Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Style Six Link Up: Red, White & Blue Part 2

Tank / / Cropped Pants c/o of XCVI / / Earrings / / Towel // Trifecta Bracelets

Hello! As I mentioned in Monday's Red, White, Blue and YOU post, I had styled two looks for this star print, patriotic tank from Amazon Prime. The first look I shared (HERE) was perfect for the beach, backyard barbecue, etc. Today's look would work for those as well (maybe not the beach), but I'd also go on a casual lunch or dinner date in this one!

I paired the Amazon tank with my XCVI cropped pants. Good news, if you love them like I do you can still get 20% off with code Granola20. More good news if you love the straw bag, Causebox has a summer box with this bag included. No code there but it's only $25.00 for five items! I want to order a box for myself to have some extra gifts on hand!

Alright, I'm keeping it short and sweet today.  This week's Style Six link up and ready and waiting, so I hope you will link up your beauty and fashion posts. 
Tank / / Cropped Pants c/o XCVI/ / Earrings / / Towel // Trifecta Bracelets

Happy 4th of July. I hope you're able to spend time with family, relax and get some much-needed rest! 


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Kellyann from This Blonde’s Shopping Bag
Last Week's Pick
I love Leelo's (Beauty by Miss L) adorable yellow dress paired with adorable slip-on shoes!

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Red White Blue & YOU Link UP

Hello, my dears! And welcome back to our 2nd annual Style Six Link-up - Red, White, Blue & You! We invite you to share your patriotic vibes with us, whether it be fashion, food, decor, places to visit, or whatever strikes your patriotic fancy!  Today, along with a small peek into my dining room (the only place I've decorated), I'm sharing the first of two looks with a new patriotic top!

Also, I'd like to take the opportunity in today's post to introduce you to my friend and co-creator on many upcoming projects for the summer, Emma. Emma graduated from college this spring with a major in photography and publications and needed someone to intern with. I'm honored that she opted to work with me and am already filling our calendar with fun projects. I love having another creative mind for ideas and pictures!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Buffalo Plaid Tiered Midi Skirt

Hello, my friends. Last week it was all about the yellow and this week it's all about the buffalo plaid. Let me start by saying that I was not looking for a midi-skirt while shopping with my MIL last month. She wanted to pop into Talbots and I followed behind with no intention of trying anything on. Then I saw this skirt and the next thing I knew I was twirling around the fitting room. Even better was the sale on top of the sale price they had going on...the rest is history, right?

I have big plans for this skirt beginning with print mixing fun!

Floral & Plaid
This skirt feels like a classic and the striped band around the waist adds more styling adventures, especially for this old floral top. The skirt is a statement on its own so I didn't feel the need to over accessories. That doesn't mean I wasn't tempted to add a hat! Maybe next time.
Stripes & Plaid
For the second look, my latest oxford makes a comeback. Adding pops of red seemed like a natural choice with B&W plaid. What do you think?
  Buffalo Plaid Midi Skirt//H&M Top//Block Heels//Bracelet//Crystal & Pearl Necklace c/o 24Style

   Buffalo Plaid Midi Skirt//H&M Top//Block Heels//Bracelet//Crystal & Pearl Necklace c/o 24Style

There's a few more looks I'd like to try with this skirt, but for now I need a place to wear it. Dinner maybe? A bridal shower? Also, coming up on the blog next week is our Red, White, Blue and You link up to feature your patriotic fashion, decor, recipes etc. I'm so excited about that one!
Last Week's Link Up Pick
Jess with Elegantly Dressed and Stylish - Love the yellow and the clutch Jess.


Our Party Rules Are Simple
~Please Only Link Posts related to Fashion, Beauty or Shopping
~Please Link No More than 3 Posts
~ Please visit other Linkers and Show them your love
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Listed Clockwise from our GRAPHIC

Chrissy from Granola & Grace

Lisa from Coast to Coast

Andrea from Living in Cloud Nine

Shelly from The Queen In Between

Laura from The Horton Family

Kellyann from This Blonde’s Shopping Bag

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Favorites: All About The "Firsts"

These last couple of months contain a lot of "firsts" or "my first since...". We had our first house guests of the summer season. I have my first high school graduate to process through. We went to our first restaurant since everything closed down. You get the idea. Today's post is all about the "firsts" I hope you!


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Yellow For Summer & The Style Six Link Up

Did you Catch these yellow shoes c/o Secret Celebrity last week? Well, this is my first pair of yellow shoes - ever! So I thought it would be fun to style them with a few outfits on the blog. You may recognize clothing pieces from recent posts, but where there are new accessories, there are new options!

Before we dive into a few looks, here's a quick note about the shoes. The shoe bed is cushioned and the band across the top of your foot flexes, making for a comfortable stride. The base is cork wrapped and the bow is the perfect detailed touch. If you fall in love with the shoes as I have, look for a discount code at the end of the post!


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Clean Beauty: Daily Dry Shampoo

Daily Dry Shampoo
Not Your Mamma's Baby Powder
Have you used dry shampoo before? Yeah, me too. Some worked better than others, but I'm sharing one today that is a MUST try. My hair is fine, limp, and sadly thinning.  I feel the need to wash my hair daily simply because the part at my crown is too weighted down and bald spots "appear".  The dry shampoos I've tried help, but only temporarily. I'd feel confident leaving the house, only to find a limp head of hair with a large part soon after. That won't do! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

A Classic Dress For All Occasions

Dress c/o Caite & Kyla (Use Code: GranolaNgrace for 20% off) // Cupcake Purse

Hello, my friends. I missed you last Wednesday. I hope today finds you doing well and enjoying some sunshine somewhere. As for Florida, we had several days of rain but were they were followed by plenty of sunshine to go around. In fact, today's pictures find me hiding in the shade of the palm tree located in front of a local church. I have to get those photos where I can! ;)

I'm head over heels in love with this classic dress from Caite & Kyla! The soft, silky feel is so different from the last dress I styled HERE, which was more casual.  There's not a piece from Caite & Kyla that I don't love. I hope you enjoy today's beautiful, print dress as much as I do.

Speaking of print, does the print look familiar? Andrea at Living on Cloud Nine and Jill at Doused in Pink styled their adorable peasant tops in this print, the week before! I love the whimsical print and elegantly, boho vibe Caite & Kyla achieved with this design. It's breezy and flowy with a button-up bodice and slits perfectly placed for a comfortable stride on a hot summer day.

And on this summer day I paired the dress with heels, bag and jewelry shopped from my closet. Also, look for a shoe and color change up at the end of this post.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

LadyBossBlogger: The Learning Update

The learning continues here at Granola & Grace and I'm excited to bring you an update from my experiences thus far! If you missed the first post on the LadyBossBlogger course, hop on over here so you can get caught up! Today I'm going to wrap up what I've learned, but will also add that I'm not done processing or implementing what I've learned. I saved legal jargon for last (no surprise there) and I have the bonus courses to finish! If you're on the fence about investing in yourself and your business, I hope this post helps you make a decision one way or the other.


Friday, June 5, 2020

Friday Favorite Feature: Tunic Tops & Aquarium Stops

Summer has arrived in Florida and with it more adventures in shorts!  Today I'm thrilled to share a few favorites: this fun outfit, the re-opening of Mote Marine Aquarium, and some rare pictures with my camera-shy friend from Georgia!


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bermuda Shorts & Button Ups

 I said I wasn't going to do it.

"Bermuda shorts aren't flattering on me."

Well, once again I've proven to myself that sometimes it's about the cut, make and fit, over the style or trend. And so the story goes while I was out shopping holiday sales with my MIL. We popped into Lucky and quickly found cute tops to try on. However, I was in a dress and would need some bottoms. Of course, this is where the Bermuda shorts come into play.  My choices were the shorty shorts or these. I grabbed these with no expectation to like them.

So, welcome to today's post featuring the Bermuda shorts that I wasn't supposed to like, as well as my latest top from H&M. And since my MIL tried on these same short, I thought she should make another guest appearance on the blog.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

5 Reasons To Ditch Plastic Razors

Hello! To say that I'm excited about today's post would be an understatement, for currently tucked away in its new home, is the coolest, prettiest razor I've ever owned. It's shiny, feels fabulous in my hands, and is metal! Have you ever considered using a metal razor? Metal from top to bottom? I haven't. Aren't those for guys? Beyond finding a razor made from recycled plastic, I didn't consider other options. 

However, when a friend shared about her personal experience with Leaf Shave, a plastic-free, sustainable shave, I was intrigued. Why? Simply stated, I strongly dislike purchasing costly razor head refills and my husband was past time for another set (I kept forgetting to pick them up!). In addition to refills, I thought about sustainability. However, this friend also mentioned that plastic razor strips were laden with toxins. Toxins, which are more easily absorbed under the arms, where the lymphatic system hangs out, and hot water is opening our pores! This made me think beyond my husband. What about me? 

So I reached out to Leaf Shave and was rewarded with the opportunity to review a razor essential set for him AND for me! I hope you enjoy today's post and will consider other shaving options. For a quick summary of "Five Reasons To Ditch Plastic Razors" scroll to the end. ;) 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Preparing for Spring/Summer Shopping & Link Up

This week's fashion post is a simple throwback to a few looks from last spring and summer. I love to do this before I make any purchases for the new season. Comparing what was trending to what is trending helps me see how I did on purchase decisions. It also helps me get organized and determine if I need to refresh shoes, shorts, etc. With stores beginning to open in our area, I'm prepared for what will feel like an amazing privilege - instore shopping! I love the convenience of shopping online, but I miss the people watching, the soft lighting in the Lucky Brand Store fitting room, and the time alone I get when I shop (no one in my family wants to go along!).

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

LadyBossBlogger: The Course I Wish I Had 5 Years Ago

I created Granola & Grace blog in 2013 and began my Instagram account soon after.  Both of these ventures started off with no direction. I like to wing it. Of course, there's nothing wrong with spontaneity if my plan was to blog as a hobby. However, my hope was to create content that brought value to cyberspace, which would then in turn open opportunities to develop relationships with my favorite brands. In short, I wanted to create a side gig and not a hobby.

After more struggle than success, I began to question my unorganized approach. I purchased a couple of books, started listening to other successful influencers, and took a free crash course. Though there have been significant improvements in the last two years, something is still missing. The free gigs and the tips from influencer pages had brought me as far as I could go.

Applying what I had learned, I focus on quality content.  Aside from that, wasn't I already doing all that I could do? So when LadyBossBlogger reached out, I was doubtful. Again, I've read the books, listened to some podcasts, etc.

Can I just say that I wish the LadyBossBlogger course had come across my path 5 years ago? After nodding along through the first couple of courses I stopped. New information.

"I hadn't heard that!" 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Classic Meets Boho With Denim & Tassels

Vintage embroidery, soft cotton denim, a tassel party and perfectly placed pockets makes this Caite & Kyla dress a wonderful closet addtion. I chose to lean into the boho vibes for today's post by adding a fringe kimono, but I could see this dress styled with a white jacket and flats for a more classic feel. Or how about sneakers and a ball cap like Jill at Doused in Pink sported last week with her Caite & Kyla dress?  I look forward to uncovering the fabulous versatility of this striped beauty, but until then...

How are you? As pockets of the country begin to open up are you venturing out or staying in? My oldest is back to work this week, running the drive through at Starbucks so we took our dog for a "puppaccino". Only employees are allowed in the cafe so our firstborn met us out front with Dolly's cup of whipped cream. Ethan gets a kick out of her frantically lapping up her treat while spraying the rest of us with flecks of cream.

I also enjoyed breakfast seated outside my new favorite cafe. Savoring the sunshine and the breeze, I ate my avocado toast slowly. Located in a small town, the cafe vibe was calm and peaceful. I'll be returning there soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Tilda Dress by Caite & Kyla

Hello and welcome May! Does this month look different for you than last month? Not too much has changed over here. Wait. That isn't true. I'm changing. Some of what I valued before seems trivial now. I'm rediscovering the joys of the granola lifestyle with basic health principles such as: more greens, less processed foods, less sugar, no substitutes, vegetable oil, dyes and the list goes on.

In addition, I'm soaking up the sun whenever I can. I walk the dog, sit out in the back, and ride my bike through the neighborhood looking for photo spots. What must the neighbors think of this crazy family of six...
  • My two older boys have the craziest head of curly hair going on. No eyes to be seen!
  • My eldest takes out his long board and has the dog pull him down the road at full dog speed. It really is a sight to see!
  • My twins ride willy-nilly on their scooters, bare foot without a care.
  • My hubby, the most normal, makes frequent visits to the pond to fish. 
And to leave no question in their minds in regards to our weirdness, today my youngest road down the street on his scooter while I trekked along on my bicycle heavy laden with shoes, hats and other accessories. Once we found the perfect spot I began to set up the outdoor studio. Meanwhile some neighbors worked in their yard while others walked their dog.

"Hi. Just snapping some photos for the blog. Again. Twirling in my dress for effect, you know?" 

"Oh, no. You go on ahead. We still have a few more photos to take. Cute dog by the way."

And so on my friends. And so on... Life is short. Let's get our pictures and enjoy our dresses - or whatever clothes you're sporting this week!

Today's spotlight is on another lovely piece sent from Caite & Kyla. It's feminine, flowy, and features a one of a kind floral print. I love the tiered style along with the embroidery details across the front. I'm sharing ways I might wear this dress for mother's day. Let me know you favorite in the comments below!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday Favorites: Goodbye April

Goodbye April. You were interesting to say the least. I won't share half of what April entailed for me because Friday favorites are meant to be light and fun. And since I have a good dose of sunshine to share that's what I'll focus on - for now. Wink Wink. I'm excited so let's dive right in!


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Perfect Spring & Summer Plaid

A unexpected package arrived on my doorstep this past weekend. Though I was aware of the potential collaboration, I was surprised to receive the box of stylish goodies before May. Thank you Caite & Kyla for making this momma's day! I giggled as I pulled out each quality piece. And you know what else makes me smile? They are now offering my readers a discount code! This is new so I hope you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of 20% off with CODE: GRANOLANGRACE . 

Also, in life lately we celebrated the twin's 11th birthday. They are still childlike and sweet. Caden wants a hamster and now Evan does too. That's NOT fabulous to me, but I appreciate the fact that they won't be childlike much longer. Now to find a pet store that is currently selling hamsters. 

As for the teens, they have to catch up on their assignments because it took us longer to get into a groove. My blog posts are down to one post a week. With 5 of us sharing a laptop, I don't sit down in front of the lap top until I'm too tired to write. So thank you for sticking with me! 

In current events, I continue to watch interviews, press conferences and read articles from doctors around the country (some in other countries). I had to back off from the political side of things. It's too messy! Instead, with new information coming out almost daily on the virus itself, I want to lean into what I can at least minimally manage - my personal health and the health of my family. This will mean leaning into the "granola" side of things around here. More greens, cutting back on the sugar and processed foods, etc! I'll share more - just as soon as I can reclaim my computer!

Now back to today's post with the first of a few pieces by this unique adventurous clothing company. I'm featuring three looks with subtle changes just for kicks. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Meet Enjoiya and Meet Luxurious Comfort

 Hello my dears. How are you holding up this week?  We had some gloomy days here in Florida but today brought sunshine and calming breezes.  I love these type of days and I fully embrace them while walking our dog, Dolly. After a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning I grab her harness and she rushes towards the door in expectation. Usually still groggy, I slip on my bright orange shoes...every morning. And that's what I'm pleased to share with you today.

Oh how I've eagerly waited to feature these luxury shoes, designed in Italy and sent to me from Enjoiya. With dog walks on the rise for me, the timing couldn't be better. Happy mom, happy dog?  It only took a couple of wears to break these comfy shoes in. As for design, these shoes are a perforated leather upper with a soft, cushioned insole. Bonus: they get frequent, but distant compliments at the grocery store. Yes, I wear them there as well. :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stuck On The Blues: Dressing Up & Dressing Down

 My dear Watson, it would seem this girl has an affinity for the color blue. I admit, I'm on a bit of blue color kick lately. Let's blame it on my casual bent toward blue jeans. From there it was a necklace, gifted earrings, shoes, etc and before I knew it my closet teemed with coordinating shades of blue. Admittedly, I've done this before with army greens, pink and grays.

And this blue outfit was my stay at home Easter dress. I woke up early, put together the boy's Easter treats, stuffed eggs, threw a casserole together and quietly drank my coffee while reading Psalms before anyone was awake. Even though we weren't going anywhere, I wanted to make the day feel as special as possible by dressing up, playing music etc.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Neglected Blazers, Sparkly Accessories & Empty Streets

Amazon Top // Northern Lights Bracelet // Capri Sandals C/O Jambu

Well my friends, it's hard to gear up for fashion these days! However, when fun packages come in the mail, I'm newly inspired. I shared about these Jambu sandals last week and this week they're back again for an outfit with my neglected blazer. Also making an appearance in today's post are a couple of new pieces from 24 Style jewelry. Here's to playing on deserted streets in your ready-to-get-it-done ensemble. Whatever "it" is! 


Monday, April 6, 2020

What Defines A Quality Leader?

Hello friends! I know this post is during turbulent times. I can hardly wrap my brain around school, parks and restaurant closings. There's enough conflicting information to spend the rest of my days reading and watching videos. However, as uncertain as things may be I am leaning into the ONE who is 100% certain ALL the time. And today's post is a peek into my heart. No, I'm not talking about the pandemic. Rather I'm shedding light on where I came from and why I'm passionate about quality leadership, women supporting women and so forth. We need strong leaders right now, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Jambu Capri - No One Will Know They're Comfort Shoes

Buffalo Denim Jacket (Costco)//Lucky Brand Dress (Different Color) // Jambu Capri Shoes C/O Jambu // JORD Wallet Clutch C/O Jord// In The Navy Necklace

Hello my friends and Happy April Fool's Day! No fooling around in this post, but almost always some goofing off on Instagram stories! Anyway, today I'm featuring a stylish pair of shoes, by Jambu that no one will know are actually comfort shoes. They are on my "make me smile list" and I'd say it's a good time for such a list, right?  Now before I begin, allow me to share a few thoughts...

Never before has our country, or even the world, experienced what we are experiencing now. Disasters, wars, etc. But a world wide virus spread? There's nothing to compare it to. We are in the unknown, but we are not ALONE. God loves us and has not forsaken us, whether it feels that way or not. I can share that because I've repeatedly experienced HIS faithfulness throughout my years.

He's always there but I'm ever in awe over the creative ways He shows Up. And He will show up now in more ways than we can imagine. I feel it already in the show of community support. We are loving on each other virtually, doctors, nurses and staff are working tirelessly and so much more! I hope this post also finds you feeling loved and makes YOU smile.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Favorites: The Best Socks, Vitamin C & More

I'm so happy to feature a Friday Favorites! I want to share some things that make me feel happy and I hope they help you think about those things that make you feel happy!  So are you ready for some before COVID-19 Favorites and AFTER COVID-19 favorites? In other words, there's moments I share what happened before we were told to stay home. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

XCVI Pastels for Spring, People and a Link Up

Hello my friends. Last Wednesday, I mentioned how much community means when the storms roll in. More specifically, I shared how much this cyber community has come to mean to me. Would you have thought we'd Zoom, Google, and have chats through Instagram or Facebook so much? Me either, but I find myself catching up with friends, long neglected, and making new friends through the world wide web.

I also mentioned last week that I had a cool story to share about how these pictures came about. So at the end of this post, right before the Style 6 link up, I'll spill the beans. In the meantime, I hope to brighten your day with spring pastels, windblown hair and heartfelt smiles. ;)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Linen & Camo, Community & The Style 6 Link Up

Hello. It's spring break, but it's not a typical spring break is it? I know these days are unsure. Schools, restaurants, and store fronts are closing, while churches are choosing not to hold services. It feels so weird. I'm grateful for our health and pray for the health of others as well as the effect these closings have on businesses and their employees.

I'm also grateful for this blogging community. I want to hear how things are near you. Do you know someone personally that's infected with the COVID-19 virus? Are you fearful? Angry? I think we can share each others burdens, while lightning the mood when we can. The momentary distraction is a blessing.  This community is an encouragement and I'm thankful for each and every one of you.

That being said, in addition to this dress, I'm sharing a few things involving community today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How I Style Wedge Sneakers

Like many trend trains over the years, I hesitated hopping aboard the wedge sneaker trend. However, when I tried on a few pairs I knew I'd cave. Now I have two pairs! I love the fun, casual vibe with added height wedges give. Both of mine are from Target - are you surprised? Anyway, I'll be brief with a few looks styled with these chic sneaks! 
Leopard Wedge Sneakers
Of course a pair of jeans would be fabulous to pair with them, as are leggings, and just about any pair of pants.  For this outfit I grabbed my tried and true kimono vest, a graphic tee and those jeans. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Winter Bucket List Recap: What I Did and Didn't Do

Did you compile a winter bucket list? Over the winter I set out to do several fun activities to embrace life and be in the present. (If you missed it, go HERE). Well, we had a few cases of sickness, full schedules and the list goes on. However, I was still able to check off a few items. Of course I look forward to making one for the spring because this bucket list reminded me to have fun in the crazy. Here's my line up of what I did and didn't do from my list. Thanks again to Leslie from Once Upon A Time, Happily Ever After for organizing this!


Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Favorites: Jeans, People and Places

Jeans, people and places. Doesn't that sounds fabulous? Maybe it depends on the day because I've had plenty of denim hunting moments where I felt frustrated with life. Can I get a witness? Over the years I've found some favorites that I'm sharing with you today. Also, sprinkled throughout this post are a couple more fashion items, life experiences and more. Thank you so much for joining in!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Sustainable, Luxury Fashion Accessories: A JORD Wallet Review

I have this wallet clutch. It's purple with a removable strap for easy toting. It's been my favorite for years now. However, there isn't a checkout I frequent that hasn't been gifted with material fragments from this special, purple wallet.  It's past time for an upgrade. So, needless to say JORD's timing to review a high-quality, eco-friendly luxury wallet clutch couldn't be better.

Back in the summer I reviewed one of their wood watch designs and loved it. There's something about works of art inspired by nature that draws me. And how the wallet is designed and manufactured is so fascinating! So as you've already guessed, I agreed to review this SUBERHIDE, sustainable wallet clutch. I'll explain more about suberhide, and an amazing cork oak tree from Portugal later in the post.


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Amazon Prime Purchase & Wish List For Spring

Prime purchases are some of my favorite blogs to read. What does that say about me? I have a problem maybe? I must say though, it's not all about the purchasing (though I do add a thing or to my cart). I get so many ideas from seeing what your purchasing AND what you're doing with it. All that to say, I hope you enjoy today's quick round up of items purchased and items on my wish list!


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Spring/Summer Dress

If you could pick one dress for spring or summer what style would you choose? Before moving to Florida, I hardly wore dresses. They didn't feel like me. And, in full disclosure, I like to wear something at the waist to hold things in. However, living in South Florida forced me to seek out comfortable options for the hottest days. And you know what? The more I wear dresses the more I love them.  So today I'm excited to share what I consider to be the perfect spring/summer dress and discount code for you!


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

3 Ways To Wear: A Floral & Camo Mix

Hello! Do recognize a pattern with my Style Six Fashion posts? Coincidentally, I'm featuring "3 Ways To Wear..." every other week. Do you enjoy this or should I stick to one look per post? I'd love to hear your thoughts. ;) In the meantime, today's post features three looks with a camo and floral mix. One look I've featured before, but since it inspired my second look I decided to share it again. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Loft Spring 2020 Try-On

Don't you love how local stores are hosting events with snacks, drinks and discounts? Our local Loft even invited a few stylists from the area. These sweet gals were available to assist with style advice to any who desired it.  I haven't tried on clothes in a store for several months so I thought this "Galentine" event was the perfect time to go!  I tried on so many tops, I knew a post was coming so join me for the fashion link up and a few of my LOFT spring favorites!


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Natural Deodorant: Does It Work?

Wayyyy back in 2005, I began to swap my conventional health and beauty items with products free of chemical fragrances and other ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Of course deodorant was on that list as well and I couldn't wait to try a natural option. In the health store, I walked to a surprisingly small section of shampoos, conditioners and, yup, deodorants. There on the shelf was an attractively packaged stick of apricot scented deodorant.

Once the opportunity arose, I liberally applied the apricot scented deodorant to my underarms. Within an hour, I did a personal sniff test and reapplied. This kept on throughout the day. Eventually the BO smell seemed to be dominated by apricot, so I sought my sister's opinion.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

3 Ways To Wear: Cobalt Blue Print Sweater

Hello! Last post I shared my nursing woes, as my teens were down with the flu. Thankfully, they returned to school on Thursday and I played catch up over the weekend. I'm still not caught up! However, I was able to steal of few moments before the Super Bowl to get pics done for today's post. Speaking of this post, I am thrilled to bring you another "3 Ways To Wear Post"!

Today's feature outfit is shopped from my closet, with the exception of my jewelry. Remember the necklace and earrings I shared about in Friday's post? Well, I already put them to use this weekend.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Amazon: January Purchase Round Up for 2020

Oh Amazon, you just might rule the world some day. Maybe not, but they sure hooked me with the convenience of 2 day FREE shipping. Who thought we'd purchase furniture, food, supplements, electronics, fashion and SO much more in one place? I'm spoiled, I admit it and I'm happy to share my January purchases here on the world wide web! ;)

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