Sunday, February 17, 2019

Goal Check In: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

Hi! The New Year has come and gone, so why am I still posting on goals? Well, last month I shared my goal line up for 2019 with the intent to highlight each goal in detail on a monthly basis. This is one of my new tactics to prevent veering off the goal track by March! My hope is that I'll keep myself accountable while inspiring others along the way! That being said,  I thought I'd land on "Cultivate Meaningful Relationships" this month, mostly due to how many birthdays we celebrated! Sharing my progress and even encouragement that encourages me.

I owe much of my organization and continued progress to those Cultivate Power Sheets I've mentioned continuously on the blog since November! Hop on over HERE if you've not heard about them, otherwise let's jump right in to one of my goals for 2019!

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships - The Mini-Goal Breakdown
  • Celebrate loved ones well by adding birthdays to the calendar and plan AHEAD
  • Put a Date Night On the Calendar
  • Be Hospitable - invite friends over
  • Plan More Adventures outside
  • Mail Real Snail Mail
  • Be MORE In the Moment - set phone out of reach when it's not needed and shut it down in the evenings
  • Meet New Folks in the Community
  • Plan a GNO or even a Girl's Getaway!
  • Plan a Family Vacation or Mini Getaways (we are so bad about that!) 
What's Up First
  • Plan For Birthdays
  • Date Night
  • Host Friends at The Home
  • Get Out in the Community
Our 3rd and final birthday outing until spring for our now 17 year old!

As I mentioned earlier, there were birthdays to celebrate over the past few weeks, which I'm excited to report that I was far more prepared than ever before!  In addition to birthdays, I had a date night with my hubby, hosted a Super Bowl party AND a simple Valentine's dinner. Oh, and I met two local bakers, Petals and Sugar and Corinna's Baked Goods when I squeezed in an after hours event hosted by The Bizarre on Apricot and Lime!

It was too dark to take pictures of the fabulous ladies responsible for the tasty Greek cookies and those beautiful meringues! However, I had no problem capturing the goodies the next day during some free moments to myself!

Ok, Allow me a moment to pause and celebrate these wins because otherwise the uncompleted projects (or goals not yet tended to) mock me from the planning pages. They taunt me and I'm tempted to listen.

You're not doing it. 
 Why don't you quit trying? You're not going to change. 
You'll always be a hot mess. And what about your anxiety that's trying to make a return?? Hmmm? #Failure. 

I'm tempted to listen, but if I stop for a moment and celebrate, with thankfulness, the wins hidden amongst the crazy a sweet stillness ensues.  Those are lies. I loved on my family throughout January and half of February and that's what was important for this time. Isn't the point of my time investment in the Cultivate PowerSheets to focus on what matters? Cultivate What MATTERS!

I'm winning! I'm not perfect! Sometimes anxiety pops in and I'm irritable and end up apologizing to hubby or kid, but I am making progress.  And today is a new day with plenty of opportunity to either work on other mini-goals or revisit those neglected ones. A NEW day!

So let's celebrate together! Are there some areas that you're progressing in and you didn't even realize it???  Go ahead, take a moment and think on some wins. You've had some. Now take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow we can add more, change up etc.

Now tell me, what are some ways you're intentional about loving on family and friends? I'm always looking for new ideas!

Biggest of cyber hugs to you!



  1. You are the best cheerleader....look at you go, Chrissy.
    And the whole idea of cultivating relationships...that's the crux of our life, isn't it?? That's what makes each day so much better.
    I am a planner, so I actually have been trying to be more spontaneous. And my big challenge. Try to reach for opportunities that I know are out of my league. Like the Sephora Squad. I'm not a millennial, and I don't have a huge following. But hopefully I will not only learn more this way, but feel more comfortable putting myself out there.

  2. So much goodness in this post. I thought about getting the power sheets and now feel like I should order them. What a great and encouraging post that I can relate to so well. Cultivating relationships is important, loving and serving people well. I love that you have added date night and entertaining people to the list.

  3. This is such an area I need to work on more myself. I worry about the dust on the table, or the Pinterest looking home to invite others over & I hate that... I know it's making me miss out on greater joys & blessings

  4. I think you’re pretty wonderful! Done!

  5. Oh these are great ideas and tips for refining our goals. I love utilizing my planner every week, but as I look back, I'm seeing that I rarely do anything for my "me time" and I think that is a goal I want to refine and work on this week!

  6. I think it's so important to just move forward if I feel like I haven't met my goals for a day. It's easy to get caught in a cycle of not achieving what you want during the day and then beating yourself up about it. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  7. Take the little victories and be joyful. You're really getting good at that sweet friend!!! XO

  8. Good for you Chrissy! You are nailing it, cultivate what matters and that is most definitely the men in your life!


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