Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday Favorites: The Christmas Edition

Like a gust of whirling wind, time is swiftly whipping through my fingers. We've had parties, shows, events, shopping, cleaning and family blessedly filling the Christmas of 2019 season.  However in the midst of it all, I attempt to savor the moments, while reflecting on why we celebrate at all. In addition, I recognize how difficult this season is for those grieving loved ones, etc. And last few words before moving on, I have a senior in high school. For some reason, this reality is, well, more real.

That my friends could fill a few blog posts, so I'll spare you the emotional mutterings at this time and instead share glimpses of the last couple of weeks starting with WIW! :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Outfits of Christmas Past & The Style Six Link Up

Hello! Today's post is inspired by Fonda from Savvy Southern Chic. She recently shared a fabulous Christmas style round up and I made a mental note to do the same. What better way to close out our last Style Six of 2019?   Hopefully, it will inspire you to dig through your closet and create a new look perfect for whatever event you may have coming up!

Now before we go back a few years, let's make the short jump back to last week's Christmas dinner. I wore a top from Amazon Prime and then shopped my closet for the rest! I wanted the Emerald Green color but it was sold out at the time. However, the black turned out to be a fun choice with the red shoes.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Styling A Dress From Fall To Winter

Hello my cyber friends! If you follow me on Insta (and I hope you do!) then you've had sneak peeks from this photo shoot. Once again we're visiting the Ponce City Market in Downtown Atlanta. Kim is behind the camera and I'm flitting around in my final piece of the season from Caite & Kyla. (Click Here and Here for other pieces from them!)

 Without planning it, this embroidered flowy dress became the perfect transition item to style from fall to winter! Aside from the boots, dress and scarf, the rest of the items are all closet shopped! I hope you enjoy today's style and join us for today's Style Six Link up!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys & For The Fun


This may be the last post in my Gift Guides for the Holiday Season of 2019! It's been so fun to compile favorites from over the years and today is no different with goodies for the guys and games for everyone!

1. iOttie Phone Holder For Car - This is a one hand pop in and out device. It sticks beautifully to the dash, rotates around, up and down and is so easy to use!

2. Key Chain Flash Light - just a little something fun for those car lovers.

3. Cotten Jersey Robe - I'm excited about this robe. Not all guys desire "ultra cozy" so I think this lightweight tee shirt material robe is perfect, especially if you live in warmer climates!

4. FitFort 360 Phone Grip - I've had a loop style grip, a pop socket and now this Fit Fort! Of course each one has their pros and cons, but so far the FitFort checks all the boxes for me...comfortable (enough), functional and versatile. It holds up my iPhone 8+ vertically and horizontally! Mine is rose gold and I love it! 

5. Car Seat Gap Filler - This cool looking contraption is supposed to keep items from falling in betweent the seats of your car. Perhaps from being lost forever - ha! It's been in my cart forever.

6. Nike Pullover Hoodie - All the boys in my life love a good hoodie, whether it be Nike, Champion etc.

7. Sudio Tolv Earbuds - I've mentioned these a few times on the blog. I have a gifted pair from Tolv and another on the way for a special someone. What I love about these earbuds is they look amazing, function with one ear bud (why my teen loves it as well) and they fit well in my ears! Use Code: Sudio136 for %15 off! Bonus: They come in several color choices!

8. Spiderman Sneaker  - I'm throwing in these Spiderman sneakers because they are well loved here. Also, we often receive compliments when we're out. The seller offers a lot of varieties!

9. TheraBreath - Ok, maybe this one is a tad rude. However, with sick season upon us it could be more of a need. This stuff works! I discovered it while shopping the clearance section in the grocery store. As I picked up a bottle to investigate more, the woman beside me started raving about it. She made me laugh with her remarks about her hubby's morning breath. Anyway, I took her word for it and my hubby loved it.  Thank you sweet lady in the grocery store. ;)

Random, but useful:
10. Over the Door Shoe Organizer - If your guys wears a size 12 -15 size shoe and uses an over the door organizer, this puppy is amazing! My 17 year old needed this 3 years ago and he still uses it!

For the Fun - Games & Toys
I'm linking some of our favorite family/friend games as well as my two favorite interactive, educational toys from this year! Most of these games were introduced by my board game collecting brother or friends that play together often. Enjoy!


1. Carcassonne - This game takes me back to medieval times. I grab a cup of tea and enjoy. There's strategy involved but it's not too brain heavy. However, it's challenging enough to engage all ages!

2. Zooloretto - This game is part luck, part strategy, and engaging. Everyone has their own zoo board to build. You choose which animals from the "carts" as you play. Only trouble is, those precious gorillas may not be on the cart when you need it! That's when it's time to get creative...

3. Farkle - The dice game that keeps us laughing. This is an easy, engaging game that is great for the short attention spans in my house. When I can't convince them to sit down to a board game, I reach for Farkle. It's handy to have the Farkle Score Sheet as well!

4. The Great Dalmuti Card Game - a glorified card game of "rich man, poor man", this game is packed full of laughs with a group!

5. Plugo Link - An interactive, augmented reality game that even my 10 year olds will play with. It works with an app on an ipad or iPhone but you rarely even touch the screen. This is all about using the blocks or links to build as instructed. This is great for the rising engineer. ;)

6. Exploding Kittens - Oh man, this card game is ridiculous and high energy. The boys in my house love it and I must admit that it gives me a good laugh as well.

7. Wits & Wagers - This family trivia game has a fun spin on trivia because each player guesses/makes a wager on what they think is the right answer. Whoever picks the right multiple choice answer gets the points, etc.

8. Ticket To Ride - Another strategy game with lots of train pieces! In this game you're building a train from routes you draw at the beginning of the game. It gets tricky if others move in on your route!

9. Shifu Globe - another Augmented reality winner! You receive a globe that interacts with a downloaded app to the Ipad or iphone. The app shares facts about geography, animals, historical facts and more. I was impressed with all the features. Go HERE to see a full review. My boys use this to supplement their history or to break things up around here!

Alright, I hope this helps your hunt for those "guys or for the fun". Need more tips? Check out my Holiday Gift Guides for the GYM & Home or Beauty Favorites & The Planner

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Seamless Print Styling: Camo, Snakeskin, Stripes & Leopard

Ponce City Market

Hello! While on an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime with my sister, I had the opportunity to meet Nicole at High Latitude Style! After meeting the unassuming, stylish and sweet Nicole, I've continued to follow along with her blog, appreciating her insightful tips in fashion. I wish we could meet in Alaska again, but for today I'll content myself with the privilege to cohost her weekly link up, Top of the World Style!

Nicole does not fit in a fashion box, boldly mixing prints and colors even before it became trendy to do so! For that reason, I thought I'd feature as many print mixes in my outfit as possible! I hope you will join us in linking up! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cotton Embroidery Dress, Styled Two Ways

Hello! Did you score some amazing deals on Friday through Monday? I grabbed as much as I could for the boys and kept myself in check on clothes, etc. This week I also shared another Gift Guide round up to help you fill those stockings for the ladies. There's one more round up coming next week, so be on the look out for "Guys & Games"! As for today I'm sharing this embroidery dress, styled two ways for the Style Six Link Up! 

Another masterpiece, crafted by Caite & Kyla, features a stretchy cotton that feels soft on my skin, I wear this baby all day long. I lay on my couch in it. I run errands it, dress it up for a date in it, etc! This dress is all versatile with many ways to style, but let's start with two different but subtle looks, geared toward boho casual! 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty For The Stockings & Gifts For The Planner

Hello! Wouldn't you know my entire post was lost into cyber space. Each painstaking word swiped away with the click of the refresh! Has this ever happened to you? I've had parts disappear but never a whole post. Well, perhaps an abbreviated version is better anyway, right?? So with less flourish, but just as much goodies, I give you inspiration for stocking stuffers or basket fillers as well as favorites for the organizer!

Let's start with My favorite Beauty Items!

1. Dearly Detangled Conditioner - gifted to me but just as loved, I use this leave-in conditioner when my hair is especially dry. I love it for getting out those tangles!
2. Wild Rose Vit C Serum - also gifted to me, this might be my favorite serum ever!! It smells wonderful, but more than that, I've already noticed brightening and diminishing! Korres is selling this in gift sets at $56, which is the perfect time to try it!

3. Wet Brush - The last two salons I visited used these brushes and all my mom of girls friends swear by them. My boys have the small size. I think it's time for momma to have one. Why not ones with bears in cozy sweaters?
4. Native Deodorant - Ironically I was introduced to this deodorant in my Christmas stocking one year. It's a natural deodorant that smells wonderful and actually works!

5. Ahava Lotions - a friend brought this back from Israel and I love the way my hands feel when I use it. These are now a purse staple.

6. Burt's Bees Lipstick - continuing with our more natural vibes, this lipstick is free of yucky chemicals, pleasant smelling and moisturizing. It's worth having to reapply in my opinion. ;)

7. The Caripro Toothbrush - I reviewed this back in June and still use this it. In fact, yesterday my middle child requested one for Christmas. Today is the day, right?? This brush 5 settings, a two minute timer with 30 second increment pauses to remind you to move to another area and long battery life. I don't bring the charger with me on trips!
8.Tinkle Razor - these have been around the blogger block but in case you need reminding, these are an easy way to get rid of unsightly hairs. However, don't get a knock off brand. They just aren't the same!

9. Whitening Systems or REFILLS!: We can't leave out the whitening system my husband reviewed over the summer. I still notice the difference in his teeth! For that reason I'm using the gifted whitening gels for his stocking. ;)
For The Planner - Cultivate What Matters Shop is having their biggest sale of the year! 20% off everything, but the goal planners. HOWEVER, you can grab a bundle with a planner included for the 20% off! Here's a list of my favorites, as well as a couple extra goodies to compliment a more organized life!

1. Legacy Journals - linen, lovely and perfect for note taking or journaling daily thoughts!

2. Tending Tape - I love this for taping in important notes, worksheets or just making my calendar pretty.
3. Power Sheets Starter Bundle - That fab planner, stickers, pouch and goal card display set
4. Magnetic Page Markers - I mean, why not?? How handy are these?
5. Cultivate Power Sheets - just the fab planner!

6. Goal Sticker Book - my handwriting is so sloppy, but these stickers make me feel better about myself. Ha - but seriously, it also helps me remember as well as anticipate upcoming dates.
7. Sudio Tolv Earbuds - Man, these are pretty and they work fantastically. My eldest keeps borrowing mine so I may get him a green pair while they are 25% off!

8. Accessory Pouch - I store all my pens, tending tape, highlighters etc in this pouch!
9. Lands End Canvas Tote - I store ALL these goodies in this fabulous tote! A sweet friend gifted this bag over a year ago and I run all over town and country with this bag. It also fits my computer. LOVE IT!

Alright, did you catch my Gift Guide for the Gym Rat and Miscellaneous Items for Around the Kitchen? Happy Shopping my friends!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The New Pants I Love To Repeat by XCVI Official

Hello, my friends! I'm currently sitting at my mom's kitchen table flanked by sisters. It's the evening so the younger cousins are settled. Hubby is foraging for dessert and momma is already in bed. Conversation ebbs and flows, so I'm stealing a moment to meet you in cyberspace. Ironically, I'm wearing this exact outfit, down to the boots, after returning from dinner out with friends.  And in full disclosure, these pants have been on repeat since they arrived last weekend.

Is it the elastic waistband in the back, perfectly timed for the holidays, and soft material that makes them a current favorite? Or is it the stylish front pocket grommets and fashion-forward fringe across the front of the leg that reveals the designer's love for detail? The moment I pulled this outfit out of the package I was impressed by the quality of these garments.

For these reasons and more, I'm honored to introduce you to XCVI clothing company out of California. Family owned and operated with the "real" woman in mind, they are not about fast fashion. The high quality and contemporary styles are designed to move with you as you go about your day - and LAST!


Monday, November 25, 2019

Simply Earth Now Has A Starter Box

If you've visited my blog over the last year you may have seen a post or two about the essential oils recipe boxes by Simply Earth. This big hearted, give back company cares about people as well as the environment. Their uniquely curated boxes are designed with the amateur oily folk in mind, as well as the pros. As far as essential oils go, most know that not all are equal. Quality and method of processing is not something I worry about with this company. All this being said, have you heard they have a "Starter Box"?

Each month subscribers are sent box of goodies, appropriately created for that season/month. Soothing skin recipes for the winter or summer. There's diffuser recipes for colds, focus, calm and the list goes on. These boxes are well loved, so you know what? They sell out! For this reason, Simply Earth came up with the Starter Box. Anyone who wants to get in on the oily goodness can hop on at any time. And the recipes are a perfect roundup! 


Thursday, November 21, 2019

Holiday Gift Guides: Gym and Home Collection

The temptation to lament about the fact that Thanksgiving is already upon is incredibly strong. In fact, I'm weak and apparently I caved. Time is going faster than I'd like, however one of the aspects in blogging I enjoy around this season is all the gift guides! I gain the best ideas from these posts and am happy to say that I'm joining in with my FIRST gifts post. So without further ado, I'm happy to share today's Gift Guide feature "For the Gym" and "For the Kitchen". 


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

More Than Just A White Tee & The Style Six Link Up

Hello dearies! Fall arrived this past weekend with temps in the high 50s. It will be warm soon enough so I'm enjoying it while I can. Thumbing through my small supply of fall/winter clothes, I grabbed at these faux leather pants to pair with my new embroidered white tee. Pause. Did you catch that? Embroidery.  I honestly didn't imagine loving this trend, but here I am wearing this classic tee from Caite & Kyla on repeat. I love the floral design and gorgeous array of color. There's so many options!

I packed it for our girl's trip to Texas, a ministry wives luncheon in Orlando, wore it at home and  wore it Lowes for simple errands. The flattering cut, crisp white color and stylishly roomy design makes it a closet winner!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Fun Family Traditions: The 12 Days of Christmas

When Christmas rolled around last year, we had only been in Florida for five months. We were struggling. It takes time to become rooted in an area and some of our boys chose to distance themselves from the family as well. My subconscious solution was to work more. However, between working through a special goal planner and the encouragement of friends, I realized my error.

Time is short when they are home with us, right? I stopped and began praying about how I could make this Christmas stand out or feel exciting. That's when the idea for the Twelve Days Of Christmas came to me. From there I went to Pinterest and now I'm sharing it with you!

I'm sharing it with you because though it was a LOT of work and not every moment was met with appreciation, it produced the result I hoped for! It was worth the effort and helped our family make memories we wouldn't have had otherwise.  And you know what? I had fun!

Perhaps you need inspiration to make sweet memories! Hopefully this post will do just that. Warning! These pictures are not blog perfect and my poems are lame. The idea is to inspire you with what works for your family!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Favorites: Gadgets & Home

Hello and welcome to another Friday Favorite! Today I bounce around from home items to gadgets for your phone. Those phone accessories would conveniently fit in a special someone's Christmas stocking, or in a lovely gift bag. Even better, you may need to up your phone game as well! Now before I delve into the world of electronics let's start with the home!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Utility Pants Take On Austin & The Style Six

Ruffle Top/ Soft Utility Boyfriend Pants/Pearlized Ruby Sneaker C/O Secret Celebrity Shoes

While frolicking around Austin last week I made an unplanned purchase at the Lucky Brand store, located at The Domain.  There's something about shopping with sweet friends that causes a chain reaction, right? We walked right to the clearance section, which boasted an additional 60% off! Remembering the combinable 40% off coupon tucked in my wallet, sealed the deal. My reserves slipped away and I had a new outfit to traipse up and down South Congress Street.

Thankfully I didn't have to traipse alone. Shelly, from the Queen In Between, offered to be my tour guide for Monday since I arrived almost two days later than the rest. And I quickly learned that in addition to being the Queen in Between, Shelly is also the queen of murals! My friends, there's quite a few murals up and down that strip!


Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Favorites: Date Night Beauty Edition

As I mentioned in a previous post, the hubs and I are officially dating. In other words, we spending time with each other, apart from the children, on a regular basis. Older teens and gift cards came together to make this possible. Now is it a coincidence that this is also a more difficult time in life? For example, we're still grounding ourselves in a new place, we're farther from family, we have one teen graduating this year and another learning to drive, etc! There's of course more, but this will suffice for now.  I'd say this is a good time to strengthen our relationship and work on being a united front.

So with dating on the brain, today's favorites stem are a mash up of beauty products and date worthy outfits I use to be all pretty. ;)


Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Everything Is Bigger In Austin" & The Style Six

I almost didn't make our second girl's trip. With one boy in his senior year of high school and two younger boys, it was a weekend full of priorities. Momma had to be home. Of course, there's no rather place I'd rather be, however I'm thankful it worked out to meet the girls a day and a half later.  In fact, I made it just in time for lunch at Gloria's on the Domain in Austin! Of course, I'll delve into adventure favorites soon enough.  But for today, I'm sharing a few thoughts on friendship and these fun graphic tees - Everything is Bigger In Texas!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Dresses For Date Nights & The Style Six Link Up

Monday was my husband and I's 19th wedding anniversary so a theme on date nights circles around this brain of mine. In fact, I'm excited to continue the theme for Friday Favorites this week by sharing my favorite items that I use to get ready for an evening out. Now that the teens can hold down the fort, mom and dad can escape for a couple of hours! You know what was so nice about a quick run out? Spending little to no extra time on what to wear! That's the beauty of an easy dress. With a few accessories, you're ready to go. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More Than A Classic Tee by Caite & Kyla

Classic Tee and a Bold Print. Bold print indeed, but might I add gorgeous, unique, flow-y, effortless and sublimely comfortable? This is my first experience with Caite & Kyla and I couldn't be more thrilled. While perusing their site, I was drawn to the classic, bohemian style. However, it wasn't long before I hopped over to their "About" page. 
 I learned that their pieces are handcrafted in India with prints designed by artists from around the world, ensuring originality.  When my packaged arrived, I discovered that their originality is coupled with quality! I love this top my friends and will enjoy creating various ways to style it. 
For today's link up I'm sharing what I wore to classes with the twins, followed by dinner out with my hubby!  Everything other than the top, was shopped from my closet!

"The Caite woman has a free spirit, is a lover of art, travel and all things handmade." 

 "She is a woman who is adventurous, enthusiastic and loves life..."
Kori Blouse C/O Caite & Kyla

Date Night Snapshot

Bavaro's has BOGO Margherita Pizza on Tuesday nights!
By the way, our 19th wedding anniversary is coming up next week! It will be our second anniversary to celebrate as Florida residents. Time flies my friend! Alright, let's link up together. And thank you Caite & Kyla for the beginning of so many style possibilities. Looking forward to creating more looks!

Favorite from last week's link up: Kim from Fierce Fashion . Love the blush colored snakeskin Kim! 


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Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Favorites: Reunions, Girl's Night & Sister Favorites

Reunions. As I've mentioned in the last couple of posts, my sweet sister and her family arrived last weekend for a long overdue visit. The younger boys and I ran out the door when they arrived. My nieces got to us first (of course). Oh, how much young ones change in almost two years, right?

When I finally reached my sister we instantaneously burst into tears. It was so good to be near her! She is a sister who is also a friend; a friend that listens, encourages, laughs at my lame jokes and simply gets me. For this reason, my Friday Favorites are highlighting our quick weekend, as well as random "favorites" we have in common! Maybe you'll share in some of those as well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Heels For Kicks And The Style Six Link Up

Last Wednesday I received confirmation that my sister and her family would be traveling down to see us the following day. We've had thousands of miles and a four hour time distance between us. Their visit didn't seem real. When they arrived in our driveway, I had just written my last sentence on my Friday Favorites post and I hadn't looked back. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Friday Favorites: Homecoming, Dollar Store Decorations & Sarasota Spots

I'm kicking off this week's favorites with Homecoming Moments. No pun intended my friends. ;) The boys and I went to our First SHS Pep Rally. A performance by the Sarasota Circus students and fireworks will put this one down in the memory banks for us! You know what else will be remembered? My senior smiling! Moving is never easy and I'd say this boy has felt it the most.  My momma heart skipped a beat to see him happy. Now that's all I better say about that, right?

The team started strong this season but too many yellow flags and injured players hurt their winning streak. Thankfully, they came out on top at Friday night's game and I look forward to see how they do tonight!

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