Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Favorites: Mini-Try On at Lucky & Favorite Locally Owned Spots

Hello friends! This week at the casa I feel as if I'm running a bed and breakfast for teen boys. One evening there were ten boys camped out, including my four! Let's just say I'm grabbing girl moments whenever I can, while working at keeping the pantry stocked! So, I'm just excited to have a Friday Favorites post to bring you!  There's certainly been much to report, but today I'll keep it brief with a mini-fashion try on and some of my favorite eatery pop-ins!

Fashion Mini-Try On at Lucky
Right before we left town, I visited the Lucky store in hopes to find my usual bargains. If there was a Lucky Brand store local to me back home, I never noticed. However, it's on the mall rotation here in Florida! Their denim, tees and dresses are proving to be worthy closet additions.  Anyway, on this particular visit the sale finds were sparse. So I decided to try on a few items with the plan to watch for them to go on sale.

Well, only the jeans and the hat remain in the store! How did they sell out so quickly?  Guess I'll be adding what I can to the online cart.

I loved this first outfit...the jeans are soft and stretchy and I could use a pair in this light wash. The cute sweater is lightweight and the top is just plain old fun!
 I love the softness and loose fit of the v-neck tees. As for the camo shorts and the dress, they were so comfortable. Somewhere, someone is walking around Florida loving these items!

Splat Cakes & Tradewind Coffee Shop Visits
Is there a local place you frequent where they know your name and you know theirs? There's something so sweet about the relationship. They become your friends and if you're anything like me you start learning about their family and how the business is run. This happened to me back in Georgia and I look forward to the same development here in Florida. When we traveled to Georgia last month I had to stop in to some of my favorites, making last minute invites along the way.

What a sweet time of fellowship this ended up being. I laughed and cried with these women who I miss dearly!
Splat Cakes
I frequented Splat Cakes so much that it has become a necessary stop on my Georgia visits. Feels like home in there!

Glen and Evan enjoy their Oreo Cupcake...
I enjoy the Strawberry Balsamic and an iced coffee.
My sweet, amazingly talented baker and friend - Andrea!
Back Home at Bavaros
Did you see this post on the influencer event at Bavaros? Well, we squeezed in a date night so that I could bring the hubbs (my prince. wink.). I love the downtown location and ambiance of this authentic Italian restaurant and couldn't wait for Glen to try it!

He  couldn't either...

My Verde Salad

The Main Course
Glen ordered the Bistec, while I indulged in that Penne Alla Vodka I enjoyed at the event.

What's your favorite clothing store to frequent right now and do you have a favorite locally owned bakery or restaurant you where you know their names?


  1. It's about time you let Glen in on that wonderful restaurant...LOL!!!
    I do the same thing with finding what I like and then waiting for it to go on sale. Sometimes good, but sometimes disappointing when things sell out. Have you tried the Shoptagr app?? I've been using that recently??

    1. Thank you Jodie!
      We, at Shoptagr, love to help our users save time and money! We also provide notifications when items go on sale and come back in stock.
      One of our exciting new features scouts the internet for coupons at your check-out. What's even more exciting is that the Shoptagr comes as an app, website and web extension - and it's all FREE!
      Keep enjoying Shoptagr and thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. You and Glen are so cute and you look adorable in your short-alls. I am now starving after all the pics of such yummy food and it's not even 8am. HA! Happy weekend, Chrissy!!! XOXO

  3. Oh my goodness, now I'm hungry for Italian!!! Love the pics of you and Glen. He is such a good sport! You tried on some cute things at Lucky!

  4. I finally passed Splat! I just haven't stopped by yet~ EEK!

  5. I'm so glad you had a great girl visit! I've never heard of Splat. I don't think we have that here in Louisiana., but I am definitely a cupcake girl so I know I would love it! I hope your weekend has gotten better (I saw your MP from yesterday).

  6. Ah that first top is the cutest on you! Sounds and looks like you had some fun!

  7. You and your husband are so cute! The strawberry balsamic cupcake from Splat sounds amazing! So many cute things at Lucky that you tried on!

    Jill = Doused in Pink

  8. OH THAT PASTA!! We are Weight Watching over here - with good results - but I could sure use a plate of that cheesy pasta. And a cupcake or two. We actually over did it last weekend so I can't complain a bit.

    You are the cutest thing in overalls. You dress up great, too, of course, but something about that overall outfit just seems to be YOU.

    Yay for date nights and places where they know your name...isn't that the Cheers song. You are probably to young to know that!

  9. Hey, my friend! Enjoy all of those boy moments while you can, you'll miss them like crazy when they're gone! I love how so many of your photos are of you in action. Do the baristas in my local SB count? Sometimes it's like "old home" week in there--haha!


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