Monday, June 25, 2018

Show Me Your Smile: Costco Shorts, A Graphic Tee & Cupcakes

Hey friends! It's morning and I'm sitting in a hotel lobby at continental breakfast time. We're on our family vacation, but it's much more than that. My eyes are puffy and my face has that swollen look of a fitful sleep. Conversations ebb and flow around me and I'm mildly self-conscious of the large size pictures of myself glaring from computer screen when folks pass by. Ah well, welcome to the world of blogging, right?

Moving on...As I mentioned, this trip is much more than a simple family vacation, which I'll expound on soon, but for now let's talk some Taylor Swift and this outfit.

"You've got a smile that can light up this whole town." 
~You Belong With Me

If you've been following along with my graphic tee adventures, then you know a friend of mine gives me two tees, one to keep and one to give away.  I gave this one away before I had a chance to share it on the blog, so I'm playing a little catch up! ;) If you missed who received this tee, check out my post HERE.

But one cannot wear a graphic tee alone, can they? Well, at least not outside. ;) So this graphic tee met Bermuda shorts from Costco at $14.99, and a style match was made! By the way, these denim shorts are stretchy, making them more comfortable than most of my denim shorts! Once the staples were complete, I added the fun kimono, my nude, thrifted sandals and some neutral accessories! When it became too hot for the kimono, I still felt like I had a winner of an outfit.

As for the graphic tee inspiration, Jennifer said it was Taylor's song, because she wanted everyone to know that they have a smile that can light up the whole town and I whole heartedly agree! Wink. Wink. (See more of Jennifer's designs HERE.)

I love seeing smiles that come from the inside out; a smile that captures a true happy moment; a smile that lights up the whole face and makes the eyes shine. And what a blessing it is, if I get to play a small roll in that smile!

Outfit Breakdown:
Floral Kimono: LulaRoe
Shorts: Calvin Klein at COSTCO
Shoes: Thrifted
See other bloggers I link up with HERE

Perhaps that's what I've loved about my cupcake adventures. Surprising someone with a sweet treat brings an instant smile to their faces and I selfishly anticipate it.  Whether it's from the beautiful server at Chili's on date night, the compelling smile of the young woman who works at Aldi, or from a sweet friend or family member, I love those smiles.

And Now I'll share some with you...

Chilis Cutie

Poolside with a friend...

Aldi Cutie

Salon Drop off...You can't see her smile, but I know it's there. ;)

Southern Lace Boutique Cutie


Random Silliness With My Bro

Ok! I hope you have a wonderful week; full of smiles!!!!! ;)



  1. Chrissy! I love that you have spread so much kindness and joy with your Splatcakes. Also totally love your tee and shorts. I have got to get a kimono...I'm sooooo late to that party. OH and don't you just feel like a huge narcissist sometimes with all the pics of yourself? I was showing a friend who totally doesn't get the whole blogging thing some pics on my phone a while back (not of me, but there were so many of me on there🤪😂). I commented to her that I'm a not a narcissist, but if someone got a hold of my phone they'd think I was....I think she almost did...LOL Enjoy your vacation!!! XOXO

  2. I love those shorts! & I'm always a fan of a graphic tee. I'd wear graphic tees everyday if I could.

  3. Such a cute outfit and that graphic tee is fabulous! I love it's message and the positivity behind its message. I do agree that a smile can light up any one, any room, even the entire world. Btw, those cupcakes look super delicious!

    Maureen |

  4. You look gorgeous Chrissy! I love the kimono and your t shirt is just so cute! Great positivity!

  5. Oh, I love that you included your mom!!
    You are the best at passing out smiles, Chrissy!!

  6. Cupcakes, t-shirts... you just spread a little sweetness everywhere you go, Chrissy! I love that! And I love that you share it with us!It makes our days a little sweeter, too!

  7. Your smile is so sweet! Love the printed kimono, graphic print white tee and shorts.
    Lina from

  8. You look wonderful in your positive statement tee and you really do have an amazing smile xx Maria

  9. Your tee is so cute and those shorts were such a great find! I love how you styled this look! So effortless!

    Doused in Pink

  10. Chrissy,
    How sweet ( yes, pun intended) of you giving those cupcakes to people, it is wonderful to give. I am looking for some denim shorts, those are cute and i love the tee. That kimono is just perfect with this look.. btw, You have a great smile :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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