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How To Make Dinners Easy With Blue Ribbon Foods

blue ribbon foods

How convenient would it be if when you planned your menu for the week, you already knew you had a freezer full of choices? And to sweeten the deal, what if those choices were all-natural, farm-to-table produce, meats, and more? Since hitting the reset button on our family diet, my biggest dilemma has been quality meat choices that are affordable. So when the opportunity arose to review Blue Ribbon Foods and services I jumped on board. Read on for an inside peek!

farm to table

Who Are They?

Blue Ribbon Foods is a farm-to-table food service that helps consumers and farmers alike. They are passionate about supporting small independent ranchers, farmers, and producers. In fact, they know who their farmers are, as well as their gourmet local artisans that will add an extra touch of deliciousness to your freezer. Because they deal directly with farmers and process the meat and produce themselves, they are in control of food quality. 

No Factory Farms. No Feed Lots.

There are no chemicals used to sanitize their facility. In fact, they use high-pressure steam to clean EVERY day with a federal inspector on duty, EVERY day. Their packaging is biodegradable so you can rest easier about your impact on the environment. In addition, they have a carbon signature of zero. If you want to read more about their processing, hop on over HERE

Blue Ribbon foods stocks your freezer with six months worth of food for your family, generally accounting for about 55% to 75% of your grocery budget! Don't have a freezer? No worries, they have you covered and will provide you with one. Speaking of covered, when you use their freezer, your food is fully covered so no need to stress about food spoiling. And if you're not satisfied with something, they make it right! 

What Do They Offer?

  • Meats free of growth hormones, steroids, chemicals, fillers or by-products, dyes, preservatives, or antibiotics 
  • Chicken is free-range, grade A
  • Pork is Super-Select
  • Sashimi Grade Seafood 
  • Pre-prepareds from local aritsans who also care about good food and nutrition. 
  • A Wellness Consultant will assist you in planning your fully-customized family menu, down to your preferences, food allergies, etc. No detail is left out! From there, your goodies are delivered and loaded into either your freezer or one they provide. 
  • White-Glove Service where they put food away for those that are east of the Rockies. Anyone else that receives third-party delivery receives their food via FedEx or UPS. This is what I had and was perfectly content to organize my goodies.  

My Personal Review

Everything tasted deliciously fresh! There wasn't a dish, veggie, or meat that we didn't enjoy as a family. I realized many times over the value of having our essentials for lunch or dinner waiting on hand. Menu planning was simplified and I felt better about what I was feeding our family. It was easy to see there were no fillers or additives in the meats. We've purchased directly from ranchers before, so I know the difference between most store-bought and farm-fresh. 

The Chicken & Frozen Veggies

The chicken cooked quickly and the single-serve packaging made it easy to plan for our ever-changing dinner numbers. I believe Blue Ribbon Foods first hand when they say that their chicken is free of saline, water, and others fillers.

If I was in a hurry I could pull out frozen breast and have them thawed and cooked in the air fryer in about 20 minutes. I could pull out the gluten-free chicken bites from one of their caterers for the boys and add frozen veggies. That's a wholesome chicken salad for me and a crowd-pleaser for them!


blue ribbon foods

The kids love the chicken bites!

Where's The Beef

We could taste the farm-fresh quality in the ground beef, the beef patties, and the mouth-watering filet mignon. When I tell you their patties are a taste above the rest, believe me. I seasoned them with nothing but salt and pepper!

I made salads and one main dish with the filet mignons and used up all the ground beef on chili dishes, spaghetti, and of course tacos. 

Pre-Prepareds Made By Local Artisans

As I mentioned earlier, the pre-prepareds are made by selected artisans with a passion for taste and food quality. From the chicken bites to the large bags of Mediterranean veggies or roasted veggies and pasta, our family and guests alike enjoyed every bite. 

As for me, I loved the easy convenience that enabled me to focus on the guests with little worry over the meal.  I even used some of the pre-prepareds to take a meal for a family with a kitchen under construction. I was confident they would love the dish and I wasn't stressed about portions, etc. 

Even my picky eater ate almost every veggie!!

Would Blue Ribbon Be Good For Your Family?

Finding out if Blue Ribbon is right for your family is easy! You can request more information at this LINK. Someone will contact you to schedule a consult. They work with each individual to come up with a plan that fits your budget, your nutritional needs as well as what you and your family enjoy. Blue Ribbon Foods will be especially helpful if you're family frequently eats out or orders take out. You'll save money and eat healthier!


  1. This sounds and looks amazing! Everything from the procurement, processing and packaging sounds wonderful! I would love this!

  2. We waste so much money on food and this sounds like a service we could use. It sounds like they make it so easy to accommodate your budget and tastes!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I just love the farm to table idea- it's an-all-around good thing for everyone. I like how everything looks too!


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