Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Favorites: Top 12 Looks Of 2019

Considering the fact that we're already mid-January,  my top looks are arriving fashionably late (pun 100% intended) to the blog party. However, I'm still working through my goals for the new year and wish to savor Favorite Fashion Moments,  before I move on to 2020. It was my hope for last year to grow in this space with you, and it is the same for this year. This beautiful community is supportive and I believe we all encourage each other to be embrace our own unique styles and SHINE.

Here's to another year of evolving, overcoming and cheering one another on!

Look 1: Sassy In Girlfriend Jeans
My clearance girlfriend jeans from Lucky end up being on constant repeat!
Look 2: Boho Vibes
See! Those jeans again with my favorite duster vest.
Look 3: Dress Made Skirt
I was so excited that I was finally able to pull of this look by layering a tee over my dress and tying a knot on the side.

Look 4: Cutesy Overalls
Another Lucky Brand Find. I bought these overalls online (clearance. again.) thinking I'd return them. Instead I kept them and wore them all summer long.

Look 5: Print Mix
When you pick up a crazy printed top from Sam's Club, you should add more prints to it!

6. Navy & Cognac
A new pair of mules made this outfit possible. The power of shoes and accessories never cease to amaze me. I enjoyed pairing these cognac additions to this Gap find.
7. Too Cool For School
Hey, I try right?  And this my friends is yet another Lucky find. Basically, I shopped GAP, Lucky Brand and warehouse clearances throughout the year!

8. Street Fashion Maybe?
The fall brings a new collab with Caite and Kyla and I am elated. Their clothes are fabulous.

9. Paper Bag Pants
This outfit was shopped in Austin on the girl's trip. After encouraging nudges, I left (sigh) Lucky Brand clothing with 4 items for $56. That clearance gets me. Hence the reason, I'm staying out of the stores for right now.

10. The Dress I Can't Wait to Wear Again
One of the 4 clearance finds on that Austin trip and I look forward to pulling this out for spring. HOWEVER, I'm tempted to get a pair of tights in one of those reds and pair this with boots!

11. Maxi Hi-Lo Dress Styled Over Jeans
Another Caite & Kyla special gets use "off-season" with a couple of layers. Layering a long dress over jeans was a first for me!

Look 12: Snakeskin Booties
It took me awhile to hop on board this trend train but I'm glad I finally did. These are another item on constant repeat these days. While some Floridians are wearing flip flops, I'm galavanting around in booties.  Hey, I need some seasonal fun!

Well my friends, have you set up your goals for 2020 yet? I love that the gals at Cultivate What Matters state, "there's nothing magical about January 1st...". If you haven't you can join me on working on them throughout the weekend! I'll share some thoughts on Instagram stories.  Did you miss Wednesday's post about the perfect hemline for a tee if you want a break from the front tuck? Hop on over...HERE!



  1. Soo many cute looks and all very Chrissy. #4 and 7 are my favorites but you look amazing in them all. Have a wonderful weekend sweets! xo

  2. I love every one of these outfits! #4, #10 & #12 are my favorites! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. I hope one of the fashion retailers taps you to model for them! You bring so much energy to your outfits. I'm still planning on doing a January goal post. I can't believe it's the other side of mid-Jan. already!

  4. You know I love that duster vest so much! I have yet to find one like it. And those Lucky jeans are so good. You are a beauty Chrissy!

  5. These all are so awesome: I want to shop your closet 😉!

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