Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bermuda Shorts & Button Ups

 I said I wasn't going to do it.

"Bermuda shorts aren't flattering on me."

Well, once again I've proven to myself that sometimes it's about the cut, make and fit, over the style or trend. And so the story goes while I was out shopping holiday sales with my MIL. We popped into Lucky and quickly found cute tops to try on. However, I was in a dress and would need some bottoms. Of course, this is where the Bermuda shorts come into play.  My choices were the shorty shorts or these. I grabbed these with no expectation to like them.

So, welcome to today's post featuring the Bermuda shorts that I wasn't supposed to like, as well as my latest top from H&M. And since my MIL tried on these same short, I thought she should make another guest appearance on the blog.

4th of July Ready
I know we have a while before Independence Day, but since Memorial Day is already behind us we must look ahead, right?
 Cotton Blouse // Shorts (Similar/Similar) // Shoes: Last Season // Navy Earrings (Klae Designs Similar) // Target Slides

Here's a behind the scenes look at my Director and Photographer! 
"You want me to pull my foot up and put my hand over my head?"
"Yeah, just like that."
When my MIL came out dressed in her shorts and a white-collar shirt I had to wear this outfit again, with a couple of changes of course.

We are so glad grandma and grandpa were able to spend Memorial Day weekend with us!

Quick dressing room story.

For precautionary reasons, most stores either skipped a stall or had tape over the dressing rooms. A store attendant would let you in and then clean the room once you exited. Lucky had each room taped off, but an attendant would pick your room and remove the tape. Since my MIL and I came in together she gave us rooms right next to each other.

From there we resumed with our usual dressing room antics. We try something on, come out, and model it in front of the mirror while sharing opinions. It's fun. And so nice. Anyway, during this time a couple entered (it's coed). The gentlemen took a seat outside his partner's room and we went about our business. At one point, I did a quick shuffle to where the shorts were hanging, directly outside the fitting rooms.

When I turned around to sneak back in my room, an elderly gentleman began entering my dressing room. Now picture this, there's a big pile of clothes heaped on the bench, along with my big purse. I'm without shoes and I'm wearing clothes that still belong to the store.

"Excuse me, sir? 
"Sir? That's my... That's my dressing room..."

I look over at the gentleman seated in the chair. He attempted to warn the gentleman but he didn't hear him either. He made a funny face and I started giggling. My mother-in-law peeked her head out of her room with raised eyes.

"Did he just go in your room?", she forcefully whispered in my direction. 

"Your purse is in there!"

There's nothing for me to do, but go in her room and wait. I wasn't worried about my purse. However, I was concerned he might hear my controlled laughter, which was now infectiously spreading to my MIL.

He did come out, but not for long. He had to try on another pair of jeans.

We just giggled more. Eventually he left and I was able to change back into my clothes. This will be another story for the memory bank.  I cherish these days. Not trying to sound melodramatic, but you never know when your last time with someone will be.  And I mean this in the most positive of ways. Laugh more. Let's choose to worry about what others are doing less. How many times did I half-heartedly listen to something my boys were telling me because I was preoccupied with something else that I had NO control over? Argh, I just want to kick myself when I realize this!

With that being said, call, hug, or write someone you love, and let's enjoy some fashion fun. Link up your fashion or beauty posts my dears! And before you go, hop over and read Tuesday's post on the new razor I LOVE!


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  1. Oh my goodness Chrissy, that dressing room story is one of a kind! Crazy! Love your bermuda shorts, glad you found the right pair, they look terrific!

  2. That dressing room is so crazy! Love your classic bermuda shorts look. Thanks so much for the link up!

  3. You both look great in your shorts! I got a pair of maternity bermuda shorts and loved them so much I had to get some non-maternity ones too! They are a great length for running around with the kids all day! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  4. Absolutely LOVE that you are twinning with you MIL! Both of you are beautiful ladies and including the twins was just the icing on the cake! Great post, Chrissy! And YES!! Give me all the white! It's one of my favorite colors of summer!

  5. First off, I just love your MIL. I'm *so* glad ya'll have a great relationship, and how cute is she?! That story is toooo funny! The man must have thought the previous customer had left quite a mess--if things like that even register to men!

  6. When I first saw this post this morning on INstagram...I thought this was your mom! YOu both look so cute! And about the bermudas...Excuse me? How could you ever think you cannot wear these??? They look FABULOUS on you- Model alert!! xx (I hope you'll come link up on Friday over at my place Chrissy!!) xx

  7. It's great to read the fun of you guys trying on clothes in the dressing room. What an atmosphere of intimacy. The clothing choices you wear look comfortable to wear.

    Greetings from Indonesia.

  8. I love the pictures so much I’m so happy you got some with your sweet mother-in-law! You guys are Bermuda shorts babes.

  9. Oh my! What a dressing room story! I love the shorts with the red and white and those red sandals are darling! I need some red sandals! Love the pictures with your MIL, great minds with the button downs, and your pool is gorgeous! I miss swimming at my gym!
    jess xx

  10. Chrissy, this outfit is all kinds of adorable! And I love the Bermuda shorts on you. I have a few pairs that I never wear because I can’t quite get the proportions right on me. But you have inspired me to try again! And that dressing room story is fantastic. I would have been laughing, too. You are so right...we have to enjoy all the silly moments!


  11. Oh my goodness what a funny story! I was wondering how stores would handle it when they started to open again! I love your bermuda shorts! I thought they were awful on me too, but I think I need to give them another shot!

  12. I love your bermuda shorts, I think they fit you nicely. The white blouse with the red stripes is very chic. The story about the change room was quite funny, although these days we would look at it differently

  13. I love the twinning with your MIL! Those bermuda shorts are so cute on you! And that dressing room story is hilarious!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  14. Chrissy,
    I love your dressing room story. Poor man! LOL!
    I love the filter you used for this post! Very cool!
    I need to start busing filters again!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Oh this is super cute! I grew up in bermuda shorts, they are so cute!

  16. Those shorts look great on you! Super flattering!


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