Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Who Will Be Your Next Muse & The Cutest Turquoise Dress

Hello! Another week is logged into the "Rowden Life Lately". The boys are keeping me on my toes with driving lessons, screen time monitoring (to a degree), homeschooling for the twins and enforcing family time. Yeah, we have to enforce it because not all are onboard to chill with us. Somehow we've become utterly uncool.

I'm uncool and I know it.

But you, my friends, are very cool. I sit in front of my computer and read your kind encouraging words, your thoughts on fashion, new products you've tried, your "life lately" and I'm grateful. Grateful to you for this outlet. There are days when I am motivated to style a new look, simply because I know you're there. So, it goes without saying that I get so much style inspiration from the blog world, but the last place I think I'll find fashion motivation is from my 16 year old son.

I took my him shopping at American Eagle this weekend. While perusing the racks, I'd pick up an item and immediately put it back. There was no desire to even try anything on. Then I absentmindedly mentioned my struggle to play in fashion since our move.

"Mom, why? You should. You like it and you're good at it."

Mouth drop. Mic drop. Whatever. It dropped.

Maybe he didn't say those exact words, but the tone of his voice implied more than the simple statement. It surprised me and the next day I stepped into my closet, ready to play.

Necklace by Curry and Curry

I pulled out this older turquoise dress, the lace extender and grabbed the boots with fall in mind. The ruffled lace, though romantic in style, vibes well with the boho feel from the cascading leather and pearl necklace - what a fabulous statement piece! I wore the gray cardigan for the air conditioning chill and then added pearl and leather bracelets.

I felt confident; ready for the day...and as the heat intensified, I chucked off the cardigan and the necklace...

And these new shades of mine??  They are Gwen Stefani's GX studio line. I found them at Costco for a great deal, so if you love them check your local warehouse, because I searched the web with no luck.

Well, my friends who is inspiring you to do your thing lately? We just never know where that next momentary muse will come from. ;) Have a wonderful day and know that I appreciate you so much!



  1. So, so fun! I love the romantic boho vibe.

  2. Okay first off how sweet is he?!? I love this turquoise dress and the layering going on for the hem. You look gorgeous in the color and I love the edginess of the boots!


  3. Love, love, love this look on you! You do this look so well and you are utterly COOL! I love what your son said to you, isn't that so sweet? Gah, makes my heart happy and I know you feel it too. You take the best pictures my friend!

  4. Oh how sweet is your son? You look absolutely fabulous in this outfit - love the boots!! xx Maria

  5. I love the juxtaposition of the feminine lace and edgy boots! You are looking fabulous!

  6. I really liked this look when I saw it on Insta. I appreciate the reminder on dress extenders, such a great idea! Those boots look amazing with this outfit--I'm surprised you felt like putting them on--my feet don't want to be in anything besides sandals! Very cool. Love what your son said!

  7. This color is perfect on you! Thanks for sharing your post at the Top of the World Style linkup party.

  8. How nice that your son appreciates your talent in fashion! love this gorgeous teal on you! wow. i have a lace extender i need to wear.. and I love your combat boots, they are my fav boots in m closet!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. Girl, you are rockin' this look! I am in love with the layers, colors, and fab boots! So sweet that your son gave you some words of encouragement. I get what you're saying. Lately I have lost my mojo and am trying to coax it back. :(


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