Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Everything Is Bigger In Austin" & The Style Six

I almost didn't make our second girl's trip. With one boy in his senior year of high school and two younger boys, it was a weekend full of priorities. Momma had to be home. Of course, there's no rather place I'd rather be, however I'm thankful it worked out to meet the girls a day and a half later.  In fact, I made it just in time for lunch at Gloria's on the Domain in Austin! Of course, I'll delve into adventure favorites soon enough.  But for today, I'm sharing a few thoughts on friendship and these fun graphic tees - Everything is Bigger In Texas!
Bigger Smiles*...
This group makes me smile big, which also got me thinking...We didn't come together like magic. It was the blogging engagement, followed by an individual who took the bull by the horns. "Let's try to meet!" Someone was willing to put themselves out there and extend friendship. There's risk involved in the extending, as well as the accepting. In addition, someone did the work of organizing a meet up. In any girl trip, event, etc, there is a personality that likes to put it all together!

I'd like to say that I'm that person, but scheduling events makes my brain hurt! HOWEVER, I'll help with conversation flow once we're all together. ;) I've learned from the Style Six group, as well as friends back in Georgia, that someone has to extend the invite and take the chance. I want to work on that in my local area. I'll keep you posted on how that works out!
Bigger Styles* - I did see some fabulous style walking around various spots in Austin!
Graphic Tee Etsy Shop/Leopard Earrings/My Mules

Bigger Laughs*
With one meet up and a year of Marco Polo under our belts, the laughs came easier. This makes me think as well...we have to go beyond the gathering to the maintaining. A goal planner that I love "Cultivate Power Sheets" also addresses relationships we want to, well, "Cultivate". Even friendships take work, especially in this fast moving society. It's easy to look at a friend group from the outside and think it's blissful perfection. 

Bigger Grace*
This is where grace comes in...Back home, I was a later addition to an established circle of friends. Imagine my surprise when I learned that more than one woman struggled with insecurities, wondering if she 100% fit in. Sounds crazy, but I'll admit I've been guilty of it.  Unhappy out of the group, unhappy in the group! 

Whenever insecurities flare up, I talk to myself. I remind myself that I'm not here to be the most important, the most liked, etc. I'm there for the coffee - ha! I'm kidding of course. I'm here to be a friend. And if there's REAL issues (often times there's not), then I'll assess from there. Feelings are going to get hurt from time to time. That's life. It's what we do with those hurt feelings from there that matters. 

Let them go is my first choice, but if it continues to fester then I'll go to that individual. AND don't talk to the others about it before I do. That's hard to do, right?  In the end, I remind myself that I need big bundles of grace, so I should remember to extend big bundles of it as well!

Big Thank you to Andrea for ordering the tee shirts and those adorable earrings from Amazon!! Oh, and for being THAT person. ;)

Alright my friends, is there a person or two that you could invite out for coffee in the next couple of weeks? Let's try that together! Until then, I look forward to sharing feature Austin spots on the blog soon!

*Disclosure. I don't actually think EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. Wink, Wink. 


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  1. Andrea is the best! I cant' wait to read more about your adventures! I know I need to put myself out there more and try to cultivate new relationships! Thank you for the encouragement!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you Jill, and I love getting to know you more from your blog AND Marco Polo! Looking forward to more chats! :)

  2. This is just precious my friend. We are so blessed. And how hilarious is your little disclosure! Love and miss you precious girl!

  3. It was a great trip Chrissy! You are right about giving and extending grace too!

  4. How fun you could still catch up with the group! sounds like such a fun trip and you all look great in your matching tees!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :) It's a very hot one here! More like summer than spring!

    Away From Blue

  5. Miss you BIG, Chrissy! Looks like everyone had similar tastes in their favorite pics! I unfortunately only had time for one! Busy, busy week!

  6. I LOVE THIS POST! How fun! You ladies all look so amazing and what fun tee shirts! Way to go Andrea for pulling this all together. Friendships are so important and for some reason do get increasingly difficult to form new ones the older we get. I had a much need date with a girlfriend yesterday. We spent hours in conversation about everything and it was so healing!


  7. Such fun times! As I have had more kids, moved and life has gotten busier it has gotten harder to get together with friends. I do have a friend I walk with weekly otherwise otherwise most of my friends live an hour or way more away and we keep in touch through messaging and a yearly vist or two.

  8. I'm so glad you were able to make it! We all understand Mama responsibilities. I saw you were in Riverview! That's where my former church is! Hugs, girl!

  9. You're in a special group of ladies, for sure

  10. I can completely relate; I often feel left out when I'm right in the thick of a group and wonder is it me? I know it's not it's just my insecurities taking over but I find I am happiest with one on one... small groups are OK too but my insecurities don't pop up at all when it's just one on one.

  11. I love how you bring up these issues Chrissy!! That's what we were talking about at Fiercecon too!!

  12. Wish you could have been with us the entire time Chrissy but so happy for our time together!

  13. Very nicely done! Loved reading this and am so happy y’all had the opportunity!

  14. Awe this looks like you all had a super time. How nice to meet up and I love the tee shirts too! Nice on ladies. Jacqui x

  15. This was wonderful. I'd say we are a very blessed group to have found each other. XOXO


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