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Graphic Tees, Sarasota Tidbits, & Homeschool Adventures

"Take me to the sea..." That's a quote I can fall in love with. In fact, my family and I anticipated lots of playtime along the shoreline when we discovered that Sarasota would be our new home. However, the red tide algae has plagued the gulf shores of Florida since June. Before moving to Sarasota, I had never heard of red tide.  Well today I'm sharing the little I've learned, taking you along for our most recent adventures around the town, during a not-so-typical homeschool day, and of course sharing a little fashion.
Sarasota Tidbits

Let's get to the sad news done first! Red Tide. There are a few theories of what causes red tide, ranging from pollution to hurricanes. However, I'm far too new and uneducated on the topic to form an opinion, or even attempt to explain it in detail. What I do know is that tons, literally tons, upon tons of dead fish were cleared from the shore lines. They died from a depletion of oxygen in the water caused by the agal release, and if you venture to the beach you may find yourself coughing, struggling with an itchy throat and even a dull headache. It effects some people more than others, but those with asthma and any other respiratory issues are advised to stay away.

My girlfriends that recently visited can attest to the oddity of red tide. I took them to 3 beaches and each one welcomed us with the pungent aroma of dying sea life and even a visual of a few dead fish here and there floating in the tide, as well as dark green to brown colored water.

Now, the locals tell me that this is the worst outbreak in over 10 years. They even say that normally when red tide hits you don't even notice it, so you should definitely keep Sarasota on your list of places to visit. Before we know it the waters will be clear and the beautiful landscape of Siesta Key and Lido Beach will be appreciated once more.

Meanwhile, we can't help but fall in love with Bayfront Park, the Ringling Causeway bridge, the Aquarium, the cultured, refined shopping at St. Armands circle, Selby Bontanical Gardens, the local restaurants and so much more.

So for now, we take short visits to the beach and then explore inland, while sharing our finds with you!

Outfit Details

I knew what was on our agenda and dressed with the day's adventures in mind: Tervis to make a pledge that supports our ocean, the beach and the aquarium. I've waited for the right opportunity to share this tee with you and today is the day. The wave ring is also new, picked up from THE Sarasota Farmer's market that takes place every Saturday, which I'll be here soon! Everything else is shopped from my is the breakdown: 

Ripped Up Jeans: Marisa Jills
Momentum Wrap Bracelet: Online, Local Spots: Sarasota Fleet Feet, Classic City Running
Wave Ring: Local Market
Colorful Bracelet: Premier Designs
Shoes: Good Old Toms

Tervis On the Circle & Homeschool Adventures

Not everyone loves waiting on line. Wink. Wink.

Tervis fell on my homeschooling agenda when I heard that they were giving away free tumblers if you pledged to reduce single use plastic. This fit perfectly with the lessons on pollution we've had in our Classical Conversations group and who doesn't love a FREE tumbler?? So before heading to the beach, we found our place in line at the shop on St. Armands cirlce! This is a place I'd typically choose for a girl's outing or a date night, but I don't mind taking the boys along for a specific event.

The line wasn't too long, though one of us didn't look too happy to wait. lol. I tried not to get overly frustrated when the boys didn't respond like perfect children. Duh! They fought about who would hold the phone while navigating our way around the circle. If I let it, these dumb little arguments can zap my joy and I become cranky and short. I worked reigning it in while we waited.

While signing our pledge I overhead the employees mention that there were only 20 tumblers left. Glad we went first thing in the morning. The store had only been open for 30 minutes!


Able to put the navigation arguments behind us, we left happier and ready for the aquarium!
Aquarium Pit Stop

Ok friends. Come on with us to the aquarium! There's lots to see here and I'm not going to make this post far longer than it already is, so don't worry. This is merely a highlight of our most recent visit. We love visiting the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium and since we have 6 people in our family, a family membership pays for itself in one visit! Having a membership is great because it gives me the liberty to pop in and out at our leisure. It's also a great compliment to our science studies of vertebrates and invertebrates for homeschool. The boys had to choose one creature and be prepared to write a short paper on their selection.

Evan chose sharks...

Caden chose the otters...

They were appalled that I wouldn't spend $3 for them to experience a hurricane. Next time boys. Next time.

The sting ray pool is visited every time... well the upper viewing deck of the shark tank...

Well, if you made it this far, thank you for joining us on our latest adventures in Sarasota. I'll continue to keep you posted on the red tide situation, as well as sharing Sarasota tidbits, homeschool adventures, affordable fashion for any age and a little bit of "crunchy" here and there. You're the best and I'm so very grateful for you!



  1. I love how you're so honest about your mood with the boys, Chrissy....I feel the same way at time with my moms (no joking...)
    And I love how you spruce up a t-shirt like this!!

    1. Haha...we have to fit some of the real world in here don't we? I seriously chuckled out loud when I pictured you with your moms like this! :) Thank you for your blog friendship Jodie! I appreciate you so much!

  2. I love Tervis tumblers, how cool that they were giving them away! I don't know much about the red tide either but it certainly is sad to hear about all the sea life dying. Such a shame. I love seeing you and these sweet boys!

    1. Thank you sweet, Kellyann! 🌺And I know. I'm so sad about the red tide. Praying it leaves soon!

  3. That was nice of Tervis to do that. I love their cups. Enjoy your adventures and blogs. ❤️

  4. HAHA - tell the boys dont worry - its just a bunch of wind - its nothing crazy. I did it with my youth girls one time & we laughed our butts off - but its nothing really worth $3.00
    That just makes me so sad to see nature get destroyed. It really does just break my heart. I feel like it just gets destroyed more & more too.... the poor animals. & it all comes back to us as well. Circle of life man.

    1. Ha! Thank you Rebecca Jo. Every dollar adds up, right?? And I know...the world is such a beautiful place. It takes work to keep it up, but I think we can try!!

  5. You definitely have the perfect top dear! Love your cute and colorful bracelet too!

    Jessica |

  6. You are so adorable! And those boys...goodness so handsome!

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  7. That must be so fun exploring Sarasota! And it looks like your boys are having a great time, too. You know I love a good graphic tee and yours is so perfect for your Florida life! I hope the red tide clears soon and you guys can enjoy it.

  8. This looks like such a fun area. I love aquariums and you could tell your boys enjoy it. Love this casual fun look on you Chrissy, perfect for an outing!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. That's so interesting about the red tide - I've never heard of that before. It is so sad what's happening to our oceans. Here in England we have plastic washing up onto the beaches every day and wales and dolphins swimming up the Thames - confused with the noise of the English Channel! Love to see your boys enjoying an aquarium. Map wars aside haha xx Maria

  10. What a great day outing with your boys (who are darling, by the way!).

    Love your slogan tee, I also love that quote.

    And I am currently obsessing about hurricane simulators :-)

    Thanks for linking up with the Fabulous Friday link-up!


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