Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Do You Have the Right Athletic Shoes For YOU? My Classic City Running Adventure...

Hi! Did I open Pandora's box when I began my fitness adventures at Fit Body Boot Camp? Well, considering the fact that this non-runner is posed and ready to enter a local running store, is a good indicator that I have.  Is there a marathon, half marathon or even a 10k in my near future? No. So then what am I doing at this local running store??
I thought you'd never ask! Today I'm thrilled to feature the value of the "right" shoe, even if all you're doing is hitting the padded gym floor, or taking an occasional jog at the park.  Also, don't miss the added bonus of my current favorite sport's bra review and, locals, look for a discount offer at the end of this post! Good things today my friends!!!

Now let's get started! 

Pictured above is me sporting my sneakers from over 5 years ago. They may cause blisters after a few miles, but I assumed that was because of their age. Honestly, I hate sneaker shopping. They aren't cheap and I don't know how well the shoe will fit until after I break them in some. However, after 5 weeks of consistent exercise, coupled with the discomfort of my toes while walking or jogging outside, I knew it was time to start hunting for another pair.

I've heard of stores offering a fit analysis, but other than a shoe sizer, I haven't experienced one for myself. As it turns out, my mom recently returned to the fitness world as well, but persistent knee pain during runs kept holding her back. When she heard that it could be her shoes, she decided to check out CCR and invited me along for the ride.

Meet Ralph, owner, sneaker expert and all around friendly guy.
Ralph assisted my mom with her sneaker search!
I went to spend time with mom, but I left knowing that shopping the clearance racks for my sneakers wasn't an option this time.  I needed a shoe that best suited my arches, gait, etc. Especially when my mom told me that her knees weren't bothering her since she started running in her new shoes.

And so I returned to the store...

The moment I walk through the doors, I'm greeted by friendly staff. The woman at the checkout introduces herself as Jennifer.

I return her greeting and take a moment to walk around the store.

A myriad of athletic sneakers, socks and apparel line the walls.  If you spend a few extra minutes browsing, you'll see they offer non-slip headbands, "momentum" accessories, Qalo - the functional wedding ring, electrolytes and more!

After a few pleasantries, Jennifer asks about my personal fitness journey and goals. I share my recent sneaker woes and she invites me to take their basic and FREE analysis. (For a full explanation hop on over to their website HERE. )

I grab a seat on the bench, and we get started!

Step 1: Get to know you and the Foot Disc

Once again I explain that I work out in a gym, but planned to add a mix of walking and running as well.

Jennifer listened, while directing me to put on a pair of their "feetures" socks, which are completely cotton free. She explained how cotton doesn't wick away moisture so you're feet slide around in your shoes, which can lead to blisters and other uncomfortable problems.

I step on the foot disc so we can decide my shoe size AND foot type by use of thermal technology. It takes a matter of seconds and we move on to step 2.

Step 2: Gait analysis

Jennifer then fits me to a pair of sneakers used for the gait analysis, takes me over to the treadmill and asks for my comfortable speed. Before I know it,  I'm running and Jennifer is filming my feet in motion.

"Did you get it Jennifer??"

Jennifer shares the footage with me and explains that I run on the balls on my feet, which is good and that I shouldn't need "stability" shoes.

This experience already feels like an adventure. I was learning so much about the right fit for ME! Did you know that poor quality and/or improper fit can cause joint pain, shin splints and even the dreaded plantar fasciitis?

No thank you.

Now comes my favorite part - the shopping!!

Step 3: The Search or Test Ride

As I try on a variety of styles and even sizes, I learned that my current shoes were too small! That explains the blisters at the toes on longer walks. Because our feet swell when exercising, you need a bigger shoe size. Who knew??

Once again Jennifer explains the importance of a good pair socks to me. I half listen about those socks and determine to myself that I like my no-show socks better.

I tried on several different brands before I settled on a pair by "ON".  Many felt comfortable, but had more cushion than I desired or chunkier than I liked, and if I'm being honest I wanted something stylish looking. Insert eye roll here.

For each pair of shoe, Jennifer assisted me in taking them off and putting on the next pair. She educated me on the importance of the right fit, let me traipse around the store and do lunges or whatever else I needed to do.

*Side note: Classic City Running allows you to test out your shoes for 30 days!! If you don't love them, they will let you exchange them for another pair? What?? Fear of bringing home a good shoe investment, only to find they aren't comfortable while exercising is what holds me back from buying. Because, let's be honest, it's hard to tell if a fit is truly right for you until you test them out in the real world!!!

*PAUSE! Sports Bra Time!!*

Let's pause a moment on those sneakers, and talk about an item I am very excited about! It's a sports bra by Handful that Classic City Running now carries. I was invited by their rep, who happened to be at the store during one of my visits, to try on the Y-back style.  Of course, I accepted without hesitation. I've never heard of the company, but with the name "Handful", I was intrigued.

The material felt soft on the skin and the company's slogan is right - "Flatter, Not Flatten".

 Leigh, the sweet rep, told me to keep and test out the bra, so I wore it to Fit Body class the next day. We had high-knees, jumping jacks and burpees and I was completely comfortable! I could wear this baby all day long, so I think I'll be needing one in every color!

"Flatter, Not Flatten"

Now I've worn it several times, I've washed it a few times with no change to the color or fit.

This is what I LOVE about smaller shops. You get personal attention, you find cool items that aren't main stream yet, and of course you help support a dream, as well as a family.


Step 4: The Decision

Alright! Now let's wrap up these shoes!

It looked like I was learning towards a shoe I never even heard of - "Cloud X" by ON. They are stylish, sleek and soooo comfortable. I couldn't wait to test them out! "ON" states that you'll feel like you're walking on clouds and so far it was true.

*Disclosure: The sneakers in this post were provided to me. As always, all opinions expressed about them are completely my own!

My Test "Drive"

Cloud X by ON
I decided to test them out at the park and I knew just who I would call to run in my new shoes...

Momma! She continues to run in 5ks and this last race she shaved 7 minutes off her time!

Her boyfriend, Eddie, joined us and proudly showed off his new running shoes from Classic City Running!

I would like to note that my mom and I both chose sneakers from ON. Hers are called "Flyer", which have more cushion and are a little wider, as she needs more support and stability. Eddie's favorite running shoe are by Saucony.

A Few Tips...

*Don't skimp on the socks. My shoes were so comfortable through our walk/run until the very end. My no-show socks didn't cover all the places where sneaker meets skin, and I went home with blisters on the back of my ankles. However, once I switched those socks for a better pair, I had no problems. I should have listened to Jennifer about the socks!!

*If you're purchasing your sneakers specifically for walking or running, don't wear them anywhere but the track, park, etc. My friend, Mandy, packs an extra pair of shoes if she has to run errands before or after her run. This will extend the life of your investment. Good tip Mandy!

*Classic City Running doesn't mark up the price of their sneakers. What you get there is the same price you would find online and other athletic shops.

It's worth taking the time to find your perfect fit! Get an analysis! Especially if you're going to be running on a regular basis. And LOCALS, mention this post and receive 10% off the regular price of sneakers now through the end of July!!

So, have you ever been fitted for a sneaker and what's your go-to athletic shoe?


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  1. Girl, you are looking so fit and fab!! I love you taking us along for your athletic Shoe buying sesh! I'm still a Nike girl but I only power walk, my running days are kaput and my mom loves asics. GREAT tips and love those white work out leggings!

    1. Thank you Andrea! Power walk sounds great and I need to do that in between my fit body classes. It's just been so busy. I can't wait to fill you in!! And those work out leggings received a badge of chocolate stain the first day I wore them. haha!

  2. I am so glad you mentioned socks! They are super important. I had to make peace with the fact that I had to invest in good ones - no more grabbing a pair at Target or Kohl's! The only ones I can wear are Balega now. Getting the proper fit in shoes is super important too. When I used to run I always asked for a new pair for Mother's Day since they are expensive but the right pair does so much more than just feel good - they really protect you from injury. Heaven knows I've had so many hip, foot, and knee issues! Such an informative post my friend - great job!!!

    1. Yes! A pair of socks for $15 seems crazy until your feet are sweaty are blistered. lol. I'm going to look into those Balegas. Thanks for sharing that Kellyann and great idea to ask for shoes on Mother's Day! Looking forward to chatting Kellyann!!

  3. I love stores that make sure you have the right shoes. It makes a huge difference.Sounds like this place really goes above & beyond.
    & how cute are you in all the pics - you make running look FUN! That's a feat ;) LOL

    1. Running is only fun for the first mile and then I'm done. haha! And it's so nice to "see" you Rebecca Jo!! Hope you're feeling well these days!!

  4. I used to long distance run and oh gosh golly, YES... get the right shoes. I learned that the hard way. Let me just say I lost a toe nail after one of my first half marathons! Ok, yeah... TMI. But, never again and the running store def. hooked me up. I really love Brooks brand running shoes and I get the nice inserts for them and I'm also picky about socks. I think that is so cool that your mom runs!


    1. Carrie, what a fun fact!! I'm so impressed right now...and losing a toe nail - sounds very painful!! And yes, I'm proud of my mom for returning to fitness. She has so much more energy etc. :) Thanks so much for visiting Carrie. I just love it!

  5. Girl...your enthusiasm makes me want to start running (and then luckily I came to my senses...LOL)

    1. Haha! I don't run too often Jodie. Don't worry! I like my 30 minutes at Fit Body and I'm on to other things!

  6. Good of you! It is so important to buy good shoes for running! How great it is that your mom is running too!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I am so glad my mom is taking care of herself! She has so much more energy now. :)

  7. I am not a runner (If you see me running, there's probably a bear chasing me or I'm trying to catch the ice cream truck!), but, this was really interesting! Who knew they could do such an analysis for your sneakers?! That's very cool! And who'd a thunk your socks were so important?! I do indoor aerobics and yoga - I'm not sure how important my footwear is. I do know that I have on occasion had my ankles sore afterwards with certain sneakers. Thanks so much for the info, Chrissy!

    1. Hey Ronnie! Thank you. I had fun with this one. I don't do a lot of outside running either, but have noticed a difference in my knees after a workout at Fit Body since I've switched out shoes! And good for you for doing exercise at home. I'm terrible at that. In fact, I kept saying I was going to start something at home for over 5 years!! lol. Thanks so much for your supporting and comments Ronnie. I appreciate it so much!


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