Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Favorites: Birthdays & Dollar Tree Organization

Once upon a time, I attended a local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) community group and landed on the leadership team for awhile. If you asked any one of us what our favorite MOPS day was, the most popular response would be "My Favorite Things!". At the end of the year, the leadership team would feature their favorite things. It could be anything from coffee creamer to their favorite lipstick. There were times when a "favorite" was share with the whole room, just like on Oprah. "Everybody gets one!" And when I was on the team, I would rewrite the words to Sound of Music, "My Favorite" things song and sing it. Yeah. I had no shame.  And don't think I haven't thought about doing the same thing for the Friday Favorites. No worries my dears, you will be the first to know when I do. Until then I'll share this weeks favorites on birthdays and Dollar Tree organization, in the customary fashion.

Baking & Celebrating

My hubby's birthday was last week, followed by my oldest's birthday this week. One of my goals is to bake more goodies for the family, so this was the perfect opportunity. For Glen, the boys and I made a chocolate Reese's cake from Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine. The boys did great and I was elated to have a cake I couldn't mess up! And by the way, the cake was a total hit!!!

For Ethan's Birthday

Ethan asked for pizza and I happily obliged. His birthday fell on a Monday, right after the Super Bowl, which we hosted for so I was exhausted after a long, busy weekend. That being said, I went for the Pillsbury Dough sugar cook roll as opposed to attempting this one from scratch. Thank you 3 Yummy Tummies for the tasty recipe!

Dollar Store Organizational Containers

While randomly surfing Pinterest, I stumbled onto a pin from Do It On a Dime for organizing your space with dollar store containers. Intrigued I watched her whole video and was so inspired that I ventured to the Dollar Tree the next day! Containers can be incredibly expensive! Why hadn't it occurred to me to go there for organizing areas that aren't out in the open. Here's a few pictures of the spaces I cleaned up for less than $20!

The Boy's Bathroom

It was a mess under the sink! However, I used the shoebox size boxes for medical supplies, travel size items and extra toothbrushes etc. Then I finally simplified bathroom cleaning by gathering all necessary supplies into one bin. Done!

In the medicine cabinet (old Florida home thing),  there were a few items that fell over anytime I hunted for a particular item, so I used these small containers I found in the kitchen section.

My Armoire 

Our master bath is tiny with no space for nail polish supplies, my Simply Earth goodies, etc. For now all the overflow goes in an armoire we brought from Georgia. Though I hope to make more practical use of the space in the future, there's more important projects pending for now. However, finding items in the system I had was frustrating.

 The nail polish organizer and the two plastic baskets are from Dollar Tree - $3 for a cleaned up space!!
I'll be moving onto my bathroom and then the pantry next. Have you shopped at the Dollar Tree for baskets to organize the house before? Maybe I'm the last one to the party!

Thank you so much for taking time to read! I hope you have a fantastic weekend my friends and if you haven't seen my post on Monday featuring Simply Earth's February box, or Wednesday's not so typical Valentine Outfit, please take a moment and share in on more adventures with me!



  1. Sweet friend..this seriously may be my favorite post EVER! Good gracious those boys of yours are handsome and I could go for a piece of cake or fruit pizza right now. And YES to the dollar store friend Holly is the queen of finding organizational items at the dollar store. Amazing how much it helps just to coral like items. Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you for being a friend! Yes, I'm singing that song right now. You are so sweet. And yes, that's it! Get the right things lumped together! :) Appreciate you so much!

  2. I truly hope you make it a weekly thing to do these Friday favorites my friend, because you rock at it! That fruit pizza gives me all the heart eyes and makes me crave a slice of it so bad! The cake turned out so sweetly and those boys are about as cute as it gets. U used to do dollar tree posts, it made me realize I need to go in there again And really scour around! Brilliant ideas my friend! xo

    1. Awww, thank you sweet Andrea. You inspire me so much! :) Thanks for what you do...I feel like it helps far more than just blogs! Using what I learn in real life. wink wink!

  3. Chrissy, you did an amazing job celebrating your man and son this week! I am so proud of you for digging your heels in and doing something that you didnt think you were very good at and look at you!! Your desserts look AH-MAZing!! Now as far as the organizing goes, you're coming to my house next, right?

    1. Thank you Laura....I'd LOVE to come to your house next. lol. You truly are the sweetest! Have the best weekend friend. :)

  4. Oh wow the chocolate cake and the pizza cake look amazingly delicious! You did a great job, hope they both had wonderful birthdays :) I like how you organised too - we definitely need to get more containers for organising things but we have been house hunting for so long I'm afraid of buying anything new in case it doesn't work in the new house!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Everything looks delicious! I love the fun bright containers the Dollar Tree has!

  6. I love getting organization totes & baskets... but the hubs just ends up throwing everything in them instead of sitting them nicely ... I give up on all of it :) haha

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