Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5 Reasons To Ditch Plastic Razors

Hello! To say that I'm excited about today's post would be an understatement, for currently tucked away in its new home, is the coolest, prettiest razor I've ever owned. It's shiny, feels fabulous in my hands, and is metal! Have you ever considered using a metal razor? Metal from top to bottom? I haven't. Aren't those for guys? Beyond finding a razor made from recycled plastic, I didn't consider other options. 

However, when a friend shared about her personal experience with Leaf Shave, a plastic-free, sustainable shave, I was intrigued. Why? Simply stated, I strongly dislike purchasing costly razor head refills and my husband was past time for another set (I kept forgetting to pick them up!). In addition to refills, I thought about sustainability. However, this friend also mentioned that plastic razor strips were laden with toxins. Toxins, which are more easily absorbed under the arms, where the lymphatic system hangs out, and hot water is opening our pores! This made me think beyond my husband. What about me? 

So I reached out to Leaf Shave and was rewarded with the opportunity to review a razor essential set for him AND for me! I hope you enjoy today's post and will consider other shaving options. For a quick summary of "Five Reasons To Ditch Plastic Razors" scroll to the end. ;) 

Hers - Gold Like The Sun
I did an Instagram "unboxing" of these razors, along with Glen and he started dry shaving with his right out of the box! I wasn't about to try that. However, I admit that Glen had no trouble whatsoever. I couldn't wait to try mine...so I'm going first.

Look how pretty she is!! The razor essentials pack comes with one razor and 20 blades (more pics below of blades). Though instructions came with the pack, I hopped onto YouTube for a visual. You can add one to three blades and I opted for two blades, as is suggested for beginners. 

Now let's see this baby in action. Sorry for the up-close pic, but we have to keep it real here. ;)

I used Dr. Bronner's Shaving Soap and went to town, cautiously. From there I shaved my legs, slathering them with shaving soap. The results? No nicks. Nothing but a clean shave!! I was SO elated! 

My final thoughts:
I'm ready to graduate to a third blade. The razor is gorgeous, feels good in my hands and I feel good about using this over costly, disposable, plastic razors! In addition, I'm also free from the chemicals residing in the disposable razor strips. *See statement listed below in the "5 Reasons to Ditch the Plastic Razors" 

His: Manly Mercury

The Tin for disposing of used razors... (comes with the starter bundle or can be purchased separately)
Hubby in action...
As I mentioned earlier, my hubby dry shaved his face right out fo the box. However, he's since used this razor several times with shaving soap. 
Excuse his shirt change but that last fishing shirt just wasn't as flattering as this fishing shirt. Ok! I confess. It was me. I liked the blue better. Ha!

His Final Thoughts: 
"I like the close, smooth shave this razor gives. I also like that the box comes with a lot of razors, making this cost-effective. Oh, and the blades are easy to load! 

Five Reasons To Ditch The Plastic Razors
  1. Upgrade Your Self-Care: These razors are beautifully and ergonomically designed. In addition, they perform fabulously giving both men and women a close, smooth shave. 
  2. Sustainability: Say goodbye to any plastic waste!
  3. Lifetime Warranty: Yup. They guarantee their razors for life.
  4. Cost-Effective: The Essentials Set is $79, which comes with the razor and 20 blades, or 40 halves. Depending on the number of blades you use and whether or not you dry your razor after each use, these blades could last you up to six months. Refills on their site are $9, but they can be purchased locally as well!
  5. Personal Health: Remember those toxins I mentioned? Most razor strips have chemicals such as fragrance, titanium dioxide, artificial dyes, and more. If you want to read further into this, here's a fabulous article that my friend shared with me. HERE.


  1. This set sounds great! I never crossed my mind that those razor strips could be filled with chemicals. I love this sustainable option!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I seriously dislike disposable razors and only have them in my travel bag. These look so nice! Thanks for sharing the organic shave soap, too. I've recently started using shaving cream (don't ask) and don't love it.

  3. It looks so vintage & beautiful!!!

  4. I never even thought about these Chrissy. I will have to try these!!


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