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Natural Deodorant: Does It Work?

Wayyyy back in 2005, I began to swap my conventional health and beauty items with products free of chemical fragrances and other ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Of course deodorant was on that list as well and I couldn't wait to try a natural option. In the health store, I walked to a surprisingly small section of shampoos, conditioners and, yup, deodorants. There on the shelf was an attractively packaged stick of apricot scented deodorant.

Once the opportunity arose, I liberally applied the apricot scented deodorant to my underarms. Within an hour, I did a personal sniff test and reapplied. This kept on throughout the day. Eventually the BO smell seemed to be dominated by apricot, so I sought my sister's opinion.
"Ok, what do I smell like?", with lifted arm and expectant eyes, I waved my hand in front of my armpit, towards my sister.
With eye rolling and and a crinkled nose she responded, "Like BO and apricot." 

True story my friends. True story. You see, it had only been the first couple of days and I wasn't aware of the short "detox" process some go through when switching from a deodorant that stops you from sweating, to one that doesn't.  Apparently, when we prevent natural sweating under our arms, bacteria builds up. The detox result? BO+Apricot possibly?

How nice it would have been to expect a transition period! This transition period varies from person to person. Some friends shared they didn't notice offensive smells, while others mentioned a similar experience to mine!  Over the years, I found brands I liked, but I'm always open to try new options.  And this is where today's feature comes in!

WildRoot Natural Deodorant

Wildroot* is a BRAND NEW company created by two women. In fact, they share a sweet, inspiring story that brought tears to my eyes! Their inspiring story is worth watching, so I'm linking the video at the end of this post.  As for the ingredients, you can confidently apply their short, identifiable list! Some of these ingredients include fractionated coconut oil, baking soda (in the performance line), beeswax, mango butter, etc. Also included on the list are Essential Oils from my favorite supplier - Simply Earth!

Now before I say more about whether this deodorant works or not, let's briefly touch on why you should consider natural deodorant.

Why Should I?

  • Metals We don't Need - Aluminum is not on our required metal list for the body. Scientists are unsure as to wether or not, increased levels are linked to the increase in various diseases. Time will tell as they continue to research this. 
  • Antiperspirant keeps your body from doing what it's intended to do - sweat naturally. The skin is my largest organ and I've learned to respect how fragile it can be!
  • Yellow Stains On My Shirts - even with antiperspirant we sweat some. That bacteria ridden sweat leaves yucky yellow stains. 
  • Chemical Fragrances = Hormone Disruptors - no one needs that. NO ONE. Disruption of hormones has a list of side effectives including weight retention, trouble sleeping, focus etc
  • There's Products that Work! Truly, it's worth trying a brand or two until you find one that works with you. 

Back to Wildroot

The scent: I currently have Wildflower and Citrus Leaf and am a big fan of both of them. While the scent is strong enough to enjoy, it's not overpowering.
Deodorizing Power: No need to reapply unless I'm doing something active, aka intentional sweat inducing activities. ;)

Overall Thoughts: The deodorant goes on smooth, keeps me feeling fresh and it WORKS. I'm happy with the deodorant and I'm thrilled to support these women and their story.  Use code granola_n_grace20 for 20% off and take a moment to hear about their story! HERE

And one more thing! I feel good enough about this deodorant to let this guy use it. Guess I'll need the Pine Scent variety!
*Disclaimer: I received these sticks of deodorant to review. All opinions are proudly mine. If you use my code I will receive a small commission. As always, I thank you for your support!


  1. I use a aluminium free deodorant for a few months now. I'm pretty happy with it but still have to test it in summer. And I don't sweat, so that makes a difference too of course.

    1. Ah yes, the summer is a great time to test. You're not the first person to say they don't sweat! I definitely do. Thanks for chiming in Nancy. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. We've used natural deodorants for years. I've never had problems with it not working - the hubs uses it too & he sweats ALLLLL day long at his job.

    1. Haha, well at least he is staying natural. My hubby sweats a lot too. He teaches a lot at our church and just sweats and sweats. As for natural not working, I think those that sweat more/naturally stink more (ahem, me) get scared away when they first switch. I talked to a friend that said it took her almost a year. I thought, man that dedication! Thanks chiming in Rebecca Jo!

  3. I think the detox of natural deodorant freaks me out but I really do need to give it a try!

    1. haha! I understand completely. You'd probably have no trouble. I wouldn't plan a big event the first day you switch though. ;) Thanks for chiming in Heather!

  4. Ok I feel stupid, but I didn't realize the yellow stains were bacteria (EW!). It makes total sense though. I don't typically sweat (aside from when I am running). I'd love to switch over at some point!

    1. If you were aware of all the things I have no clue about - ha! I only recently read that info. And if you already don't sweat much...might be an easy transition! Thanks for sharing you thoughts Laura!

  5. We've been using natural deodorant for years. But what I didn't know was that yellow stains were from bacteria!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. Chrissy-I have tried many times to switch to natural options and haven’t found any that work to keep me from stinking. I haven’t tried this particular one, but frustrated with my experience so far and always end up goi g back to traditional deodorant/antiperspirant. Help!

  7. My PC had a bit of detox going on but I was able to use this without issue. And it smells so good!!

  8. Great post!!! I haven't tried the performance ones yet but sonfar so food with the lemongrass scent one. I really like it so far, my only thing is rhat i feel that is applied less smoothly than what i am used too. I was thinkinf of getting aomw pine scent ones for the boys aince i haven6 more i can order from the giveaway. I smelled my 9 year olds armpits the other day and he is getting close to needing to use some!

  9. I was worried it wouldn't work, but thankfully was proven wrong. Theirs smell really pretty too. XO

  10. Chrissy, I am sold! Honestly, with the onset of menopausal symptoms, I stink regardless of what deodorant I use, so it certainly cannot make things worse for me. In fact, BO combined with apricot is better than straight up BO! And what an amazing story. I totally cried at that video. And I laughed hysterically at the story of your sister’s sniff test. I will be ordering some of this deodorant soon! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for sharing and linking up, my friend.



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