, I went in, grabbed my coffee and was ready to go.

Rather than take you through the whole park, I thought I'd share what we like to bring with us to the zoo for an enhanced experience. Of course what we take has changed over the course of the years. We no longer need the diaper bag, sippy cups, etc. However, I do make the boys pack their own water bottles and decide how they will carry them around the zoo. Most visits we don't even have the stroller now, but this time we did!


Shine Graphic Tee by Beats & Breath Designs

Okay, I don't usually take coffee but after visiting Grant Park Coffee, I think I'm adding it to my list! In fact, I told my husband we should go on a day date without the boys to hit up this coffee shop and wander the zoo at our leisure.

Packed Lunch

Since we are zoo members, there are times when we skip on the packed lunch and support the zoo by purchasing lunch in, but there's something about a good, healthy lunch from home that makes me smile - and of course there's something about saving money where we can! As you can see, we packed lunch this go round and Ms. Sandra shared some of her fresh boiled eggs with us that she retrieved from her chickens that week!


My boys loved having their binoculars with and this was another FIRST for us. Why didn't we think of it before? Even the adults got in on the up-close fun. The boys were entertained longer at each viewing location because they could see better. Makes sense, right?

Camera for the Not-So-Little-But-Not-So-Big Kids

My older boys wouldn't care about taking pictures, but Evan loved it. He used an old iPhone to snap pictures at every habitat. Watching him use what he's learned in all our blog photoshoots throughout the zoo made me smile! Of course later, he enjoyed sharing his photos with whoever would listen.

Good Shoes & Accessories: 

Adventure Bracelet: Premier Engravables, White Stretch Bracelet: Color Play

Aright, you don't need accessories but they are so fun and send little reminders to my brain. Adventure Awaits! In the big and the small, adventure awaits, my friends. And as far as the shoes...I have loved my chaco sandals for long walks in warmer weather. They are non-slip and give tons of support!

Your Silly Side:

Depending on the weather, the amount of walking, or the amount of sleep we all get, the circumstances can affect our moods - and their moods. I have to remind myself that we are there to explore and have fun together. The fact that we have a season pass takes the pressure off to see everything, so we just enjoy the day as it goes. If an exhibit is down, or an animal is not showing off for us we know we can catch them the next time.

I prepare myself for the younger ones to want to goof off, play on the playground (which they can do anytime, but that makes no difference! lol), hang at the animal petting coral (yuck) and get distracted throughout our adventure. I prepare them ahead of time with what we will and will not be able to do on that particular visit. It's not perfect but it helps.

Alright, those are the things that seem to work for our family, but here's a quick list of the more obvious items for the heck of it.
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Shades
  • Lots of Snacks
  • Hand-sanitizing Wipes
  • Car Entertainment
  • Back Pack 
  • Bandaids (you never know)
And lastly, I thought I'd mention the idea to play Zoo Bingo or have a Zoo Scavenger Hunt the next time we go to keep their interest in zoo trips.  Pinterest has lots of great ideas for a variety of ages. Click HERE to see more. I may make an advanced hunt for my older boys, as they like that type of challenge.

When is the last time you visited a zoo near you? What was your experience like and what items were you glad you had with you?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Definitely bring your silly side (and snacks) because life is fun and we need to enjoy it!!

    1. I knew you would understand Jodie! Thank you so much for your support! You're leading the way on how to be an engaging influencer!

  2. Great list for a zoo trip. When my boys were little we had a membership for zoos and science centers so we always visited them when we traveled around the state. It was inexpensive and my boys loved it! I'm all for packing lunch too, saves $$$ and calories! How can you be dressed so casually yet look like you should be in a magazine? You are just beautiful Chrissy!

    1. You are so sweet Kellyann and your comment was a reminder to me to make time for outings such as these! They grow so fast. It's hard to believe my first born only has 2 years left of high school! And thank you again for your kind words. Give me a casual outfit and good lighting and I'm as happy as I can be. ;)

  3. Looks like you were well prepared and had a great time! I loved taking the kids to the zoo when they were little, though we didn't go often because it's in the heart of Philly and Tim hates driving in the city! :( I don't think I was EVER as well prepared as you are, though! I was always the mom who forgot something! How my children survived I'll never know! Have a great Memorial Weekend!

    1. I bet the zoo has great memories! I'm so glad my brother kept pushing to get this day on the calendar. The weather ended up being so perfect! And I am always forgetting items, but the truth is we don't need half as much as we think. lol. The kids definitely survive! I hope you have a great week Ronnie!

  4. We love to go to the zoo. In the Netherlands we have two pandas in one zoo at the moment. Oh my, I wanted to cuttle them, soooo cute!

    1. Now what a fun post that would be....a trip to the zoo in the Netherlands!! I mean, come one! Those pandas are super cute aren't they. T

  5. I haven't been to the zoo in 4 years. We plan on going some time this week. Since my husband is off work. We also brought a zoo membership. We plan on going at least once a month. Thanks so much for sharing these tips. Also by the way your leggings are super cute.

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for commenting and for sharing this blog on facebook! I really appreciate the support! And I'm so excited that you have a membership. We always say we're going to go during the winter and don't get around to it. It's not that cold some days in Georgia during the winter so why not?? Anyway, I can't wait to hear about your trip to the zoo!

  6. It looks like a successful and fun trip at the zoo and a cup of coffee sounds good right about now! Lol 😂 What a great idea too to have binoculars! That's perfect to keep attention longer! We took our son to the zoo when he was close to two years old but it's been awhile since we have been back. I remember that the elephants were a big hit with him. I think now that he is a bit older he will enjoy seeing all the other amazing creatures and just stroll through zoo but I would definitely recommend bringing water and sunblock. These two items seems to be the most asked for and used regardless of whether we are at the zoo or theme park.

    Maureen |

    1. Thank you Maureen! As for the binoculars, we wouldn't have taken them if my son hadn't of remembered. They are becoming quite the little adventurers. I think your son would definitely enjoy it more old is he? My nephew is 3 and loved it...of course he love the playground just as much. lol. Have a wonderful day and I hope to see some zoo adventures documented on your blog soon. :)

  7. Believe ot or not I have never taken Vivian to the zoo but it is on my list of things to do, this Summer, for sure. I am not 100% sure how she will react but Detroit has a great zoo. I have been several times and loved it. Great idea about packing food in, I didn't know they allowed that. I will bookmark this post for all the things to bring. Looks like a great, fun time!

    1. Oh, she will love the zoo...of course I don't know anything about the Detroit zoo but you should definitely share about your adventures there if you go! And you may want to check ahead of time on the food deal, each zoo may be different.

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