Wednesday, June 9, 2021

What I Wore: Fashion Thoughts & Cayman Pants

Hello, and welcome to another edition of "fashion play". This week I have questions in regards to your thoughts on fashion.  What do you love about fashion? Have you determined your personal style, or do you consider fashion at all when you prepare for your day? Do you have fashion pieces that elicit happy feelings when you put them to use?   Regardless of your answer, I hope you find my thoughts on these questions inspiring and helpful.  

How we dress plays a role in how we feel. Isn't that fascinating? If I'm lounging around the house braless and in my pjs, I'm highly unmotivated. If I'm put together with the addition of styled hair, I'm ready to take on anything. Of course, clothes do NOT define the person, however, they do make a statement about the person. And isn't that part of the beauty of personal style? It's unique to the individual. You can fall in line with a particular style and still have your own method of interpretation.  Two women can own the same top and style it in different fashion genres. That's the adventure in fashion. And life is too short not to appreciate adventure wherever it may lie. 

What's your personal style?

All things considered, it doesn't matter if you can identify your style in a category or not, but it does help. Side note: it is essential to know what colors flatter your skin tone and what cut flatters your shape. This knowledge, with an idea of your style category, will also assist you with future purchases. Knowing what items to pass on, regardless of a sale or not, will save you lots of money! In addition, embracing your unique style will bring on that confidence that changes how we approach people and situations. 

Today's Outfit: Featuring My Personal Style 

My style varies from boho to romantic, though I attempt edgy from time to time. Today's outfit shows the playful, boho style I love. The flyaway pants c/o Caite and Kyla are versatile and perfect for summer. I originally styled them HERE as a bathing suit coverup. 

The top is a simple, pink cotton tee. I've linked two varieties from XCVI that I love. As for the shoes? Well, those were an extra surprise sent by Aetrex. They are water-ready and will live up to all your feet' dreams for comfort.  To see how I styled the white pair, hop on over HERE

What pieces elicit happy feelings when you put them to use?

Perhaps that happy item is a family heirloom or a gift from someone you love? Wear it when you can. It will be a reminder, as well as a mood booster. 

Did you purchase the item from a small business pursuing their dream and doing what they love? Wear it! You will not only feel like a contributor but you might also be inspired to go for your dreams!

Did you purchase the item from a company that's passionate about bringing change to the world? Wear it. You will remember that your purchase made you a part of the change. 

For example, these hoop earrings are from Noonday Collections, a company that partners with Artisans in vulnerable communities. The more I learn about working conditions across the globe the more I want to be a part of the change. As for the bracelets pictured below, they are from Luca Love. They are a family-owned and operated business that serves the less fortunate people in Columbia, their "home" country. 

We all get dressed, so why not use this daily part of life to make a difference somewhere, somehow?
//Noonday Earrings (Candid Hoops)
Embracing your unique style will bring on confidence and change how we approach people and situations!

Style Takeaways

  • Flyaway pants are a fun, breezy addition to a summer closet. 
  • If your flyaway pants fly open more than what you're comfortable with, a simple safety pin on each side will fix that. 
  • Stay in your color wheel when styling items close to the face. You will just feel better. 
  • Wear those items that bring you some measure of happiness and use them as conversation fillers. ;) 
  • Wearing items that take part in life change for someone else brings incredible joy and confidence. 

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  1. I would add beachy to your style: that boho vibe really lends itself to where you live and often gives you that feeling that you are perpetually on vacation even though you are not. Hope you are feeling better. You are in my prayers!

  2. You are a boho babe! Love this look Chrissy! Xo, Caroline

  3. Boho Ease is what I think that comes to mind with your style! Freeing. I think of my style is feminine with a love for color. I feel like I know what colors look best on me, and if I let my hair go white/grey, I would have to change my wardrobe!
    Love those cool pants, they look so fun!
    Have a great week Chrissy!
    jess xx

  4. These pants look so comfy, almost like PJ's, but much more chic! I do feel more on top of it when I've dressed nicely... AND done my hair and makeup, which these days isn't often! So pretty and I love how you share some action photos to see how these pants really flow with movement.


  5. I love your new blog logo! Those pants are so fun! Love this chic boho look!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. What a great post! I'm not much into 'fashion' per se. I prefer to wear clothes that suit me, whether they're in fashion or not. But you're right, I always feel so much better when I've done my make-up and I look put together!
    Suzy xx

  7. What a great styling post! I love it! And you know I'm all about dopamine styling- so this fits right along that way of thinking when it comes to our clothes and how we style them. And these pants are just toooo good! Looking effortlessly fabulous as always- have a great weekend! xx


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