Wednesday, January 20, 2021

What I Wore: Sunny, Casual Vibes & Link Up


Are you feeling sunny these days? After realizing that things in our country may only get crazier, I decided to turn off mainstream media altogether. Though I still have a few sources I trust and enjoy, I couldn't stomach the obvious push from the mainstream to divide our nation from several angles. In addition, I made the decision to reeducate myself on matters of health. I forgot the "why" behind much of my health decisions. When you lose your "why", you lose motivation altogether. Guilty! 

So, the motivation is there. Now what? Where do I start? Well, my mom ordered me a book she enjoyed by Dr. Livingood (yes, that's his real name - talk about a call on your life).  This book is a 21-day guide to experience real health. Want to join me in reading? He is offering the book for the costs of shipping on his website

From there I'm building a community of virtual and local friends with the same goals. Some are beginners and some are a wealth of knowledge, but all are wonderful accountability, encouragement, and support.

Combine the renewed motivation with renewed purpose and a plan and I'm starting to feel sunny!

Alright, let's get to fashion!


I had fun with this look because I styled my old thermal, tunic top with a new jacket from Caite & Kyla that was an exact shade match! Coincidentally, my old LOFT cords are an exact shade match with my newer boots from Enjoiya, who are offering 30% off sitewide. Then to top it off, they all fit together!! Talk about feeling sunny. Wink, wink. 

Divina Boots c/o Enjoiya

Navy & Denim

Speaking of "sunny" and health motivators, Evan and I visited the Sunny Culture shop. We toured their water kefir facility and came home with probiotic drinks to amp up our gut health. I truly believe it all starts there!! Also, if you're on Instagram, I'm doing a story takeover on their account this Saturday! 

While on our visit Evan asked Ranny, a co-owner and developer, so many questions. What is a SCOBY? How do you make a SCOBY? You feed a SCOBY? And in case, you're wondering as well, SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. There's lots of science behind developing fermented drinks and why you should drink them, but I'll leave that for another day. However, if you're interested in learning more/adding these to your routine, check out their WEBSITE. I'm also a proud affiliate with a fabulous code for 15% off: granolandgrace

Guthrie Top c/o XCVI / / Crossbody Bag / /  Natura Boots c/o Enjoiya

Guthrie Top c/o XCVI / / Crossbody Bag / /  Natura Boots c/o Enjoiya
Evan was proud of his new tee!

Shades of Green

I loved this combo of dark and light olive. Throw in a little embroidery for added detail and I'm ready to go. This entire outfit is c/o Caite & Kyla, XCVI, and Enjoiya. 

Reese Jacket in Gray c/o Caite & Kyla // Dalia Leggings c/o XCVI // Natura Boots 

Reese Jacket in Gray c/o Caite & Kyla // Dalia Leggings c/o XCVI // Natura Boots 
Alright my dears, get out if you can, make a point to learn something new this week, turn off negativity, and stay sunny! ;) 

Now for a little beauty and fashion community...


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  1. Adore the pictures of you by the drink machine! You always bring the sunshine!

  2. Love all your looks!! I just got a new pair of Cords from Target and I'm excited to wear them.

  3. Chrissy, I am loving all of these looks featured in this post! And I am currently listening to Dr. Livingood's testimony about his book. I may have to order a copy for myself. Just the past few weeks, I have decided that major improvements were necessary for me. I have made small dietary changes and added daily yoga to my routine. Now I can't even imagine starting my day without yoga! In just a few weeks, I have noticed my mental health improve significantly. And if I don't have good mental health, I don't have much to work with! Keep shining bright, my friend!


    1. Actually, I just ordered the book so I will be reading along with you!


  4. Love your sun-shiny look! And the book sounds wonderful- if I weren't so behind with what I'm already reading, I would join you for sure! xx

  5. You just brought sunshine to my day and I agree, health care is so essential. I have been trying to keep moving on a daily basis because with remote learning we are sitting down all day. I love how a little bit of movement helps make me feel better. I hope you are week is going well so far and happy Wednesday!

    Maureen |

  6. I am so into health and fitness lately. I need to check out that book you're reading. I saw that you mentioned it on IG. Evan is such a handsome young man!


  7. Haha I love that his real name is Dr. Livingood! That's so funny! I'm right there with you, I've been taking so many media breaks lately.

    Miles of smiles,

  8. Ok, so many things! Your outfits are all really cute, especially that floral jacket. Dr. Livegood. That is seriously the best name ever! I could talk about health and wellness for hours haha. Definitely check out Darin Olien and that Down to Earth show on Netflix. Forks Over Knives and In Defense of Food are also both really good documentaries. When its comes to media, I stick with my favorite news show and my local news. I hope that you are having a sunny and glorious day too!! XO, Caroline

  9. That sounds like a great book that I need to check out! Love the name of the author! Also loving all of these effortless looks!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. Loving all of these gorgeous looks! I love probiotic drinks and I'm looking forward to that post!

  11. Well Chrissy,I concur about the mainstream media - it is a shame. But I am glad you are feeling sunny again and thanks for the info about what a SCOBY is! I admire your style so much, you have a way of putting these pieces together and you nail it every time. Such great pieces but you make them shine and sunny!!!!

  12. super cute outfits! loving the positive vibes here and thank you for hosting this link up!

    Life is a Shoe

  13. Good for you for turning off mainstream media, I felt exactly the same way!
    You always look so happy in your posts!
    And wow, yes with a name like Livingood, you know he was bound to do something "good" with his life! -@ms.meranda


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