Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What I Wore: WHBM Denim and More


Do you shop at WHBM? When I lived in Georgia I frequented their seasonal sales. Their denim was my favorite. Why wouldn't it be? Soft and stretchy in all the right places with unique cuts and designs for a confident approach to the "what am I going to wear today?" question. However, when we moved to Florida, the storefront was no longer around my usual stops. I missed my sale hunts! So you can bet when WHBM reached out for an opportunity to share some of their pieces, I excitedly accepted! Today's post features three of those pieces! 

I'm starting with the shorts because they are on sale for 30% off the retail price! They are my first high-waisted pants in a LONG time! Though I was uncertain as to how they would fit, I couldn't be more pleased. Guess what? They are soft and stretchy in all the right places! As for the Jetsetter tee, you can wear this top all day in a humid climate and still look fabulous by the end of the day! I love the cut and feel of this piece as much as I love the shorts!

By the way, the added blazer is my way of styling a summer-to-fall transition look. It will be hot and humid all through September, but I still like to play along with the fall vibes. As for the shoes, they are making another come back and also work for a fall transition piece. As soon as Secret Celebrity gets its site up and running, I'll start linking their fabulous shoes again. 

Jean Sneak Peak 

I wanted to share a sneak peek of these jeans with the prettiest floral embroidery detailing!! Their first wear was on a Saturday morning. Before I was even out of bed, I made the spontaneous decision to hit a up local coffee shop, Atria,  that I recently discovered on Instagram (power of social media!). I rolled out of bed, slipped on these jeans with a coordinating top, easy sandals, and of course a hat. No extra fuss is required. 

I also grabbed my hubby and we made it a mini-date. He took these pictures on the fly, but you can bet I'll be sharing these jeans again. 

Sneaking in a quick selfie. ;)

Have you worn WHBM clothing before and if so, have you tried their denim? They have chic, stylish clothing for casual errands, business meetings, a night out and so much more.  



  1. A blazer and denim shorts is such a chic combo! Also loving your embroidered jeans!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I love WHBM denim - you got some great pieces Chrissy!

  3. The denim looks fantastic on you!

  4. These are great pieces Chrissy I love the embroidered jeans and the shorts, They look great on you! I live in denim shorts in the summer too.
    jess xx


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