Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday Features and Favorites: The Series Is Back!

It feels so good to bring back Friday Features & Favorites! In this revived series, expect to see exactly what it states: special features and tried and true favorites. Some items may be sent to me for review, others I purchased, or maybe it was a gift from a friend. If an item is sent for review, I will say so. Either way, if I don't like it, you won't see it here  

Another element you can expect is featured places, events, or experiences. Basically, it's a free-for-all that is noteworthy. And today's noteworthy range from household items, to comfort slippers and bags on the go. I'm so glad you're here!

Penelope Slippers

These ultra-plush slippers of my dreams were sent to me for review by Aetrex Footwear. With 5 styles to choose from, there's a pick for everyone, but I was immediately drawn to the leopard print. When the pair arrived, I loved the print even more! The neutral color mixed within the print has a pink hue and boy do I love pink! From there I slipped on these furry beauties and walked around on clouds. The footbeds have memory foam and arch support to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis. 

Penelope Slippers c/o Aetrex Shoes

Laundry Cleaning Supplies

You hear it more and more these days: our cleaners, skincare, makeup, etc are loaded with ingredients that are toxic and some are even cancer-causing. For this reason, I cleaned up my laundry detergent and extra supplies years ago. I'd pick items up here and there, trying to save a buck or two. Some brands worked decent enough for a natural option, while others didn't work at all.  

Well, I'm on Instagram quite a bit. Ok, daily. And while there, I followed an account that kept sharing non-toxic cleaning supplies, amongst other things.  After a few months, I decided to go for it and try them for myself. See how these things work? ;) 

I'm so glad I did! Suprise, the laundry detergent not only smells fabulous, but it also gets our clothes clean!  Concentrated nine times, this small bottle only requires 10ml per load. And of course, it's made without those cancer-causing ingredients I aim to avoid. Now I'm up to a bleach alternative, spot remover, and even fabric softener. 

Bogg Bag

This bag showed up on my doorstep one afternoon a couple weeks after my birthday. No card. No message. Just a fabulous pink bag with a tag that said "Bogg Bag" on it. I looked it up and grew more excited as I saw the many ways creative beauties were putting it to use!  It's waterproof and stands on its own! The pictures speak for themselves. One friend told me that she uses her bag for games, camping trips, etc. And as it turns out the bag was a belated birthday surprise from a sweet Georgia friend. 

Non-Toxic Nail Bar

Getting my nails done has always been a rare treat, so when Pait Nail Bar reached out to do a grand-opening collaboration, I heartily agreed. They are a non-toxic, luxury nail bar with affordable pricing. The whole experience was fabulous, but aside from the no fume, relaxed fun, I LOVED my manicure. I believe they call it a Reverse French? This gel manicure lasted me a good two weeks. If you have a Paint nearby, be sure to check them out and try that Reverse French. I received so many compliments!

What's your favorite laundry detergent? Are you a slipper girl? And do you get your nails done? 


  1. Oh I love this series! Happy to read about your finds and what you tried and loved! Have a great weekend xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you will be sharing. Glad you link it up so I didn't forget to come read! I am definitely putting that bag on my Christmas list! I usually only get my nails done a couple times a year and have been using Purex for laundry but have done no research about clean laundry products.

  3. I love these types of posts! Your slippers look so cozy! Need to check out those Mela Power products!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Using less toxic laundry washes, makeup and such - is a relief. In New Zealand, where I live, luckily these options have been available for decades. ps love your slippers and bag, too

  5. Love your manicure! I want to get something different for the Holidays! Now those slippers! yes, please!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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