Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Tilda Dress by Caite & Kyla

Hello and welcome May! Does this month look different for you than last month? Not too much has changed over here. Wait. That isn't true. I'm changing. Some of what I valued before seems trivial now. I'm rediscovering the joys of the granola lifestyle with basic health principles such as: more greens, less processed foods, less sugar, no substitutes, vegetable oil, dyes and the list goes on.

In addition, I'm soaking up the sun whenever I can. I walk the dog, sit out in the back, and ride my bike through the neighborhood looking for photo spots. What must the neighbors think of this crazy family of six...
  • My two older boys have the craziest head of curly hair going on. No eyes to be seen!
  • My eldest takes out his long board and has the dog pull him down the road at full dog speed. It really is a sight to see!
  • My twins ride willy-nilly on their scooters, bare foot without a care.
  • My hubby, the most normal, makes frequent visits to the pond to fish. 
And to leave no question in their minds in regards to our weirdness, today my youngest road down the street on his scooter while I trekked along on my bicycle heavy laden with shoes, hats and other accessories. Once we found the perfect spot I began to set up the outdoor studio. Meanwhile some neighbors worked in their yard while others walked their dog.

"Hi. Just snapping some photos for the blog. Again. Twirling in my dress for effect, you know?" 

"Oh, no. You go on ahead. We still have a few more photos to take. Cute dog by the way."

And so on my friends. And so on... Life is short. Let's get our pictures and enjoy our dresses - or whatever clothes you're sporting this week!

Today's spotlight is on another lovely piece sent from Caite & Kyla. It's feminine, flowy, and features a one of a kind floral print. I love the tiered style along with the embroidery details across the front. I'm sharing ways I might wear this dress for mother's day. Let me know you favorite in the comments below!

Heels, Denim Layers Or Poolside Play 

Denim Layers...

Poolside Play

This lovely dress was sent by Caite & Kyla along with a code for GRANOLANGRACE for 20% off site wide!

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  1. That dress is adorable and that picture on the bike is so cute! You are so creative my friend, love it!

  2. It’s just darling! My favorites are the flower belt and a Jean jacket with it!

  3. What a cute dress, definitely worth juggling everything to go take pics of it! I really like it belted and with the denim jacket but it's beautiful on its own too!

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that your week is going well :) We are on week 6 of staying at home but they have started to lift some restrictions which is nice! :) things will be changing up a lot next week!

    Away From Blue

  4. That dress is gorgeous! I love all the ways you styled it.

  5. Chrissy, this dress is amazing and it suits you perfectly! You have some serious shoe game going on, too! I can picture you and your family making the best of a bad situation. Getting back to granola living is wonderful, isn’t it? My youngest has been running around outside barefoot as well. I tried to fight it only because the temperatures have barely been in the 40’s, but I lost that battle!


  6. Always. So. Adorable! I'm glad you had a bike to coordinate with the dress--haha! I usually tote shoes around. In the car. It sounds like your boys are pretty normal. What? You don't cut their hair for them?

  7. I adore this dress on you! Love all three ways you styled it! My favorite is with the flower belt and pops of blue!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Chrissy- are you kiddding?! What a fun family!! You are hillarious- I could just picture this whole seen! Looking pretty darn cute in this lovely dress my friend- perfect! xx

  9. Chrissy
    I looked forward to seeing you style this dress! I had to see. LOve it! The pic on the bike and the denim jacket looks so good with it. I really love the picture against the blue of the pool. I told Kellyann I would be in that pool right now! You look beautiful in the dress!
    jess xx

  10. Your pictures are always fun and full of life!

  11. Love your bike riding photos. So French!! When we visited Paris in 2009, that was one of my biggest take chic the French women were riding bikes in their lovely dresses. You would fit right in. The print on this dress is very pretty. I am huge fan of paisley and mix it with flowers...WOW!

  12. You just cracked me up so many times in this post. I get so shy and weird if I am taking photos and people are around. You would think I would be over it by now, but it totally stresses me out and makes me wish I was a turtle who had a shell on my back to crawl into. Haha. I love that your boys are carefree. I actually think I want to hold to some of these pandemic moments, with less "go" time and more free time.

  13. Such a beautiful dress, Chrissy! I especially love the blue belt! Too cute! Hope you are having some wonderful Covid days! Ha!

  14. Aside from its beauty, I love the versatility of this dress! Gorgeous ways you've styled it Chrissy and that flower belt is one of my favorite I have seen lately. Very pretty and definitely takes the outfit up a notch. I hope your week is going well so far and happy Thursday!

    Maureen |

  15. You looks really beautiful in this dress๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ Regards!

  16. What a lovely dress, you look so pretty and summery! xo

  17. I love the picture with you on the bike!! How cute and it looks like a magazine photo. SUPER cute dress!


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