Wednesday, December 16, 2020

A Pop Of Color For a Muted Look


graphic tee that says GRACE
Leather Jacket / /  / / GRACE Tee c/o Sweet Soul // Kavalier Pant c/o XCVI // Divina Boots

Did you catch last week's post on my three automatic steps to elevate casual style with flare pants and a plaid top? Well, today's feature elevates a muted look with a pop of color. In addition, I'm also featuring a graphic tee from a new to me online boutique called Sweet Soul Clothing Co.  This company is family-owned, has organic cotton-based designs and supports TISSO, an orphanage in India. 


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Three Ways To Elevate Your Casual Look

Plaid Top (Similar) c/o: Caite & Kyla / / Flare Pants c/o XCVI / / Liv Purse by Caite & Kyla

Though there are far more than three ways to elevate your personal casual style, we're hitting my three-step process for this post: ties, prints, and accessories.   Small adjustments take what you're wearing from a pair of pants and a top to confidence and personal expression. I can feel confident in leggings and a tee shirt by following these three steps. Today's featured outfit levels up flare pants and plaid from some of my favorite brands. Be sure to look for discount codes a the end of the post. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

When Wedges and Lug Boots Come Together

Today I'm bringing you the comfort, style, and adventure of the Divina shoe by Enjoiya Shoes. These Divina boots bring you the elevated style of a wedge heel with the comfort of a lug style. And before we go further can we take a moment and enjoy the clever brand name of "Enjoiya"? 

The Enjoiya working group features three shoe brands: Secret Celebrity, Soft Comfort, and their latest addition Enjoiya. In fact, I recently read an interview with the company founder, Frank Cammarata because I enjoy behind the scenes stories. It's interesting to hear how the company survived this past year considering how fashion footwear is nonessential. The Enjoiya Group was able to keep their entire team together, shifting their design focus to address remote workers, homeschoolers, and smaller gatherings. 

I also read an article on one of the designers, Vanessa Boilero, which I really loved. Her story could be written into a Hallmark movie screenplay featuring a character that works her way up from customer service to designer. So while I sport these adorable booties, I will think of Vanessa and tip my hat to her. Keep up the good work Vanessa on all those fabulous shoes!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Embroidery Meets Snakeskin Featuring Caite & Kyla

Corded Jacket c/o XCVI / / Leggings - c/o Caite // Loft Blouse / / Dallas Boots / /  DSW Tote

Welcome to another fashion adventure and the Style Six Link up! I say adventure because today's post features my first attempts at styling a pair of snakeskin print leggings! That should be easy, but with the additional embroidery detail, I wondered if I could do them justice.  As it turns out, that these leggings are beautiful dressed up or down, with whites, beiges, tans, black and I'm sure much more! 

As for the origin of these leggings, if you follow me on Instagram stories then you may know that I visited Caite & Kyla's showroom and warehouse. In truth, I invited myself and they graciously accepted me. It was wonderful to meet the faces behind this innovative, bohemian-inspired, and adventurous clothing label. And while I was there, I noticed these leggings and asked if I could try them on. Of course, you know how that went! Wink. ;) 


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

XCVI Mini-Capsule And The New Try at Home Feature

I'm back with my second 5x5 mini-fall capsule, featuring XCVI Clothing! However, that's not all. They recently rolled out a shopping feature that you're going to love! Have you been on the fence about trying their fabulous flare pants or leggings? The thought of comfort mixed with style calls you, but the indecision and uncertainty hold you back? Well, what if I told you that they now have a Try At Home option?   

You can order up to 8 pieces, keep them for seven days, send back what you don't love, and only pay for what you kept! As much as I've tried from their online boutique, there are still a few pieces I'm looking forward to testing out. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Thankful Tees & Fall Boots

graphic tee
Thankful Graphic Tee c/o One Stop Style / / Jacket - c/o XCVI / / Cord Leggings - c/o XCVI

Thankful! As I type this there's a lot of uncertainties out there. Some countries, if they haven't already, are going back on lockdown. Our country, well, suffice it to say it's been an emotional year and we're not finished yet. If I'm honest with myself, I was holding out for relief after elections from the increasing division in society, but if those get drawn out? Only God knows at this point! So it is up to me to continue to rest in His might and capability. Trust, and being thankful for all that I have, which is more than I deserve, is a way to help me with this! 

How long is your thankful list? If I start one today and keep adding until the end of the month how long will it be? This is an exercise I look forward to. Want to join me, if you aren't already in a November gratitude challenge? I know that one thing that will be on my list is this community and space. Thank you for your support and encouragement! The blog has always been an adventure in meeting new people, developing relationships with new brands, and so much more!

In fact, today I'm sharing pieces from a few brands I love with discount codes for you! I'll compile the links and codes at the end of this post to keep it simple! 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Nourish Natural Soap Co: Escape From Life's Stresses

This post has been sponsored by Nourish Naturals. All opinions are my own. 

Have you wandered a local farmer's market lately? I love to support the local artisans, but it's also about the experience for me. There's homemade bread, salsas, jewelry, health drinks, and of course, there are soap tents. What local market doesn't have a homemade soap vendor to represent? Like bees to pollen, I'm driven to those aromatic, artistically beautiful soaps. I've neither time nor knowledge to attempt making my own, so I return to the tents. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fall Capsule Wardrobe With Five Pieces, Featuring XCVI

Have you ever purchased several pieces from one brand with the intent to wear any of the pieces together? Well, that is exactly what I did for today's collaboration with XCVI clothing. This post is essentially the beginning of a fall/winter capsule wardrobe. I'm sharing five coordinating pieces that not only complement each other, but they will also complement items already hanging in the closet. With just the five pieces, I counted eight outfits!


Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Favorites: From Sunrise To Sunset

Hello! I love Friday Favorites. They highlight what makes me smile, feel grateful, and well-loved all the while recognizing that life isn't perfect in between these moments. In fact, the last couple of weeks were highly stressful. So these highlights are good reminders, a bit of therapy if you will. I also like to feature my latest collaborations with brands I love from fashion to health support.  That being said, let's get started because I can't wait to hear what you think!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Head to Toe Accessories, Starting With the Shoes

Snakeskin Shoes
Hello and welcome back to another Style Six Wednesday! I hope you enjoy accessories because today is all about the accessories from head to toe. However, instead of starting from the head and working our way down, we're going to start with the main feature of today's post: the shoes! Not a bad place to start! In fact, a fellow blogger (J's Everyday Style) once shared a style tip to begin your outfit with the shoes. This works for me most times, but honestly, it starts with the pants for me. Do I want stretchy or fitted - ha! Of course, in today's case, the shoes dictated the style. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Change Your Jacket, Change Your Look

How To Style Fall Jackets

Tis the season for layers and I love it!  Though the afternoons are still heating up in Florida, I wanted to play with the few fall jackets I own.  Why? Because I often forget the impact we can make by simply changing our outer layer and maybe the shoes. This impact means more wears for your favorite items. It can make an "old" item seem new again. So that's exactly what I went for with today's feature. Let the story begin...

Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Favorites : Where Did September Go

I'm currently watching my dog sleep peacefully on the couch, while the cat seizes the opportunity to slink around the living room without being disturbed. The sunrise is a rainbow of colors, glowing through the clouds like a still oil painting. If only it was, then I could drink that beauty all day long. Sadly, there's work to be done and thankfully there's life to live! Yes! If you're drawing in breath there's hope and there's a purpose for you!

After my unexpected hospital stay, due to blood clots in my leg, which traveled to my lungs, I had a valuable wakeup call! This, along with the recovery and visits with friends and family, made September pass as quickly as that morning sunrise. However, while I'm content to reside in October please allow me a quick recap on some favorite moments!


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

How To ReStyle A Shirt Dress


Altard State
Hello and welcome back to another fashion feature. Though many weeks I'm on fashion auto-pilot, every once in a while I steal a moment to enjoy my closet. I know for some, shopping for clothes or getting dressed is a chore and I get it! That's one of the reasons I blog. Once upon a time, I had a small closet full of poor choices and no fashion confidence.  

Today I still have a small closet, but I make better shopping choices and I've learned to enjoy making the most of what I have. That's why today I'm sharing a shirt dress restyle, my latest "closet" addition, and of course the Blogger Six link up.

*I may earn a small commission when advertisement link appears on this blog or from purchases off of my affiliate links. However, there is no extra charge to you if you purchase through these links. Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Camo Is King: The Trend That Keeps On Living

 If I had any doubt as to whether or not camo is continuing to trend, this week's mail circulars put an end to them. From head to toe, camo is featured on both men and women, young and old. Each season I wonder if this is the one where I have to pack up my collected camo. Not yet, my dears, not yet! For this reason, I think a camo highlight is in order.

Go For The Jacket or Blazer!

I picked up this blazer on clearance at Lucky Brand in Austin, Texas last year and it's been on repeat since - weather permitting of course. Durn Florida!  Surprisingly, and yet not a surprise, it goes with just about everything I own. I've layered over dresses as well as tops. And don't fear those prints because camo loves flowers and stripes and much as we do. 


Monday, September 28, 2020

Why I Chose a Corded Shark Vacuum

shark vacuum

Before I understood what blogging even was, I followed Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskates. I'd get her emails and excitedly read her reviews and her tips, as well as reader tips she'd share. I learned a lot from Ms. Mary and made more than one consumer choice based on her recommendation. She's the real deal and I'm happy to say she's still busting out good content.

One of the products I purchased based on her review was the Shark Navigator Pro. I loved the hose, tools, and the easy cleaning system. However, last month my sweet hubby decided to vacuum his new-to-him john boat while it was still damp. After a few days, I went to use my vacuum and almost choked on the old fish smell. Yuck! In addition, the motor didn't seem to appreciate the fish smell either (ok, it was the water).

I decided to search for Mary's blog and see if she updated her vacuum post. Well, she did! And guess what? She still recommends the Shark Pro if you're shopping for a corded vacuum. I ordered one off of Amazon that she linked. It's even better than our last Shark and at $199 it's affordable!

Sometimes a cord is annoying but honestly, battery charging, etc is a nuisance to me. Pros and cons, right?

The vacuum is lightweight with a removable base for convenient stair vacuuming or when you need to get in those more awkward places.  
Shark Navigator Pro
I love the attachments! The hose comes with three attachments. One with a brush, a narrow headpiece for hard to reach places, and a pet tool. 

Shark Navigator

The pet tool is a must in my house with a dog AND cat that sheds! I use that pet tool over every cushion and pillow in this house. Sometimes I even go over my bedspread in between washes since we let our pets have full reign. Sigh. 

Maintenance is easy! After the job is done, I dump out the dirt and debris and the filter is periodically cleaned with warm soap and water. 
What is your vacuum of choice? Is cordless a must for you? It's been about three months since I replaced my old Shark with this new Shark and I'm still loving it. Thankfully, Shark continues to make good quality vacuums. 

*Photos were taken by the lovely Emma at Emma Renee Photography.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Three Outfits, One Stinking Cute Pair of Shoes

Jambu & Co

Hello and join me in officially welcoming fall! Oh, I know so many have long decorated their homes and cleared the Target dollar spot while sipping their PSL.  Are you guilty? Of course, there's no judgment.  I'd probably be the same way if not for my penchant for procrastination. Oh, and that unexpected visit to the ER, and well, let's just say September almost dropped off my calendar! 

Was it one of those four Rowdy boys? No, my friends. It was me unknowingly facing death's door with blood clots in the legs that ended up with a diagnosis of five pulmonary embolisms! Praise God I'm still here. There's much I could share (and have on IG), but today's post is on SHOES: wonderful, comfortable, stylishly fun, and adventure-loving shoes! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Denim Jacket Round Up

denim jacket

Hello, my dears! How are you this week? By the end of summer, I think it's fun to go back and see all the documented outfits I styled with the classic, closet staple: the jean jacket! And how far the denim jacket has come, right? Now we have them in various lengths, washes, dyes, cuts, etc! However, I must admit that somehow I'm down to only one - ha! Whatever is the matter with me? Perhaps I can speak to the minimalists out there? That being said, feel confident that this post will be short, sweet, and simple.  Also, I had some unexpected events over the last week. I've shared in detail on Instagram stories, but if you are curious you can still listen in on Highlights


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Summer Fashion Wrap Up & Link UP

Hello and welcome to September, right? Fall is right around the corner for many of you, so I thought this would be a good time to wrap up my favorite summer pieces. For one, you may want to grab these items, or similar pieces while they're on sale. For another, those of us in a warmer climate will be sporting short sleeves and the like for weeks to come! I've listed discount codes where applicable and linked items that are still available. Also, don't forget to link up your favorite fashion or beauty posts with us this week!

Shoes For The Win!

The Most Worn

These shoes are absolutely the most comfortable shoes. I thought that the orange would deter me from wearing them with certain colors, etc. Well, it doesn't. I wear these almost daily. And guess what? They're still available. Orange will be perfect for fall, but I'm debating on another color just for kicks! ;) The wedge sneakers are priced at $89.00. However, code Rowden20 will save you 20%! 

Aria Slip On Sneaker - c/o Enjoiya

The Most Fun
This was my first pair of yellow shoes - ever! Well, you know what? I don't think I've ever owned an orange pair either. Guess I'm stepping out more. Another pun! These sandals are 59.99, but once again Rowdens20 will save you 20%!
The Most Classic
I had to throw in a classic pair that I can dress up or down with an ankle strap. Boy, do I love those ankle straps! This pair is the most affordable, for 19.99 at Target! They are so cute, but I admit they aren't as comfortable for longer stints. 

Most Interesting Prints

Caite & Kyla obviously takes great pride in their prints and designs! This company assisted me in leveling up my closet and I'm only happy to assist by sharing those fab designs with you lovelies! Like many companies, their summer line is currently on sale with several pieces that would transition well into fall! GranolaNGrace is still active for 20% off!

Unique & Detailed Designs...

Style Hack
Layering a tee over a dress is by no means new, but for some reason, I rarely attempted it until this summer. Crazy, right? It's a creative way to get more use out of our dresses AND I find it more comfortable than wearing a skirt. This also helps transition your clothes from summer to fall. 
Most Comfortable Shorts
From spring all the way through summer, these shorts became a regular staple. They're soft with plenty of pockets for functionality and the elastic waistband brings on all the comfort! These shorts run around $54 but once again there's a code for 20% off - GRANOLA20 !
Most Adventurous Pants
These turned out to be incredibly comfortable and stylishly fun. Once again I felt a level of risk when I chose these palazzo pants, but they turned out to be incredibly comfortable and stylishly fun. They received numerous compliments as well. And of course, they're still available from XCVI. 

Accessory Love
I love stacking bracelets or rings and this summer I began working with a unique, boho-lovely brand known as Luca Love. This stack of three is only the beginning as they continually create new designs to love! As for the code, you can use this LINK or type in GranolaNGraceF20 at checkout. 

Alright my friends, what were your summer favorite pieces? Did you end up wearing dresses more, or shorts more? 


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Friday, August 28, 2020

Blue Light Eye Protection With TwinLab

blue light blockers

How much time do you spend in front of a "blue screen", aka, your computer, your phone, and/or your iPad?  Have you thought about supporting your eyes with blue light blockers, food choices, and/or supplements with lutein? Truth be told when it comes to food choices or supplements, my focus has been on what supports hair, skin, and nails, as well as immunity boosters. So thanks to a recent collaboration with Twinlab I have another Friday Feature for you that covers our invaluable eyes!

Over the last few years, my screen time has increased drastically. In addition to blogging, which requires loads of time from beginning to end, there's also homeschool requirements that are online, Instagram, and the list goes on. Some weeks I shudder when I see my Screen Time Report. What makes all this worse is that it took me until a month ago to finally get Bluelight Blocker glasses

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Photography Poses & Cultivating Brand Relationships That Last

Hello and welcome to my dress restyle part two! A couple of weeks I restyled a dress spotlighting the Dove Crossbody bag from Caite & Kyla as well as a layering tee. Coincidentally, I'm using another CAite & Kyla piece with a layering tee.  However, today's post highlights extra layers to transition from summer to fall. As an added bonus, I'm sharing new (to me) poses for inspiration, and thoughts on brand partnership longevity. 
Note: In order to feature a few extra poses, I've added more photos than usual. 
So let's get right to these simple changes and funky/silly poses before sharing thoughts on cultivating brand relationships that last. As for the clothes shopped from my closet, I will do my best to link up similar items for whatever is no longer available!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Gelato Adventures & 5 Ways To Ease Into Dairy-Free

Made In Rome Gelato
Does your body protest whenever you eat dairy? Maybe it's as minimal as a breakout here and there. Or maybe the protest is far more immediate and obvious, with results of pain and more symptoms I'll refrain in mentioning. Simply stated if you're looking to eliminate or cut back on dairy today's post is for you. Please welcome, Emma, as a guest writer for today's post on how to ease yourself into a dairy-free life. Also, photos for today's post were taken at Made In Rome Gelato shop where there's plenty of dairy-free options! 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Grafomap: Create A Map Of Any Place

Hi! In lieu of my regular Friday Favorites, I bring you today's Friday Favorite Feature: the coolest, customizable piece of wall art!  I've created a map of Sarasota to put above my coffee bar, but when Grafomap reached out to collab for one of their posters, I knew Glen would enjoy one as well. He had mentioned how cool it would be to have a map of his favorite fishing spot, Lido Key.  

He's always loved the outdoors, but his more recent love of fishing has grown exponentially since moving to the Gulf Of Mexico.  Interestingly enough (coincidence) his fishing hobby began only about a year before we moved!  Though he had a learning curve with shore fishing, he quickly mastered the tricks. He also learned more about what fish were good to catch. Hint: catfish is not one of them. However, snook is unique to South Florida, so I'd say those are his favorite fish to catch!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Target Leopard Print Sandals & Link Up

Wait! Is it time for school to start already? I almost forgot that life continues to move forward. Thank God it does. We were made to create, work, dream, socialize and the list goes on! And so school pushes me to get organized and get back to a routine. However, I decided to rest my brain from all the activity by getting lost in a book.

On Friday, I asked Insta Friends for book recommendations. On Sunday a friend, not on Instagram, handed me a biography about a man who grew up in a communist country. Not lighthearted, but very applicable to where my thoughts reside these days. I'm only halfway through and can't wait to get back to it. I'll share a few thoughts at the end of the post, but let's pause on the outfit.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Dress Restyle & Giveaway

I hope today's post inspires you to reuse a favorite dress with a different accessory arrangement or even an extra layer you hadn't already thought of! Also, I'm partnering with Caite & Kyla to give one Granola & Grace friend a FREE Dove Crossbody Bag! The only requirement to enter is to follow our accounts on Instagram (HERE and HERE) with bonus entries available when you tag a friend!  (More details will go live on the blog this afternoon!)

Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favorites: Goodbye July!

Friday Favorites. Oh, how I've missed you! July slipped through my fingers as we entertained out of town guests including teen friends, family friends, and extended family. We also squeezed in a short trip to Georgia, so this momma was bone-tired by the end. Did I mention that we had to take our eldest to the emergency room because he fractured a bone in his left foot and two fingers on his right hand? Phew! Let me take a breath here.

We made lots of memories and other than that hospital trip, I wouldn't change anything. By the way, he's recovering well and we're grateful to report that there are no torn ligaments. So now let's get on with those favorites!

Family & The Grad
With our graduate's ceremony being rescheduled twice, we decided to celebrate with my family and not worry about what the county decided to do. Life must go on, right? My brother and his family traveled down, followed by my mom, and stepdad a few days later. We had a houseful but it was an adventure!

His Favorite Family Member...

 Of course, we had to get out to eat a time or two...

Fins at Sharky's 
If the weather Is right, I recommend sitting out on the balcony to enjoy those beach views!
Fish Tacos!

When my mom is in town, we are sure to eat at a few seafood places. After my brother and family left, we squeezed in a visit to the Starfish & Co in Cortez, Florida. And this time my aunt and uncle on Mom's side joined us!

The Starfish & Co. gives all the vintage Florida vibes with dockside dining and laid back appeal.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you're in the Sarasota, Bradenton, or Ana Maria area! However, remember to bring cash and find a spot in the shade!
Shrimp & Grits, Hushpuppies & Coleslaw
The Most Beautiful Sunset!
Sunsets off the west coast of Florida are breathtaking. We had to pull over to watch this one and snap some pictures of course!

Vital Proteins
Vital Proteins sent me four different supplements to choose from, depending on what I need support for the most - hair, skin, hydration or an overall beauty boost. Which one should I choose first??
 Being Silly - but honestly, I've felt upside down lately. 
Photograph by Emma Photography
I won a giveaway on Instagram from BT on The Boulevard for some fabulous, luxury and CLEAN hair products, which I was able to pick up this week! Have you heard of Oribe hair products? Oh man, they smell incredible, last a long time, and perform optimally, even on color-treated hair. Thank you, BT on The BLVD !

A Giveaway For YOU
A Giveaway for you, my fabulous readers is coming up next week! I'm hosting a giveaway on Instagram for this lovely Dove Handbag from Caite & Kyla. Stay tuned for more details, as well as more pics in this outfit! :)

Alright, my friends! Did you catch my first makeup review on the blog this week? I am excited to represent Crunchi Clean Beauty so this won't be my first post! Hop over HERE to check it out. 
Linking up with Momfessionals and A Little Bit Of Everything Blog!
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