Monday, December 9, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys & For The Fun


This may be the last post in my Gift Guides for the Holiday Season of 2019! It's been so fun to compile favorites from over the years and today is no different with goodies for the guys and games for everyone!

1. iOttie Phone Holder For Car - This is a one hand pop in and out device. It sticks beautifully to the dash, rotates around, up and down and is so easy to use!

2. Key Chain Flash Light - just a little something fun for those car lovers.

3. Cotten Jersey Robe - I'm excited about this robe. Not all guys desire "ultra cozy" so I think this lightweight tee shirt material robe is perfect, especially if you live in warmer climates!

4. FitFort 360 Phone Grip - I've had a loop style grip, a pop socket and now this Fit Fort! Of course each one has their pros and cons, but so far the FitFort checks all the boxes for me...comfortable (enough), functional and versatile. It holds up my iPhone 8+ vertically and horizontally! Mine is rose gold and I love it! 

5. Car Seat Gap Filler - This cool looking contraption is supposed to keep items from falling in betweent the seats of your car. Perhaps from being lost forever - ha! It's been in my cart forever.

6. Nike Pullover Hoodie - All the boys in my life love a good hoodie, whether it be Nike, Champion etc.

7. Sudio Tolv Earbuds - I've mentioned these a few times on the blog. I have a gifted pair from Tolv and another on the way for a special someone. What I love about these earbuds is they look amazing, function with one ear bud (why my teen loves it as well) and they fit well in my ears! Use Code: Sudio136 for %15 off! Bonus: They come in several color choices!

8. Spiderman Sneaker  - I'm throwing in these Spiderman sneakers because they are well loved here. Also, we often receive compliments when we're out. The seller offers a lot of varieties!

9. TheraBreath - Ok, maybe this one is a tad rude. However, with sick season upon us it could be more of a need. This stuff works! I discovered it while shopping the clearance section in the grocery store. As I picked up a bottle to investigate more, the woman beside me started raving about it. She made me laugh with her remarks about her hubby's morning breath. Anyway, I took her word for it and my hubby loved it.  Thank you sweet lady in the grocery store. ;)

Random, but useful:
10. Over the Door Shoe Organizer - If your guys wears a size 12 -15 size shoe and uses an over the door organizer, this puppy is amazing! My 17 year old needed this 3 years ago and he still uses it!

For the Fun - Games & Toys
I'm linking some of our favorite family/friend games as well as my two favorite interactive, educational toys from this year! Most of these games were introduced by my board game collecting brother or friends that play together often. Enjoy!


1. Carcassonne - This game takes me back to medieval times. I grab a cup of tea and enjoy. There's strategy involved but it's not too brain heavy. However, it's challenging enough to engage all ages!

2. Zooloretto - This game is part luck, part strategy, and engaging. Everyone has their own zoo board to build. You choose which animals from the "carts" as you play. Only trouble is, those precious gorillas may not be on the cart when you need it! That's when it's time to get creative...

3. Farkle - The dice game that keeps us laughing. This is an easy, engaging game that is great for the short attention spans in my house. When I can't convince them to sit down to a board game, I reach for Farkle. It's handy to have the Farkle Score Sheet as well!

4. The Great Dalmuti Card Game - a glorified card game of "rich man, poor man", this game is packed full of laughs with a group!

5. Plugo Link - An interactive, augmented reality game that even my 10 year olds will play with. It works with an app on an ipad or iPhone but you rarely even touch the screen. This is all about using the blocks or links to build as instructed. This is great for the rising engineer. ;)

6. Exploding Kittens - Oh man, this card game is ridiculous and high energy. The boys in my house love it and I must admit that it gives me a good laugh as well.

7. Wits & Wagers - This family trivia game has a fun spin on trivia because each player guesses/makes a wager on what they think is the right answer. Whoever picks the right multiple choice answer gets the points, etc.

8. Ticket To Ride - Another strategy game with lots of train pieces! In this game you're building a train from routes you draw at the beginning of the game. It gets tricky if others move in on your route!

9. Shifu Globe - another Augmented reality winner! You receive a globe that interacts with a downloaded app to the Ipad or iphone. The app shares facts about geography, animals, historical facts and more. I was impressed with all the features. Go HERE to see a full review. My boys use this to supplement their history or to break things up around here!

Alright, I hope this helps your hunt for those "guys or for the fun". Need more tips? Check out my Holiday Gift Guides for the GYM & Home or Beauty Favorites & The Planner


  1. We love playing Farkle! These are such great ideas Chrissy. I would love that phone mount and I had never heard of the car seat gap filler, very interesting!I'm laughing about the Thera Breath but it actually sounds like a super idea!

    1. Thanks Kellyann! It's pricey but....hehehehe. And I need to come play Farkle with your family. I know it will be so fun.

  2. That phone holder and seat gap filler are great ideas! Exploding Kittens is such a fun game! Have a great week!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Thanks Jill. Isn't Exploding kittens crazy?? The boy's youth pastor back in Georgia introduced us to adults. haha!

  3. Ian wants to headphones!! Great list!

    1. It's like the teen thing, right? They weren't on my priority list but I enjoy them now that I have them. lol

  4. Just ordered the phone ring. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for letting me know Lauren! I truly appreciate that. Did you get them for you or for a gift?

  5. My son got some similar ear buds for his birthday and loves them. They are truly noise cancelling, meaning that he can't hear me. Ha, ha! Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Good ideas friend! I like the looks of those earbuds. I have a hard time finding ones that fit my ears correctly.

  7. Oh so good picks darling
    Thanks for share

  8. Great gift guide, Chrissy! I just ordered the blue version of those Spiderman sneakers for Archie! The blue have more of a lightning bolt kind of pattern which he preferred over the red Spiderman ones. They are put away for Christmas though, so I hope they are a good fit for his fat feet! And lots of board games have been ordered for this year as well. Thanks for linking up.


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