Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What I Wore Wednesday: Gifted & Thrifted WHBM

Blazer (New)/ / Lace-up Tee c/o WHBM / / Embroidered Jeans (similar)
Today I'm dressed head to toe in White House Black Market. I took a mix of my recently gifted pieces and combined them with WHBM items I already had in the closet. Working with WHBM takes me back to my early fashion days. I've shared my story about how I grew to love fashion on the blog before, but today I want to share my first legit denim shopping experience. However, before I start, let's talk about this outfit!

More Jeans Of My Dreams

Aside from being compliment-worthy, this pair of jeans from WHBM fits like a glove. Once you find a few styles you like from them, you won't run out of options from season to season. I outgrew my previous pairs and had not shopped the store since we moved from Georgia. I forgot how fabulous they are.  And most budgets can find a pair that works for them. I used to wait for the end-of-season sales to see what denim I could take home for under $50. 

Blazer (New)/ / Lace-up Tee c/o WHBM / / Embroidered Jeans (similar)


I found this WHMB blazer at a local thrift store several years ago and paid about $8 for it! It has held up so beautifully, even after multiple washes and wears. As for the shoes, I found those on clearance. If you can find your size when their shoes are marked down, nab them up! I've had these for a few years as well. 

The Lace-Up Tee

I featured this tee on the blog HERE and I'm happy to share that it's currently discounted. It is so soft and doesn't wrinkle as you wear it throughout the day. And the color is fall-fabulous! Check out the lookbook linked below for a direct link and similar options!

My First WHBM Experience

I remember my first shopping experience with WHBM. It's special because my "style" journey had just begun. In other words, I had no idea about anything fashion-related. 

What was my style? Could I even afford to dress how I wanted? What are the staples? What is a capsule?

I'm not even sure why I went in. I was a stay-home mom with four BOYS, and we had one small income. It must have been the jeans I saw on the mannequin in the window. I walked into their well-lit store, eyes wide taking in the displays. It looked like fashion for a successful woman. Did I qualify?  The woman on the floor warmly greeted me and asked if she could assist me. I wanted to walk out, but she seemed so nice. 

"Hi, yes. Uh. I'm looking for a new pair of jeans."

The adventure began. I can't remember how many pairs I tried on that day, but what I do remember is feeling like a million bucks in. The dressing rooms were cozy and well lit and they had this oversized mirror right outside them. If I liked a pair, I'd come out for her approval. She was honest about the fit and I felt like I had a friend. I could only take one pair home with me, but I learned a valuable lesson about a well-fit pair of jeans! 

I'd rather have two pairs of quality denim that compliment my shape well and FEEL good on, than multiple pairs that I settled on because of price or the latest trends. Do You remember your first loved pair of jeans? Where did you get them from?



  1. This is such a chic fall look! I agree, WHBM quality is so good and they have the best jeans!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Over the years, I have been able to find great WHBM pieces while thrifting. I actually haven't shopped in their store for years but remember loving a lot of the items. I have never tried their jeans. I am loving this whole look: as we head into fall, I am now feeling the itch to wear more neutral pieces. But no worries: color will still make its appearance! I need to replace my open toe booties (my pair hurts my feet) so I will be keeping an eye out this season.

  3. Love the whole outfit! I have never shopped at WHBM

  4. I love your whole outfit and especially the shoes!!

  5. This look seems to fit your style perfectly! I love your denim and that jacket is drool worthy - what a find. I have a similar jacket that I haven't worn in ages but I cannot bear to get rid of it because I love it!
    So good Chrissy!!!

  6. Dressing thoughtlessly because you don't feel motivated to make an effort with your appearance, or because it causes you too much stress to decide what to wear, can have a negative impact on your relations with others. Also it stressful to add some jewelry to it such as Vch Jewelry. necklaces etc. This can lead to feelings of rejection and paranoia, which can result in anxiety and panic attacks.

  7. Love your relaxed and casual vibe. Isn't it wonderful when you find the right jeans. Great to see you again in #WowOnWednesday

  8. So in love with this outfit my friend. Just gorgeous.

  9. Those jeans are so good! Casual and feminine and sporty all at once. YOu look great xx

  10. You look gorgeous! I absolutely love the floral design of your jeans <3


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