Sunday, November 4, 2018

My Take On The Western Trend and Link Up

My friends, the Western trend is here and I say we embrace it according to our own personal style. If you have a pair of cowgirl boots, get those babies out and start walking.  Sadly, I don't own a pair but I wanted to create an outfit "inspired" by this current trend with what I do have. That being said, please join me for another Sunday Showcase Link Up, along with Kellyann and Ada, as we embrace some of our favorite trends for fall and winter 2018!  I'll also fill you in on what's coming up on the blog for November so read on. I'm so happy to have you here!

After my recent trip to Nashville I had western on the brain. I wore these black jeans and boots repeatedly there and didn't apologize for it. Both items are comfortable and the boots give me a western feel, so I guess the trend is living on for me in Florida as well. And that's where the outfit began...boot and jeans. From there I grabbed this vibrantly colored, floral top from a local thrift store.

My saddlebag purse by Patricia Nash is a perfect fit and I found plenty of fashion jewelry to play with. The belt from a past Fab Fit Fun box was an afterthought to get the bulky top under control. It seemed to work for the most part, but I did have to readjust it throughout the day.

More options by Patricia Nash

Tips for sporting the western trend...

Adapt it to your current style. You don't want to look like you're dressing up for a costume party. However, if you're going square dancing or to a rodeo - go all out and have a little fun with it. I chose subtle pieces that could be western and I most likely won't be shopping for pieces to fit this trend. Maybe if I was in Texas or something. However, here's a a few pics from when I visited Nashville and was more liberal with the trend. 

What's coming up??

A guest post! My sweet friend and travel planner extraordinaire is going to share with us her adventures to Charleston, South Carolina and explain how Charleston is the "Perfect Weekend Getaway for Couples"!

November's Subscription Box for Simply Earth
This adventure to a more natural approach around the home began in September for me and I can honestly say I'm pleasantly surprised each month by how much I enjoy it! If you missed my intro post to Simply Earth, you can catch up HERE.

Goal Planning????

Have you read these books before? I read them, enjoyed them and then stored them. Who else does this? You find a book that truly inspires and motivates you, but it ends up going in the pile of "books I will apply...someday".  Well, this past Friday, I took the leap and ordered her goal planner bundle for 2019, which of course I will share with you on the blog soon!
I honestly don't know what my goals are, as I haven't set any in the last couple of years, but it's time for a fresh start.  If I want 2019 to look like I'm working within my purpose then I need to start thinking about it now. Along with my purchase, comes a free week of goal coaching from Lara during the first week of December and I can't wait!

Anyone want to join me? How fun would it be to do this together? Click on the picture above to be directed to her site!

Now I can't wait to hear from you! Do you love the new western trends? Are you already thinking about your goals next year? What's on your mind?

Don't forget to link up and see what Kellyann and Ada have going on for their looks!

Link up!

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  1. These pictures are so great Chrissy - you found sucha cute photo spot! I love your nod to the Western trend and that bag - oh my gosh all the heart eyes here. When I come to visit you better lock it up or else! Ha!
    Okay, I am interested in this planner set you have here - I am in the market for something that makes sense and will help me get/stay on track with all the things!
    You are a beauty my friend inside and out - love you!

    1. Thank you Kellyann.! This spot is right around the corner from me so I had to take advantage. Might be returning a time or two. ;) And I think we should have a borrow thing going on. We borrow a few accessories for a couple of months and keep trading off. How fun would that be?? And my goal planner comes in tomorrow. I honestly can't wait. I need a redo. Big time. Big hugs my friend. Love you!

  2. Those boots are fabulous and you look beautiful! I'm so cracking up on you and the kids mural...I can just see you doing this. Muah!

    1. Aww, thank you sweet Shelly. You're the best. Big hugs and I hope you have a fabulous week!!

  3. You look so pretty! Love the western details! What a fun spot for your photos!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Ooooo how cool are those Patricia Nash bags!? They are perfectly Western! Love your Western inspired outfit Chrissy and your necklace is very cool! xx Maria

  5. I love your take on the Western trend. Living in Colorado, of course I have cowboy boots, but do I ever wear them?? Not really. But I'll have to challenge myself now!!

  6. It was a great choice grabbing a P. Nash bag. I love most of her stuff and have a small collection. I CAN'T believe it's time to start thinking about 2019!

  7. Hi gorgeous! I love your take on the Western trend. You have kept it true to your own style and totally nailed it! Such a cute shirt...what a great thrift store find. I am so much fun finding second hand pieces lately. And how adorable are these photos in front of that fun wall!


  8. The belt! The boots! The Beauty!! My sweet lil cowgirl, love this and GREAT photos!! Hugs!

  9. I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll....I'd say that about sums you up my friend. You may be too young to know what I'm talking about. (Donny & Marie) Perfect amount of western wear right here in this post. I'm with Shelly, that pic of you at the mural w/the little girl is darling and I can totally see you doing that. you have another friend that went to Charleston? Happy Monday!!! XOXO

  10. I wish I would have seen this planner set before I just spent $85 on an Erin Condren planner! Dang it!

  11. Such great tips. I like that you added a western flavor to clothes that don't scream cowgirl! You wear hats so well. Would love to be a confident hat-wearer. Love the outfit you are wearing in the photo of the Minnie Pearl mural. Ole Minnie and I are home girls. You can take the gal out of Tennessee but you can't take Tennessee out of the gal!

  12. I don't think I have anything western in my closet - I love your take on the trend!

  13. You totally nailed it. You definitely rocked it with those boots and I just love the belt you chose to style it with!

  14. I love this western inspired boho look! I am also a giant fan of black denim. Great post Chrissy!

    xx, Elise

  15. This is such a chic top dear! Love the pattern, such a pretty print!
    Jessica |

  16. Chrissy! I love your colorful top with black jeans and the belt is such a cute addition.
    Perfect outfit <3

  17. Love the floral top with your black belt. The look is so cool on you Chrissy! You do western very well! Patricia Nash has some great bags and boots I am looking at!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  18. the pattern is living on for me in Florida too. Furthermore that is the place where the outfit began...boot and pants. From that point Buy Custom Essays snatched this dynamically hued, botanical top from a nearby frugality


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