Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Favorites: Favorite Spots To Find Activewear for the Whole Family

Active Wear, Active Wear! Did you see that YouTUBE video that came out 3 years ago poking fun at the rise in, well, active wear? In case you haven't, I've linked the video at the end of this post. You'll also find references throughout - I can't help myself!  Anyway, with a house full of boys who love active wear, I've found my favorites stores over the years to help the budget.  

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Favorites: My Favorite Ways to Reclaim My "Sanity"

"Friends, sun, sand and sea, that sounds like summer to me." - unknown

And that certainly describes our first full on summer in Florida. The schedule was unpredictable and my hospitality was warmly put to the test. Back in Georgia, I dreamed of ways we could improve our space for efficient entertaining. Those prayers for proper "feng shui" were answered in our now open floor plan. The Florida home was a hive of activity boasting boys who hooted, hollered, ate and slept within its walls. Add in guest from out of town and you get a full on bed and breakfast. 

What sweet memories we made this summer! I felt blessed beyond words, but the introverted side of me rallied against the mayhem. My desire to create was non-existent and personal goals were forgotten.  I didn't know which way was up! Pay bills? Am I supposed to do that? I don't know about you, but this makes me crazy. Though the internal warning signs rang loudly, I felt powerless to control the events, kid responsibilities, etc. 

So my friends, today's Friday favorites is all about my favorite ways to reclaim my sanity so to speak. Even if I was "forced" to do so in a way I didn't expect! Now before I delve right in, allow me to share my favorite outfit of the week. 

At this point a modicum of structure is back in place and consequently, I'm inspired to create in my closet, even in the most casual of ways.  So I hope you can join the casual train on a mini-adventure to downtown Sarasota for lunch and gelato with another look at my favorite overalls, styled with a new top!  (Psssst...these tops are currently on sale!)  

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gift Giving Inspiration & WIW Mash Up

Hello! Did you know that August is my birthday month? Oh how I love to celebrate with shopping, girl time and good eats. Though the official day already passed, the adventures need not end! For me these adventures lie within the gifts I received. Yes, one of my love languages is "gifts", but I struggle to give them well! For this reason, I want to share a few gifts in hopes that it will inspire others like me with fresh ideas for gift giving merriment!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tips For That Next Photography Shoot

Thinking about hiring a photographer for head shots, blog pics, or Instagram?  Fantastic! I think that's a great idea! One that you won't regret. In fact, with the right amount of planning, your experience can be an investment that you thoroughly enjoyed.

When it comes to hiring a photographer my biggest issues are budget, schedule, planning outfits, and choosing what pictures to use once the shoot is over! However, with lessons I've learned along the way, I have tips to share, as well as some PRO tips from photographer friends that you'll find sprinkled about this post!

Monday, August 5, 2019

DIY Face Care With Simply Earth Essential Oils

Hello! I'm back with another essential oil recipe box from Simply Earth. Their DIY recipes are for amateurs and pros alike with opportunity for adventure in each box. Last month I teamed up with my boys for engaging kid recipes, but this month is perfect for some girl time! My sister-in-law was in town visiting so I took full advantage.  With her mutual love for essential oils and beauty products, she was the perfect partner in DIY fun. I hope you enjoy today's August box reveal, featuring recipes to care for that beautiful face of yours!
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