Monday, October 4, 2021

What I Wore: Looks In a Hurry

What closet items do you reach for when you're in a hurry? I'm referring to that kind of hurry when you don't have time to do makeup or hair, forget about trying to style an outfit! Of course, it depends on where you're going, and in today's post, I share two different scenarios. Also, let me say that I think just about any outfit can be jazzed up with the right layers, accessories, etc. 

Church, Leadership Lunch, Beach Baptism Service, Baptism Celebratory Dinner

Yes. I had all those on the agenda for that Sunday. It was busy, but fun. However, knowing I had to go straight from the beach to downtown, I planned with what would be appropriate for each venue, while keeping comfort at the helm. 

Add Layers: In and out of airconditioning. I chose a denim jacket because it's easy to tie around the waist. 
Pick a dress: A dress is so versatile. In this case I went for casual, breathable, and comfortable.
Pick Comfy Shoes: Wedges I could stand in for long periods of time, walk and take on and off easily. 

Impromptu Breakfast With the Boys

Feeling distracted and stuck in a rut, I made a last-minute decision to take the boys to a new restaurant. This meant tossing my pajamas and throwing on something simple for the road. 

 Pick a fun top : There's no need to fuss over earrings or a necklace. Keep it simple with bracelets and you are ready to go. 
Make It Comfy : These sandals are as comfy as they come. They are water-ready, so I was up for anything!
Add a third layer: In this case, a casual zip-up hoodie worked well, although I could go for a cardigan as well. 

Caite & Kyla Hoodie (Similar) / / Caite & Kyla Top Similar / / Jillian Sport

Caite & Kyla Hoodie (Similar) / / Caite & Kyla Top Similar / / Jillian Sport

What are your go-to looks for when you're in a hurry? 



  1. Both these outfits are cool!

  2. When I'm in a hurry I always reach for basics. Then I can just add some jewelry or a hat and be ready to go. Both of these looks are so cute on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. These are both really cute outfits! I love those orange sandals!

  4. My go to is a graphic tee with fun pants and sneakers. In the fall I love adding a hat to hide bad hair days.

  5. These two outfits are both so cute and perfect for a day on the go!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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