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Beach Getaways: Part 2

Here is the skirt I purchased from LuLaRoe back in May. Turns out it doubles as a maxi. I love versatility! This ensemble was comfortable and so easy. Simply pull skirt up beneath shoulders, add shrug and necklace. Oh wait. My beach hair usually requires a hat. Out of the entire week, I only put together one outfit.

Outfit Breakdown:

This next dress is actually worn by my niece, Izzy.

My sister, mom and I had a routine. Wake up. Have coffee. Grab beach tent and chairs. Set up on the beach. Take a stroll. And all this happened before the children woke up. On this particular morning we bumped into my brother, his wife and my niece Izzy.

Hello niece, Izzy. Might I snap a photo of you for my blog? Your dress is just darling. :)

Outfit Breakdown: 
Dress:  Wal-Mart! Similar

What's your go to beach outfit?? Linking up with The Pleated Poppy today.

******Daytona Beach, Wyndham Ocean Walk******

This was our second time vacationing here, together, with the exception of my "little" brother and his family (he is stationed in WA - missed you guys!)

Good morning. Time for coffee, quiet moments to reflect and even some times zone out.

We were on the 13th floor. This is our view from the balcony...

Our daily schedules were consistent. Eat, go set up camp at the beach and alternate between the ocean and the pools. There was a pool with a slide (42" to ride), pool for straight up swimming, a kiddie pool and a lazy river. No one complained of boredom. And if it was raining the resort had 2 indoor pools, indoor miniature golf, ping pong and a small arcade.

Serious Boogey Boarder on the right

My husband owns a casting net, which travels with him to every beach trip. As long as there is
something swimming around, He will spend hours casting and re-casting.

This is about the size of the fish he catches...

Lazy River...

Each boy was given a certain amount of spending money, according to their age. Beside the pool was a craft stand where you could make a keepsake in the sand. Caden, my 7 year old, asked if he could use his cash to make one.  His cuteness was killing me.

We ate dinners in our rooms, as the units had a fully stocked kitchen. Our menu was super easy ranging from spaghetti, barbecue sandwiches, hot dog bar and baked beans and chicken alfredo. The crock pot was going everyday.

Baked Beans

After dinner, most of us would go take a walk out on the beach. There is a pier and a small section of boardwalk with a scary, small carnival (those rides??), ice cream shop, arcade and pizza joint. We went for ice-cream twice. The chocolate and butter pecan was amazing.

There's always one that doesn't cooperate. This time it was from our clan.

Did I mention the street performers? This juggling/illusionist did two shows nightly on the weekends. Daytona also featured live music on the weekends. Very lively place. If you're looking for quiet and somewhat secluded, Daytona will not be your jam. And the crowd seems to depend on what big event is going on in the area...Daytona 500??

Straightjacket in the clamps of death!
For added fun, the adults rotated going out on dates. Those left behind had kid duty. We just kept our usual routine and let them run around on the beach.

When your date night overlaps with your sister and her husband's time slot because you're cheap and you wanted to take advantage of half price appetizers at The Roof... play corn hole!  We were heckled by the other patrons but that's just part of the fun. My favorite patron bellowed out encouragement for Lauren and I. Poor gentleman didn't realize that we were on opposite teams.

This team won. Boo!
This team is still the coolest! 
 Before I close I must mention a loved one we especially missed - My fun loving, generous step dad, who passed away last December. He loved the beach, just about any beach, but he and mom frequented Daytona.  I know this trip was hard for her but she was a trouper in spite of all the memories.

We love you Pappa Phil...
(Picture taken on our last trip to Daytona)
"Here. Have some fries daughter."

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