Monday, October 25, 2021

What I Wore: A Shirt Dress Styled Two Ways


Have you added a shirt dress to your closet yet? I own a couple of sporty tee-shirt dresses but this button-up shirt dress c/o Caite & Kyla is so elevated and loaded with possibilities. You're going to love the gorgeous detailing on this beautiful piece. As for the weight and feel, you will have to trust me when I say it's sublimely soft and comfortable. With the snap-up feature, you now have a trench-style layering piece. Don't you love the beauty of versatility?  

Now, this is a Caite & Kyla piece so you know there's going to be embroidery details. This particular design is swoon-worthy.  The raw edge hem is around the bottom, on the sleeves, and around the neckline.  I wore the dress to church one morning with short block heels and a lacy scarf but switched those shoes for the sneakers pictured here by evening. 

From Shirt Dress to Jacket

For the second look, I styled last week's runway style leggings from WHBM with an old dressy tank shopped from the closet. There's a multitude of colors to pull from the embroidery so I went with green, burgundy, and blush. This look gives me all the boho feels that I'm so at home in. 

Speaking of blush, I have enough accessories in this color to add to my accessory "set" list. When I'm in a hurry I know this hat, these shoes, the purse, earrings, and even some bracelets are easily styled together. It worked perfectly in this instance. 

My photographer and best friend

By the way, we will celebrate twenty-one years of marriage this Thursday! This guy will lay on the ground, climb up on ledges, and sweat in the Florida heat to take some fun angles. I sure do appreciate him for so many things, but this goes above and beyond!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. I am chuckling a bit right now because my post for tomorrow is the exact same idea! Great minds!
    I am loving the beautiful embroidery on the back of this dress Chrissy - it looks great both ways and so do you!

  2. I absolutely love it both ways! The embroidery on the back is stunning! What a special and versatile piece!

  3. The back of this dress is so cute and I love how you shared two ways to wear it with us. I love those shiny/glossy leggings you have on with it as a tunic. So cute!


  4. I am not going to lie, I want everything in your closet =) but since I don't have the budget for that I just get to admire your style and compliment you! Looking stunning as always and love both these looks!


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