Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Utility Pants Take On Austin & The Style Six

Ruffle Top/ Soft Utility Boyfriend Pants/Pearlized Ruby Sneaker C/O Secret Celebrity Shoes

While frolicking around Austin last week I made an unplanned purchase at the Lucky Brand store, located at The Domain.  There's something about shopping with sweet friends that causes a chain reaction, right? We walked right to the clearance section, which boasted an additional 60% off! Remembering the combinable 40% off coupon tucked in my wallet, sealed the deal. My reserves slipped away and I had a new outfit to traipse up and down South Congress Street.

Thankfully I didn't have to traipse alone. Shelly, from the Queen In Between, offered to be my tour guide for Monday since I arrived almost two days later than the rest. And I quickly learned that in addition to being the Queen in Between, Shelly is also the queen of murals! My friends, there's quite a few murals up and down that strip!

So before I share some murals, here's a few more shots of this outfit, including a new pair of sneakers from a recent collaboration with Secret Celebrity Shoes. I couldn't be more excited to add this gorgeous red color to my closet. They're stylish and comfortable - comfortable enough to wear all over town!

 Ruffle Top/ Soft Utility Boyfriend Pants/Pearlized Ruby Sneaker C/O Secret Celebrity Shoes
 Outside the Capital
Ruffle Top/ Soft Utility Boyfriend Pants/Pearlized Ruby Sneaker C/O Secret Celebrity Shoes

Murals, Murals, Murals
Several business down South Congress have murals painted. We didn't hit them all and we sure wish we had the rest of the gang, but we tried to do them justice!

There you go my friends! In addition to fantastic eats and fabulous shopping, Austin has murals galore! Thank you for reading along

Last weeks pick...

Ashley with Le Stylo Ruge
Love the sock boots and lace blouse!


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Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Favorites: Date Night Beauty Edition

As I mentioned in a previous post, the hubs and I are officially dating. In other words, we spending time with each other, apart from the children, on a regular basis. Older teens and gift cards came together to make this possible. Now is it a coincidence that this is also a more difficult time in life? For example, we're still grounding ourselves in a new place, we're farther from family, we have one teen graduating this year and another learning to drive, etc! There's of course more, but this will suffice for now.  I'd say this is a good time to strengthen our relationship and work on being a united front.

So with dating on the brain, today's favorites stem are a mash up of beauty products and date worthy outfits I use to be all pretty. ;)

Shampoo & Conditioner
Little by little I've shared FAVE4 hair goodies with you. From leave-in conditioner, dry shampoo and styling gel for the perfect air dry look, I've enjoyed trying out each product. On today's post I want to share the Hydra Help Shampoo, which works well with my fine, frizzy hair and two conditioners: Let's Go Light conditioner and Take Me To Tahiti one minute moisture mask. The "let's go light" is my regular condition routine for extra shine and the mask is for when my hair needs extra help. I love them both, but the moisture mask is a favorite!

I felt the value of these products on my recent travels to Texas. The brand I have in travel size was heavy for my ultra fine hair! Needless to say, I was happy to get back to my regular fave4 routine! 

Mask Before Makeup
When I need emergency skin care I reach for a mask, which I love to apply before makeup. Model Off Duty sent me two of their varieties review. Though I enjoyed them both, the Pumpkin and Neem is my favorite because it aids with aging, acne prone, and tired looking skin! (Hello, new wave of hormones!) The moment you open the jar, the essence pumpkin pie tickles your senses. It's smooth and creamy and that's what I'm going for with my skin! After applying my faces feels softer and my pores are visibly smaller.

If you're looking for skin balance and age reverse, then you may want to try the clarifying mask. The green tea and charcoal work together to purify and reverse aging!

Feet Need Sprucing? Tea Tree Oil Soak
If you've ever experienced the trauma of a nail fungus, then you'll know how hard it is to eradicate and you want to be sure it never returns once you conquer it! Unfortunately, I speak from experience after abusing nail stickers one summer. Bacteria became trapped underneath my nail and I didn't recognize the early signs. That being said, I had that sucker lasered, but this gifted set by FineVine  is my don't come back insurance as well as overall foot care!

This four step kit comes with:
  • Tea Tree body wash - for a cleanse and defense! 
  • Foot Soak - soften calluses, relieves tired feet, leaves your feet feeling soft, clean and refreshed
  • Anit-Fungal Nail Treatment - repairs damaged nails, cuticles and reviving nail discolorations
  • Super Balm - hydrates, protects and wards away foot odors softens rough skin, . I would reccomend it for anyone!
Make Up Time & Nails
I'm a simple girl when it comes to makeup. A small amount of foundation, a dab of concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and a little blush. Lipstick comes later because it's always in one of my purses.

As for my nails, if they're not already done I cheat. And what I mean by cheat is I go with a light neutral color by Zoya and apply two quick coats before heading out. It only lasts a couple of days but it's perfect when I'm in a rush! 
What To Wear?

If we're going out to eat I like to be comfortable! As of now, that means I'm sporting a dress or a flowy top. If the hair doesn't cooperate the way I like OR I didn't have the time to wash my hair, there's always a hat!

I'll take a light weight purse if we're going to be walking around before or after dinner OR a simple clutch if dinner is our only spot. And as I mentioned earlier that lipstick is usually waiting in my purse. Right now I'm using Burt's Bees lipstick. It's soft and moisturizing, but I do have to reapply often, especially after I eat.

Here's recap of the last few date night outfits! :)

My Handsome Date

Alright my friends, do you have a current beauty favorite? Do share and have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Everything Is Bigger In Austin" & The Style Six

I almost didn't make our second girl's trip. With one boy in his senior year of high school and two younger boys, it was a weekend full of priorities. Momma had to be home. Of course, there's no rather place I'd rather be, however I'm thankful it worked out to meet the girls a day and a half later.  In fact, I made it just in time for lunch at Gloria's on the Domain in Austin! Of course, I'll delve into adventure favorites soon enough.  But for today, I'm sharing a few thoughts on friendship and these fun graphic tees - Everything is Bigger In Texas!
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