Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Favorites: Muffin Pans, Try Ons & More

Hi! There's so much I love about Friday Favorites. It's like a practice in gratitude for me. Take for example the fact that this week started off difficult and was hectic, but when I start writing about my "favorites" I realize there was more blessing than burden. I guess it's all in how you look at it! For another, I love hearing from YOU and what your favorites are. So without further ado, I'll share my four favorites!

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1. More Sweet Gifts

Shari's Berries

A few years ago a sweet friend of the family surprised us with a box of chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine's Day. The first year she dipped them in chocolate herself, but as she became busier she started sending them through Shari's Berries. In all honesty, I didn't expect them to pop up on our doorstep here in Florida, but they did! My heart felt so full to be remembered! 

 Surprise Socks, A Graphic Tee, Journal & Chocolates

Valentine's Day was busy, but I felt so loved by the thoughtful gifts that came in the mail or were brought by the house. The "loved" tee was sent to me from a couple friend's back home, who just had their women's ministry event. Since I used to be apart of it with them, they wanted to let me know I was thought of. Makes me tear up thinking about it...

The socks from a sweet friend in Texas are so stinking cute! They say "Your Friendship Knocks My Socks Off". As for the journal, potted flower, candies and note pad they were brought by the beautiful ladies that shared our Valentine's Dinner. To say I felt spoiled is an understatement!

2. USA Bakeware Pans

I saw a bread baking demo years ago at a company called Bread Beckers. During the demo the baker raved about USA pans, so when I got home I did what most people do, and looked it up on Amazon, read reviews for fun and added them to the cart. Those USA Pans have been in my Amazon shopping cart for a couple of years! There was no sense of urgency.  Anyway, after moving to Florida I decided I wanted to start baking simple muffins etc.  They are now on my list of favorites and I can't wait to replace old bakeware with this brand, piece by piece. Bring on the cookie sheet and the bread pan please!!!

Quick Easy Egg Muffin Recipe

12 Eggs
A Splash of heavy whipping cream
salt and pepper to taste
favorite add-ons (I used breakfast sausage, bacon, kale and a little bit of cheese for these ones)

Fill the bottom of the muffin pan with add-ons and then pour whisked egg over until about 3/4s full. Then bake in the over at 350 until firm. My oven is wonky, so I have to check periodically. Guess what's on the kitchen wish list??

The ability to "customize" your egg bites makes this a winner in our family, especially since I'm the only one who likes an explosion of veggies! Also, these bites taste delicious warmed up the next day, so  you can make them ahead of time and refrigerate them for the week, or even freeze some.

3. Date Night

I squeezed in a date night for February! In the past we've not scheduled regular date nights so it feels good to make this a priority, even if it's only once a month right now. On this outing we used our gift card to Bone Fish Grill and ordered Bang Bang Shrimp, Fish Tacos, a chicken dish for me and even dessert! Awww, I love gift cards!

4. Gap Try On

Closing today's post with a mini-adventure into Gap that started out with a hunt for short's for me and ended up being an all out adventure in the dressing rooms! You see I had the twins with me, who happen to love new clothes as much as I do. They didn't waste time asking me if they could go to the kid's side so while I hunted shorts, they did their own shopping. I was impressed with what they picked out. They even went to the sale and clearance section first! We combined our finds and headed to the dressing rooms, where we made a series of Instagram Stories that kept me laughing the whole time. Side note, are you following me on Instagram yet? I'd love to connect with you there!

The only clothes we walked out with are the hoodie sweatshirts the boys picked out, but don't worry, I'll be back for the shorts. They weren't on sale yet but I was thrilled with how they fit!!

Ok, that's all for today my lovelies! Do you have shorts on your radar and have you tried those amazing non-stick bakeware pans! I simply must know! ;)

I'm linking our finds here!*



  1. Such a superb Friday Favorites my friend! Oh how I love me some egg muffin cups! What a fun little Gap try on! You are just the best mama. I wish you such a fun fun weekend my friend! Learn a lot for us all!

  2. Well this post is full of all kinds of good stuff! You are so special, just look at all the sweet gifts sent to you from friends - the strawberries and all the gifts, your heart has to be so full. Bonefish for date night is a fabulous idea - I love the bang bang shrimp - yum! Your try on at Gap looks like fun and I love that your boys are such good sports and enjoy it too!
    See you soon sweet friend!

  3. You and your boys are so cute! You had me at "muffins" haha! I've never heard of that bakeware, but I've made hundreds of muffins! Sadly, most of my baking days are over, but I'll keep this brand in mind if I need to replace something. I want to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, come over to my blog and take a look.

  4. I love this idea with the muffin tins....easy and healthy!! How have I never done that before??
    You have the best friends...those socks made me laugh. Of course you're a fabulous friend in return. I always love your upbeat personality!!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. I have been dying to go to Bread Beckers! I have a friend that goes regularly. She will bring me back goodies! I just need to go with her because I recently started milling my own grains that I got from there and Amazon. I love that bakeware!
    Bang Bang Shrimp is SO GOOD! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love friends that just surprise you with more than anything, the awareness that you are loved :)
    OK - I'm going to have to go Amazon now & add those tins to MY cart ;)

  7. Yay for date nights and chocolate covered strawberries from friends! Those shorts look so good on you, Chrissy! I hope they go on sale for you soon!

  8. Where should I begin?! I keep meaning to buy some strawberries and dip them for us. Yum! All the Valentine's love you rec'd was super sweet and I'm so glad you felt special. Yay for a date night. One of these days your life will be like mine, one big date night. LOL Last but certainly not least, your little egg muffins looked so delicious. I need to make some more of those to keep in our fridge. So great to grab in a moment of hunger. Have the best weekend and I'm so jealous you are getting to see our sweet friend. XOXO

  9. Love these favorites and I'm kind of crushing on those blue jean shorts!!

  10. Oh yum those egg muffins look delicious! What a great idea :) Your Valentine's gifts are so sweet too, I particularly like that tee! It's so nice when you get unexpected gifts from friends :)

    Hope that your week is off to a great start! Thanks for joining up with the #weekdaywearlinkup earlier!

    Away From The Blue

  11. Such a cute post dear! Love your photos, really fun!
    Jessica |

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