Monday, September 17, 2018

Meet Another Blogger Monday: LaceDevotions Ministries

Hello! You know what I find delightfully refreshing? YOU! My favorite adventures on the blog involve the people I run into along the way. Now, I know there's great thrills in the find of a significant sale, but the final thrill lies at the moment when I get to share it with YOU. :) You get me.

So whether it's a great find, new outfit or a new blogger, the excitement lies within the sharing. And today I'm sharing my latest blogger friend, Elizabeth Foil with LaceDevotion, a blog where one can find encouragement, faith and hope on the regular!

Needless to say, I'm excited about today's blogger collaboration and hope you'll enjoy this break in my usual posts to read this short interview with Elizabeth. (To get to know her beyond this post, hop on over to her IG @lacedevotion or swing by the blog LaceDevotion)
Meet Elizabeth from LaceDevotion.  Writer. Teacher. Daughter. Sister. Aunt.

She's kind, sweet, mature beyond her years and passionate for God and others, as I'm sure you'll agree from today's meet and greet. :)

It's evident that your inspirational blog is geared toward teaching and encouraging others in the Bible. Why did you start blogging and how did LaceDevotion come to be?

I started LaceDevotion three years ago after serving as a high school camp leader for girls. They expressed a desire for connecting throughout the rest of the year and that they long for encouragement. So, God placed this ministry on my heart. Now three years in, He is letting me write a daily devotion for reading the Bible in chronological order this year. 

We also have expanded to be more mission focused and helping others to have this mindset as well through Mission Spotlights and even community projects that will be coming soon. Lace is actually an acronym for Life Acclaiming Christ Everyday. That really is the heart of this ministry; to make Jesus famous.

[Why blog?] Heart for missions, realizing that God gave me skills as a writer and a heart for people so why not combine them?

Friends and contributors for LaceDevotion Ministries

What other areas of your life would you consider mission fields?

I believe every person we come in contact with is part of our mission field so this means my family and friends but also people I meet in the grocery store and may never see again. Also, working as a second-grade teacher and public speaking teacher is a mission field right now. I also am writing a novel, which I believe is part of my calling and mission field.

What is God currently teaching you?

Patience. That we not only should trust Him but we CAN! We are able to truly have peace in not knowing. That we can be still and know that He is God – that He will fight for us. It isn’t our battle to fight.

We need only be available to be used is another huge lesson. What we think isn’t a mission field always is.

How do you maintain a daily relationship with God?

Staying active in God’s Word so reading it daily and diving in. Also, being open to lessons throughout the day – seeking to find Him in even the small things.

LaceDevotion is an acronym for Life Acclaiming Christ Everyday. How do you like to share Christ with others each day?

This sentence is a way of life; choosing to live abundantly is the core message. This means praising God in all I do so with how I work, how I love others, how seek to live with intention, etc. Ultimately, it is sharing God’s love with everyone He places on my path today. After all, if we win the battle of this moment – Satan has lost time and that is ever a victory.

Where has God proven himself faithful over and over again?

He always is faithful! When I lost my Dad to cancer I truly felt fatherless; unprotected. God continues to show me DAILY how He is my ultimate Dad.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from Elizabeth today and if you'd like to hear my answers to the same questions above, hop on over to LaceDevotion!

Thank you for being you my friends!



  1. Ahh - what a cool & amazing young lady.
    Thanks for sharing her link!

  2. Can’t wait to Check out sweet Elizabeth, her blog and her message!

  3. What a beautiful post and Elizabeth is such a gift! I love the acronym for Lace and the reason she started her blog, what a great way to share His word!

  4. You always have the best taste in friends, Chrissy!! Thanks so much for introducing us to Elizabeth!!

  5. Thank you for introducing Elizabeth to us! There are so many awesome bloggers out there that I don't know about. God does seem to amaze us, especially after the loss of someone important in our life. I love that she says that after the loss of her dad, that God shows her that he is the ultimate Dad in her life.



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