Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Features & Favorites: Local Places & Family News

This week's round-up features local places, some fashion, and even some favorite snacks. Come to think of it that may be the theme around this blog. What can I say? These are a few of my favorite things - ha! Anyway, in addition to the usual type of favorites, I have a family update to share. This will be at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy my friend!

Mom Gets Out

It's been a while...Our family has been going through a lot of change and I struggle to stop for leisure time. However, the pants I received from WHBM were too small so I decided to go try some styles and sizes in-store. That turned into a full try-on, but I came home with one picture and a somewhat decluttered mind. IF you missed my WHBM feature post, hop over HEREHERE, and HEREto check them out!

Saturday Market

Sarasota's Downtown Farmer's Market is a must-visit when you're around the west coast of Florida. During peak season you'll encounter the most vendors, but the market runs all year round. I alternate what I buy from week to week to stay close to budget - ha! Last Saturday we picked up coffee and flowers. Oh, and here's a look at this season's Jambu shoe pick. ;)
Torino c/o Jambu

Coffee Shop Outing

Atria Cafe is a unique gem with an electric menu featuring freshly milled sourdough bread. Typically, even folks with gluten sensitivities can eat their bread with no issues. They recently released their fall menu so I took the boys for some off-location schooling. 

Sweet roll and Pumpkin Muffin

Sweet Rolls & Portabello Grilled Cheese

Beach Snack

I mean, seaweed at the beach? Can it get any more appropriate? Well, believe it or not, my doctor recommended I eat more seaweed. I happen to like seaweed and found these on Misfits. Trader Joes also carries these from time to time. There's not much in the containers but they are the perfect salty snack.

Wellness Box Gem - Drinks For the Fam

I joined an online shopping club a few months ago and I'm in love. They make and manufacture 99% of their 400+ products. The products are American-made and they pay CLOSE attention to ingredients. They list all their ingredients and pay more money to ensure that the ingredients are quality and safe to use. Meanwhile, they keep their cost down by skipping the middleman and letting customers do their advertising for them. I feel like I struck gold. So each week I intend to feature a favorite item that I purchased and tried. 

Last week I shared about their laundry products. This week I'll share some of our favorite drink picks. 

Family News

We had an unexpected fork in the road come September involving all of us, but mainly the twins and me. It's a long story that I'll share pieces of it here and there, starting with the boys. My husband and I had discussed over the last year brick and mortar school options for them starting either in 8th grade or 9th grade. With all that's transpiring in our nation, we felt the best option would be a private school. Of course, that's a hefty expense, but we've seen God provide for all our needs throughout the years. If it was meant to happen, He would do it again. 

They are in 7th now so I knew our time together was short. However, I didn't realize how short, short was going to be! One Friday in September my hubby and I visited the in-school discussion once again. Would I get a job or go 100% in blogging and social selling? That following Sunday we were approached with an opportunity that turned our current routine upside down. 

In less than a month, I went from homeschooling to watching my boys walk into their new school together. My head still spins thinking about this and I promise to update more as I process these changes. For now, I'll leave you with pictures from their first day and a promise to update you with more news soon!

I might have shed a few tears this week but next week brings more adventures. Looking forward to updating you soon! 


  1. The farmers market is the best way to spend a Saturday! Change is hard, especially when it's unexpected. I hope you boys are enjoying their new school. I can't wait to hear more about what you'll be doing!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I just cannot get over how much the boys have grown! They are precious.

  3. Chrissy, I cannot wait to hear what school is like for the boys and the story behind it - sounds like it is quite a story in full. The twins are growing up - they are such handsome young men!

  4. I made it to my old church's festival last week and while they did not have many vendors, my friend was selling her bread, the Georgians (from the republic of Georgia) were cooking their delicious pork bbq shashlik and I bought a little hat. Love farmers markets but only made it once to ours downtown while it was in season.

  5. That first outfit looks amazing on you! Love the eyelet and the trousers are sharp. I bet your kids were excited a bit starting school! They are getting taller!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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